03:55 GMT10 July 2020
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    Yesterday’s red paint attack on the treasury by environmental nutjobs was an act of terrorism and should be condemned as a such.

    But John McDonnell, who effectively could be running the treasury soon if Boris is deposed (God help us!), actively supported the eco fascists who carried out the attack.

    I nearly crashed my ‘gas guzzler’ on the M1 when this Marxist misfit appeared on Jeremy Vine’s radio show and not only failed to condemn the attack but actually supported these extremists. Playing to the gallery. McDonald effectively said: well no one got killed or injured so it is a legitimate protest and that he supports direct action.

    What an absolute tosh!

    Look I support the right to protest and I support the fundamental right for a man or woman to withdraw their labour and strike but acts of pure vandalism must be condemned, especially by someone who wants to hold high office.

    Driving a fire engine up Whitehall and spraying buildings red is and could have been interpreted as an act of terror and it is about time the coppers and the courts stopped treating these Eco warriors with kid gloves.

    If they want to chain themselves to the railings outside Number 10, let them and don’t help to release them. If they want to super glue their bony vegan arses to pavements, let them and leave them there until they rot.

    When they appear before the courts, throw the book at them as we would with a yobbo who urinates in a shop doorway.

    Their acts including yesterday’s paint job are criminal and should be treated as such.

    But they know nothing will happen to them and that is why the vandals yesterday just sat there after failing to control their hose and waited for PC (Politically Correct) Plod and the TV cameras to come and arrest them.

    Just imagine how this would have been handled if these were pro-fox hunting or country side alliance supporters who thought that throwing mock blood around was a legitimate protest. The coppers would have been cracking skulls before Dick of the Yard could say let’s shoot an innocent Brazilian.

    There is such double standards around these tree huggers. Aided and abetted by pig tailed Greta they have managed to convince everyone that the world is dying and it is all down to us.

    People attend a climate change demonstration in London, Britain, September 20, 2019. REUTERS/Simon Dawson
    People attend a climate change demonstration in London, Britain, September 20, 2019. REUTERS/Simon Dawson

    So, it suddenly becomes okay for kids to bunk off school, close down London for days on end with the coppers almost aiding and abetting them. Do you remember that PC (politically correct) Plod who went skateboarding with them when they planted their pink boat in Trafalgar square a few weeks ago?

    These people are allowed to disrupt London and Londoners life because they are convinced that their cause is just.

    It’s not just kids either there were people in their forties and fifties, even their sixties on the bloody fire engine. One of them is the idiot who was involved in organising flying drones over Heathrow and ruining people’s holidays a few months back? You may ask why isn’t he already in prison and I would simply refer you to my comments above.

    This isn’t hippy dippy stupid kids, these are full grown terrorists. Like the animal rights extremists they believe that their cause is so morally right they can use any means necessary to get their way.

    Scotland has just banned smacking children but these morons are the net result of sparing the rod and spoiling the activist. They all need a damn good thrashing metaphorically or even literally.

    People have been wondering where the idiots got a fire engine from but I am more concerned that we sold off Boris’s water cannons because instead of dousing the treasury red we should have been hosing these reprobates down the street. I am not joking let’s fight fire with fire or water and dye with water and dye.

    These right on herbets seemed to ignore the fact that they used a diesel guzzling engine to carry out their act and that it would have used loads of the earth’s natural and scarce resource, water and even more water and chemicals to clear away their mess?

    People attend a climate change demonstration in London, Britain, September 20, 2019. REUTERS/Simon Dawson
    People attend a climate change demonstration in London, Britain, September 20, 2019. REUTERS/Simon Dawson

    Do they not know that the ice cap is melting and millions of kids in Africa have to walk miles to get clean water? Do they not watch Sky News! I am being facetious to make my point of course.

    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is just a one off either, these eco-terrorists have got 14 days of eco events and demos planned to bring London to a standstill in the pipeline.

    No doubt the coppers are already painting their finger nails, putting the rainbow shoelaces in their boots and painting their panda cars to show that they represent the whole diverse commuuuuuuuuuuuuunity of London. Or am I confusing my SJW events calendar?

    Sly News are revving up the helicopter and working out the camera angles to make sure the demo looks absolutely MASSIVE.

    The Biased Broadcasting Corporation will be making graphs showing us that it is cow sh*t that is warming up the planet in their woke usual bullsh*t way and anyone who stands up to this confected nonsense is ready to be ostracised, and outcast from polite society and shouted down as a fascist and the thief of some pigtailed idiot’s future.

    But wait a minute if this superannuated Blue Peter style campaign and eco concern is so popular how come the Green party have only got one MP and they can hold their Party conference in an old public telephone box?

    McDonnell, ever the opportunist, has jumped on the Green bandwagon (no doubt powered by electric) and even held meetings with the Extinction Rebellion mob who have been educating him in green issues. Now he has even got his own big green initiative and reckons if he was in power we would be carbon neutral by 2030, that is the year not 8.30 tonight. But to be truthful 8.30 tonight isn’t that much more stupid as an ambition.

    Meghan and ‘woke” Harry are moaning about press intrusion but these SJW’s have brought the criticism on themselves with stupendous death-defying hypocrisy over private jets.  Telling us that 2 weeks in Benidorm is verboten from the luxury of their pool in Africa or from the back seat of their, specially flown in from the UK, top of the range, Range Rovers. I know Harrys only got about one A level in art but he can’t be this stupendously thick, can he?

    Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex walk with their son Archie, at the Royal Charity Polo Day at Billingbear Polo Club, Wokingham, England, Wednesday, July 10, 2019.
    © AP Photo / Andrew Matthews

    Even Boris got in on the act and started talking about the glory of windfarms which have scarred this green and pleasant land and create about as much energy as my arse after a curry.

    Why are we being forced to bow down to these unelected eco fascists. Even our great theatres and art galleries are now refusing money from BP because they are scared of protests from wet behind the ears kids who are going to ‘scream and scream and scream’ until they get their way. Net result is a big virtue signal about oil and fossil fuels but us mug taxpayers having to pay more in tax to subsidise the arts!

    Bonkers completely bonkers. Stop the World I want to get off!

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