21:40 GMT09 July 2020
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    What a difference a year makes, especially at a Tory conference. We used to have a Robot in charge but now we have a real leader, warts and all, who is putting forward an exciting vision for our country.

    Boris is a breath of fresh air compared to Theresa the Appeaser, not that would you know from the coverage given to the conference by the biased broadcasters, of Sly News and the Brexit Broadcasting Corporation.

    These MSM establishment muppets only seem to want to talk about whether or not Boris can keep it in his trousers.

    But outside of these biased broadcasters, I don’t think anyone really gives a toss, in fact, most people think that Boris being a ‘mad shagger’ is a bit like a headline that says ‘Dog bites man?’

    Next week the combined talents of Laura Kunnesberg, Beth Rigby and Kay Burley will be telling us that bears sh*t in the woods and asking is the Pope a catholic, does a fish swim, and does a Duck have lips! (with apologies to Flan O’Brien)

    All this week instead of focusing on the roll-out of Johnson’s new polices every interview has focused on his ALLEGED peccadilloes.

    And that is the point, at the moment they are, alleged. If there is public money involved of course it should be investigated but I don’t know about you, I believe in the old maxim that you are innocent until you are proven guilty.

    However, in the BBC's view, if you are a Tory or right of centre you are guilty until proven innocent.

    The second allegation of the hand on the knee incident from 20 years ago is a crazy allegation that Boris has said is totally untrue. What a coincidence that Robert Peston's girlfriend has remembered the incident 20 years later and in the same weekend that the Tory conference starts and she gets a new column in the Sunday Times. Curiouser and curiouser?

    But again, instead of even raising a Roger Moore quizzical eyebrow the BBC, Sly News and the sisterhood in the press have decided Boris is guilty and should be hanged, drawn and quartered and kicked out of office. Oh, and probably castrated to boot!

    Of course, all of this would have the knock-on effect of delaying and stopping Brexit and I am sure that is just a coincidence! NOT!

    I am not sure how Boris has coped with all this BS and pressure but he has and in fact, he seems to be emboldened and strengthened by it. This is why he is a real leader and the likes of Corbyn and Swinson will never ever be whilst I have a hole in my underpants.

    His speech today was excellent and like a tick box of what the UK people want and have been demanding for years.  The only thing missing for me was a pledge to scrap HS2 but otherwise, most sane people will be overjoyed to hear about his plans for the police, the stuff on harsher sentences, the NHS and the roll-out of super-strength high-speed internet for the whole of the UK.

    I loved the fact that he wants to stop being embarrassed about being British or a capitalist and that he believes that capitalism, although a C-word, is not a dirty word and it is the only way we can really fund the NHS, a proper living wage and strong-armed forces.

    What a difference to the ‘Maybot’? Boris has passion, humour, self-deprecation and the ability to inspire, not only the party faithful, but the whole country and he is correct: let’s get Brexit done, or let’s get out by Halloween and get on with making Britain great again.

    I am not sure he can do that without the help of Nigel Farage but looking and listening to the immediate reaction from the biased BBC and Sly news, they do not know which way to turn.

    Boris is like the Grinch and he has stolen Corbyn’s Christmas list in the sense he has given us all, whether on the left or right, what we have been calling out for.

    I love the fact that later today he is telling the EU that this is his final offer and that they can take it or we leave on October 31. Just like the MSM they do not like it up them! This is how you negotiate, Theresa.

    There have been more leaks about his EU offer and the Irish backstop than a Max Boyce reunion concert but it all points to the fact a no-deal exit is increasingly likely, which as far as I am concerned would be great news.

    After the three turgid, tedious years of Theresa May, Boris today was a breath of fresh air. His conference speech has put the biased corrupt commentariat of the BBC and Sky and Corbyn and his comrades into a tailspin!

    I am overjoyed and I haven’t even watched Diane Abbot handle Prime Minister's questions yet which I have recorded to enjoy at my leisure after I have got the image of BERKow chewing a Kangaroo’s testicle out of my head.

    Just one word of warning. Watch out for the next part of Operation Smear which is bound to come out in the press tomorrow!

    However, as long as it’s about a woman and not a pig's head I don’t think the British people will give a jot, do you?

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