16:11 GMT16 July 2020
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    Could anyone tell me the date when the broadcast regulator, OFCOM, agreed that our main news channels no longer have to be impartial or balanced?

    I only ask as it appears to me that the BBC and Sky News are no longer staffed by politically independent journalists, but by political activists, all of the left and the Remain camp, who have abandoned even the pretence of impartiality.

    Have you seen a Leave supporter being allowed to finish a sentence, let alone an argument, before the eyebrow-raising, the snorting, and the downright shouting over them begins?

    This has to stop or we have to scrap the outdated rules on impartiality and allow news broadcasters to have the same freedom as our newspaper industry.

    The blatant bias certainly has to be wiped out at the publicly-funded BBC, where we have to pay for political activist journalists to have their say!

    How dare they remove free TV licences to OAP’s, but still pay these propagandists to broadcast?

    Less Informed Than Ever

    The Kay Burley incident of no-chairing James Cleverly is just the most blatant example of the Remainiac bias.

    Ms Burley has got a new show and by God does she want us to know about it.

    Now let me just be clear, I have no time for James "Not so" Cleverly, and he was pretty useless in the previous interviews I watched about the despicable editing of that video of snake oil salesman Keir Starmer.

    He was trying to defend the indefensible and failing, but it wasn’t Burley's place to ridicule him in the way she did. I don’t know whether he had agreed to be on her show, but her pathetic attention-seeking, journalistic dying fly act at the supermarket checkout toddler tantrum was both pathetic and biased.

    Kay is meant to be an autocue reader, isn't she? Not an opinion former or dictator.

    There is a world of difference between a newsreader and a columnist or commentator, but MSM broadcasting has forgotten this.

    OFCOM say they may investigate this incident, last time I looked they had had 23 complaints, but this toothless tiger will do absolutely nothing about this disgraceful episode, because they are stuffed full of the same Remainiac lefty activists as the BBC and Sky News.

    It is weird we have 24-hour news, but we are actually less informed than ever.

    Pure Bias

    There is no real debate on these channels, because anyone to the right politically is either not allowed on, or censured, or silenced, or ridiculed if they do get on.

    17.4 million people voted for Brexit, but you would never believe it from the level of debate and the range of the guests they have on mainstream news channels.

    There is also a clear ageist policy as well, as I note most of the newspaper reviewers and columnists they now use have barely started shaving yet – and that’s just the women.

    Let’s be sensible, the older demographic are the ones who proportionally vote more, but where are their voices in this election? The only older bloke who appears to get on is Alastair Campbell, and of course he is a Remainer too.

    The MSM broadcasters have all invested in coaches to go around the country and listen to the views of the people, but all they really do is export their Westminster elite bubble to somewhere like Workington. They vox pop and edit to just reinforce their world view. They may as well stay on their coach or back in their studio.

    How about doing programmes where we hear the voices and opinions of real people that your producers would hate? If a view or opinion is unpalatable to the Sky producers, it does not mean it is one we should not hear or debate, does it?

    I will always remember during the referendum campaign when lefty Channel 4 News dispatched Krishnan Guru-Murthy to Leicester for a debate with a mostly Asian audience to gain their opinion on Brexit.

    It was a cracker and one of the funniest TV shows I have ever seen, as Asian after Asian audience member said they were in favour of Brexit and thought that there were too many Eastern Europeans in the UK.

    I bet the producers back in London had faces like smacked arses! This audience was not supplying the right-on narrative. This is why they always send teams to the East of England if they want to get the “Gammon” view of the EU.

    It’s bias, pure and simple.

    Perverted Politics

    Over on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation they have abandoned all pretence of impartiality. Led by "Lady Haw Haw" Emily Maitlis, they relentlessly plug the lefty Remain line.

    If Corbyn can’t get elected with all this MSM support, then he is even more useless than I thought.

    Just look at the way these broadcasters are almost wearing black armbands every time an MP pompously declares he or she is not standing.

    These MPs are like rats deserting a sinking ship. These lickspittle MPs are busy coming up with sanctimonious reasons for why they are not standing in the election, which Sky and the BBC lap up. I was crying… tears of laughter when Ian Austin gave his soliloquy on Corbyn, but Sky News and Burley led with it! Give me a rest!

    The truth is clear for all to see, these self-serving pigs are not standing because they know they haven’t got a cat in hell's chance of being re-elected.

    I am fed up to the back teeth of seeing the likes of Hammond, Watson, Dudd, and the rest of these muppets spinning their BS all over the biased broadcasters, who are of course lapping it up.

    Some of them are spouting the nonsense about toxic masculinity, driving them out of the commons. This gives the BBC and Sky News the opportunity to fill hours and hours of their rancid airspace with discussions and earnest debate, but never enough time to actually really slow down and consider whether this cliché is nonsense.

    It’s a perverted political version of the Jeremy Kyle Show. God would I love them to get his lie detector out!

    Deliver the Verdict!

    However, Parliament has always been aggressive and adversarial, and of course when we are talking about the betrayal of the people’s wishes, as we have been for these past few years, then the language and arguments are going to get more intense.

    I’m sorry, but if you can’t stand the heat of your own making, then get out of the kitchen – and that applies to both women and men.

    Most of these self-servers got elected on manifestos that promised to fulfil the wishes of the people and get us out of the EU, but they know and we know they have betrayed us and now is our chance to get own back.

    This is what the election is really about away from the elite’s Westminster bubble and I pray and hope that the people deliver their verdict with a clear voice on 12 December.

    That will deliver the best punishment for the likes of Kay Burley and their bias.

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