11:58 GMT26 January 2020
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    Meghan and Harry are deluded, woke money grabbing fools.

    They should be stripped of their titles; the Taxpayer should no longer pay for their security and we should make them pay us back for their house renovation and their ‘Hollywood wedding.’

    In essence the Queen must not allow this pair of modern day ‘Del boy and Rodney’ to trade off our Royal Brand!

    It was both disgusting and disrespectful to inform the press of their wish to become effectively part time Royals after Her Majesty had specifically told them to wait and it was also insulting to her as Archie’s Granny.

    Now we hear that Archie was actually left behind in Canada with a nanny and Meghan has flown back to be with him.

    So not only did they refuse to spend Christmas with their elderly relations, and let’s face it there may not be many more of them for the Duke of Edinburgh, now they are not letting the Queen see Archie after a 6-week holiday. This is beyond cruel.

    A cynic would say that Archie, like many kids in divorces, is being weaponised and I think that should be condemned.

    Also pray remind me but weren’t the saintly ‘Del boy duo’ only telling us a few weeks ago to cut our carbon footprint and not fly so often? Let us add stinking hypocrites to the charges, shall we?

    Even after all this disrespect and cruelty, rumours coming out of the Palace are that the Queen is doing everything she can to try and accommodate the Del Boy Duo’s desire to be ‘Hokey Kokey’ royals, in out shake it all about.

    Please forgive me I should not compare them to Del Boy as it is disrespectful to …. Del and Rodney as even they could not dream up a scheme like this where you do hardly any work but still pick up all the perks. How did the theme song go?

    No income tax, no VAT
    No money back, no guarantee
    Black or white, rich or broke
    We'll cut prices at a stroke

    God bless Hooky Street
    Viva Hooky Street

    Do you think I am being unfair? Well consider this, they trademarked their Royal name months ago for a whole range of products and they have already got the website up and running.

    Their plan to become ‘financially independent’ is based on trading and selling a knock off cheap and cheapened version of the Royal family.

    We Brits will hate this but at the risk of being accused of being racist the Americans and the Japanese will lap it up and Meghan has probably told her ‘Rodney’ that this time next year they will not only be millionaires but Billionaires!

    The Queen should stop this madness now and immediately strip this pair of gold-diggers of their Royal titles.

    However, she is obviously being mindful of the public outcry when she took away Diana’s royal status. She has no need to worry about this though as it is clear Meghan and Harry have lost the dressing room of public opinion and this is a completely different situation and time.

    If Meghan and Harry did not want to take the rough with the ‘ultra-smooth’ they should have put forward their objections before they got married at our expense (32 MILLION POUNDS), or maybe before the house was renovated, at our expense (2.4 Million).

    The truth is Meghan wanted her wedding cake and wants to eat it or devour it!

    Ever since Meghan put on her best teary actress face in that soft African TV interview with Tom Bradby the British people and the press have been painted as racists and misogynists by Madam Meghan.

    Let’s be clear the British welcomed the wedding announcement with pure happiness and I lost count of the amount of tabloid articles welcoming Meghan as a positive force for change in the royal family.

    In fact, it was completely over the top with acres of newsprint about the significance of Harry marrying a person of colour.

    The actual wedding day was also watched and enjoyed by millions.

    There have obviously been a few racists on social media, which all right-minded people have and should condemn, but the overwhelming majority of Brits have no problem with this young couple. Many of us have extended families, including my own, that have mixed race relationships in them.

    We are a modern tolerant society and we do not need lectures on the subject from some two-bit actress who used to make a living by dressing up and pretending to be someone else before she bagged her prince.

    The idea that Britain is a racist country is absolute nonsense and we should condemn anyone who suggest it is, whether that is Stormzy or Madame Markle.

    In Harry’s defence of course is the fact that he lost his mum at such an early age and no one can forget or even forgive the cruel decision of making him walk behind Diana’s coffin.

    Undoubtedly the shocking sudden death of his mum has deeply affected him. I fully understand this as my Mum died when I was 11 of a brain haemorrhage at Christmas. I kissed her good night and the next morning she was not there. She died suddenly in the evening whilst I was sleeping.

    Her death affected my whole life and only now, nearly fifty years later, am I actually getting help to sort my head out.

    The worst thing that can happen to any child is being abandoned and although my mum and Diana didn’t abandon us deliberately their sudden deaths were a form of phycological abandonment which needs professional help to sort out whether you are a Prince or a son of a copper in Coventry.

    However, even this tragic trauma cannot excuse the rudeness, obnoxiousness and staggering arrogance of Harry and Meghan’s actions towards our 93-year-old Monarch.

    I and many others criticised the Queen over her slow and unsympathetic reaction to the death of Diana. But it is clear that Her Majesty has learned the lessons of that terrible period and the Monarchy has changed for the better and that is reflected by just how many people, both monarchists and republicans, hold her in high esteem. She has served our country brilliantly and deserves our full respect and especially the respect of her Grandson.

    I don’t expect Meghan to understand this as she is clearly so ‘Progressive’ and woke she can and will not be respectful of tradition and our history. However, Harry was and always will be part of the family or the firm and instead of acting like a lovestruck schoolboy should stand up to his wife and explain his duty.

    Mind you she is probably already dreaming of the inevitable millions of dollars that she can make when Netflix or Amazon sign her up in a production deal and we all get to see the first series of ‘At home with Meghan and Harry’.

    Then all objections to the tabloid press will be dropped as each episode becomes tawdrier than the last and leads inevitably towards the divorce court and the million-dollar separation.

    The Royal family will survive this crisis but I am not sure Harry and Meghan will.

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