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    This is a Bogus Election!

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    Did you see that pitiful TV “leaders debate”? Boris blustered and Corbyn refused to answer the essential question about where he stands on Brexit nine times!

    If we can’t trust Corbyn to answer a direct question on the single issue that has driven the need for this election, how can we trust him and his figures for his socialist utopia that he outlined yesterday?

    Talking of which who did do the calculations for his massive promises and giveaways in his manifesto launch? Was it Diane Abacus Abbot helping out old man McDonald?

    The only positive of Labour’s manifesto launch to the wider voting public was the fact that there is now a clear choice between the free-spending, back to the seventies boom and bust, ‘let’s nationalise fresh air’ attitude of Comrade Corbyn and whatever Boris puts forward this weekend.

    Remember Winter of Discontent?

    However, just a quick word of warning, if I was you, I would get your funeral booked in now as when Labour gets in power the bodies will be in the mobile freezer units again for weeks. It’s a good job we are all into recycling too as the bin men will be out on strike in seconds and the rubbish will be piling up in the streets.

    The Winter of Discontent will look like a walk in the park compared to what will happen if Corbyn gets into power with his bogus manifesto.

    However, credit where credit is due, at least Corbyn has come out with some radical, even if they are stupid ideas, whereas Boris is just repeating that tired old cliché of “let’s get Brexit done”, which wouldn’t be too bad if it was a real Brexit! Where are his big ideas?

    What this country needed in this election was big political ideas on both sides and a real choice. If not, it should just have been all about Brexit.

    This election so far just illustrates the total paralysis of our political system and parliament. We are going to end up with a hung parliament again where Brexit will continue to drag on and there will have to be another election within the year. This is a bogus election. Nothing will change.

    I’m sorry but I and many millions of Brits are bored stiff with the election and the TV debate.

    © REUTERS / Jonathan Hordle/ITV
    Conservative leader Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are seen during a televised debate ahead of general election in London, Britain, November 19, 2019.

    I’m in favour of TV debates but the clue is in the title: it needs to be a debate, a face-off. Led by a brilliant political interviewer like Andrew Neil; not a political form of a TV reality show.

    Help, I’m a politician - get me in there!

    In fact, that’s not a bad idea as I would love to see Corbyn and Johnson eat a kangaroo’s testicle as both of them talk …….!  

    What on earth was that Christmas present question about and all that nonsense about shaking hands? I want my politics to be adversarial, not a cosy talking shop where consensus always wins. I want a passionate debate where people do get angry because they actually believe in something and believe their ideas are worth fighting for. We may as well have a so-called National Government of Unity if this nonsense prevails.

    What value was there in letting members of the public pose a few questions? We are talking about the future direction of the country; we do not need an amateur posing an obviously staged question and trying to build their part up, hoping next week that they will be on Question Time.

    Talking of questions where was the question about immigration or Trident or whether they would push the button if they had to, which are clearly a major issue for millions of voters?

    I agree with Nigel Farage, Brexit was and is about the start of a revolution in UK politics but one thing for sure this revolution is not going to be televised or even promoted by the biased broadcasters or MSM as they are part of the problem. They don’t want change, let alone a revolution.

    A new poll today states that only 16 percent of us believed what Prince Andrew said in his interview with Emily Maitlis. I wonder what the percentage of believers there are in Corbyn or Johnson and their politics and promises.

    Contract With Big Ideas vs Manifestoes of Lies

    How ironic that the big ideas are coming from a party that doesn’t have a manifesto and has no chance of forming a government. That Party is the Brexit Party.

    Farage doesn’t like the word manifesto because he says they are full of lies so he is proposing a contract with the people.

    His big ideas include scrapping HS2, capping immigration at 50 thousand, redirecting £50 billion of foreign aid and investing £50 billion in roads and train infrastructure. He also wants to scrap the House of Lords and provide free broadband for all and scrap student loans interest.

    You may agree with all of these ideas or only agree with a few but aren’t these the kind of ideas that need discussing?

    However, it was interesting watching Nigel delivering his ideas this morning and even more interesting to listen to the political reporters straight after it rubbishing the Brexit party policies on the basis that they were not standing in enough seats to form a government and dismissing them as ‘Populist’.

    These same pundits, of course, were the ones who were applauding Farage for standing aside just a few weeks ago to help Boris.

    It makes me wonder what would have happened if Nigel had not stood down candidates and indeed if so-called Brexiteers had not lost their backbone and accused him of endangering Brexit by splitting the leave vote and stuck by him.

    Prince Andrew has just been slapped down again after he planned to visit Bahrain this weekend despite the Epstein scandal. The man is completely out of touch and deluded.

    Our major politicians and parties are similarly deluded.

    Not content with ignoring the wishes of the people for three years over Brexit they are still not addressing the issues that matter to normal people and that is the real story of this bogus election so far.

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