00:36 GMT25 November 2020
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    It was written by an unelected Prime Minister delivered by an unelected Monarch in a Chamber of unelected Lords surrounded by pathetic pomp and pageantry.

    It summed up acutely the state of British politics and the Tory party. All frills with no substance, plenty of soundbites but no principles, promises aplenty but without a shred of credibility. I’m talking of course about the Queen’s speech, or rather the lines written by Boris the Clown for the last Monarch of Britain to recite. The whole ceremony was an exercise in self-indulgent political flagellation on behalf of a man bereft of morals, principles or a parliamentary majority.

    The Queen dutifully read out the 26 proposed bills Boris the Clown devised and must have been tempted to conclude with the words:

    “This is a stream of lukewarm pish from a pathological liar who won’t even get it passed by Parliament next week, let alone implement any of it. However one must maintain one’s stiff upper lip and soldier on even though Blondie down there smirking like the Etonian twit that he is has already lied to me, his Spectator Magazine boss, his former Tory party boss Michael Howard, his wife, his party and the whole bloody country. This is really a waste of my time, your time and everyone else’s time, apart from those who love dressing up for a day out. I wanted to add that I am convinced my government will retain its 100% record of losing votes in Parliament when you all gather across in the big house to debate it next week but I really couldn’t be arsed as my wee corgis miss me when I leave the Palace and I think I forgot to instruct the servants to put the heating on. If you my loyal subjects vote for this clown in the inevitable general election within the next month or so then you really are as daft as that Jacob Rees-Mogg creep looks.”

    Unfortunately the Queen didn’t say that but surely she must accept that her current government and Prime Minister is the least able, capable or appropriate government in her lifetime.

    Johnson has a minus 45 majority in Parliament. He would struggle to get a vote acknowledging the world is not flat through Parliament now. He really is an imposter and a general election simply cannot come soon enough to have him subjected to the rigorous examination of his polices, voting record and behaviour that he deserves. Spouting off lies, gibberish and incredulous speeches in front of Tory evangelists and hand-picked audiences during stage-managed hospital and factory visits won’t wash in the hurly burly of an election campaign.

    Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks at the parliament, which reconvenes after the UK Supreme Court ruled that his suspension of the parliament was unlawful, in London, Britain, September 25, 2019, in this screen grab taken from video
    © REUTERS / Parliament TV
    Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks at the parliament, which reconvenes after the UK Supreme Court ruled that his suspension of the parliament was unlawful, in London, Britain, September 25, 2019, in this screen grab taken from video

    Johnson said in Parliament during the first day of Queens Speech debate “This country is the greatest place to live and be.” For him and his Tory Toffs and multi-millionaire backers he has a point. Under the last nine years of Tory and Lib Dem coalition governments the rich have simply bathed in more wealth, less taxes, reduced regulations and greater encouragement to exploit workers on lower wages and zero hour contracts.

    The respected Resolution Foundation reported earlier this year that the incomes of the richest fifth of households had increased by 4.7 per cent last year while the incomes of the poorest fifth of households fell by 1.6 per cent making the grotesque inequality gap even bigger.

    Analysis by the research organisation the Equality Trust last year discovered the richest 1,000 in the UK increased their wealth by a staggering £274 billion over the five years from 2013-2018.

    Austerity measures have bit hard across the UK but not the privileged arses of the rich and their families unfortunately.

    Nine years of the Tories while Johnson was an enthusiastic proponent of austerity cuts has devastated millions of families and communities. Child poverty has increased by 50% under their watch. Food bank use has rocketed by 1,000% and is a clear sign of the failures of the welfare system. Homelessness has tragically risen by 170% while in England NHS waiting lists have climbed by 70%, crime by 30% and violent knife crime to the highest level since records began. The rich have benefited from several tax cuts but local government funding has plummeted by 50%, police numbers by 20% and pay across the public sector by 15%. Johnson’s pledges on increasing police numbers and NHS spending really are sick and twisted in the context of the savage cuts he and his Tory spivs have presided over during the last nine years.

    Brexit and all the associated twists, turns and complexities have dominated the news agenda for the best part of three years but not everyone is obsessed with Brexit. Millions of ordinary people are much more concerned for their children’s education, their elderly parent’s medical and social care and the falling value of wages in real terms in the face of increased housing, food, heating and transport costs. Theresa May was advised to go for a snap election in 2017 because she was 22% points ahead of Corbyn in the polls. It was supposed to be a Brexit election centring on her credibility compared to Corbyn. Things didn’t go to plan. She lost her majority and Corbyn increased the Labour vote by the largest margin since 1945.

    I know the people of Scotland will overwhelmingly reject Boris the lying clown at the forthcoming general election but I hope the ordinary folk of England and Wales will exhibit similar wisdom and kick him out of office as the shortest serving PM in UK history. Time will tell.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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