15:47 GMT05 August 2021
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    I need to apologise to you. For the past few months I have been referring to the House of Commons as the House of Muppets. I was wrong to do so and I am sorry.

    No, the House of Commons is actually the House of Clowns. Muppets have a sense of the absurd and are harmless but clowns always have an air of malevolence and horror lying just behind those clown faces. Think of Steven King or the brilliant new film, Joker.

    You see, because selling out our country is truly no laughing matter and these clowns in Parliament know it but they are still determined to make it happen.

    Led by that idiot, Oliver Letwin, who if he had only one bullet would still manage to shoot himself in both feet, what has happened over this weekend has been a clear affront to democracy and two fingers up to the British People by the Establishment class.

    Letwin with his amendment has effectively left the door wide open for Comrade Corbyn to call for a second referendum to be added before Boris’s exit bill gets passed.

    However, the clownish nightmare gets worse as it is becoming clear that Corbyn is being side-lined and won’t be leader for much longer.

    Emerging out of the shadows are the three unwise monkeys of Mandelson, ‘War criminal’ Blair and, Alastair ‘dodgy dossier’ Campbell.

    This trio don’t just want a second referendum and us to stay in the Customs Union they actually want Brexit stopped and for us to never leave the EU. And who can blame Mandelson with his gold-plated EU pension pot!

    Their choice for leader is Keir Starmer who is like a ‘Mini me’ Blair, without the charisma and dodgy teeth. This man put the slime into ball and would drag Labour back to the centre ground and the UK into financial, economic and social meltdown.

    The polls show clearly that the people do NOT want a Labour government, whoever leads it, but these malevolent monkeys don’t care what you and I think.

    © AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth
    Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party gives thumbs up after he addressed party members during the Labour Party Conference at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, England, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019.

    This weekend allegedly a million Reaminiacs converged on Westminster and a fair few thought it was a great democratic idea to attack Jacob Rees-Mogg’s young son with foul rants and abuse.

    Isn’t that what they always accuse us “knuckle dragging moronic racist Brexiteers” of?

    I see that the biased BBC and Sly News haven’t spent much time discussing this political thuggery, preferring instead to paint the Saturday headline story as Boris being humiliated in Parliament again. Just whose side are these biased broadcasters on? It certainly is not the UK’s.

    Boris wasn’t humiliated. He is clearly playing the lonbatman\g game, the more they humiliate, insult and try and weaken him the more popular he becomes in the country as a whole.

    I thought his tactic of sending three letters was both childish but perfect to sum up this farcical situation. Poll after poll clearly illustrate that the country is with Boris and not with the rotten Parliament

    My only surprise in this sorry saga so far is that the decent silent majority have not yet taken to the streets over this betrayal.

    Before I came away on holiday I watched the brilliant new Joker movie. It is bang on the money.

    Now watching what is happening in the UK from patchy internet and scraps of news coverage I despair for my country but see so many parallels between pre-Batman Gotham city and our situation in the UK.

    As you know, Joker is set in a dystopian Gotham city.

    Well, when you examine the meaning of dystopian you get the following description: a futuristic, imagined universe in which oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect society are maintained through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control.

    Actor Heath Ledger as Joker
    © Flickr / NiCo Padilla
    Actor Heath Ledger as Joker

    We are not far of that in the UK, are we?

    Oppressive societal control? Well we have that via the new snowflake morality laws? The latest example this weekend being, ‘men in frocks with cocks’ demanding that the female sign should be taken off sanitary towels and the stupid corporate, Always, conceding?

    Or how about the EU rules that seek to control every aspect of our lives with their bureaucracy?

    Or how about the new Censors of Facebook and Twitter who are controlling the worlds’ debates and moral compass.

    How about the old broadcast and news media who are metaphorically and literally in bed with the politicians and conspiring against the people.

    Finally, of course, Brexit is the greatest example.

    A clear majority voted to leave despite the best efforts of a global ‘Gotham’ elite just swap Batman’s Dad, Robert Wayne, for Mark Carney/Obama/The CBI etc who all tried to persuade us to vote to remain. Corporates and politics are all in the same bed in Gotham and the UK.

    This same combination of corporations and politicians are the leaders of the second referendum gang and the ones who are spreading fake news about us crashing out with a so called no deal. I hope you begin to get the picture.

    In Gotham, crime was completely out of control, well we have just had two more fatal stabbings. This time in Milton Keynes, for a change, rather than Stab city London.

    In Joker’s Gotham no one has any time for anyone else and people begin to take the law into their own hands. Sounds familiar?

    One of the most interesting aspects of Joker is how I would defy you not to feel elated when the Joker blows away the three thugs on the subway who were being anti-social. Or even not to want to applaud when he blows away Robert De Niro’s smarmy vile TV presenter, whose job it is to present the dystopian world as a utopian one when it clearly is not.

    Remember how we all cheered when Canning Town commuters pulled that eco tosser off the tube roof. It’s not right but by god doesn’t it feel good that someone is no longer taking this shit?

    It’s all a bit Jack Reacher mixed with Cint Eastwood in one of those Spaghetti Westerns.

    When people feel ignored or insulted then anger does grow and in the UK it is often on a long fuse but I wonder how long it will be before Britain erupts? I am not suggesting violence is the answer but clearly this could happen if the elite continues to ignore the wishes of the masses.

    The self-serving pigs of Westminster with their procedural arguments and arcane rules and the abuse of them are playing with fire.

    If BERKow acts again like a despot and refuses another debate or vote on Boris’s compromise plan and the British people are forced to swallow another delay I think he will light a fire which will be hard to extinguish.

    In Gotham, people started rioting whilst wearing clown masks because the elite treated them like clowns.

    In the UK there will be no need to wear clown masks as we all know where the clowns are. We don’t need or want riots but we desperately need an election to clear out this rotten parliament.

    How ironic that Boris is often portrayed as the Clown or Joker by the MSM but he may well prove to be the only one who can actually clean up our own Gotham City.

    I truly hope he does because if he doesn’t, I am not sure that we will necessarily like the avenging angels that will try to do the job instead of him.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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