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    Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, arrive for the European premiere of the film The Lion King in London, Britain July 14, 2019

    Harry, Meghan, Elton, Khan Stop Preaching!

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    The inept Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has posted a video asking “Londoners to imagine what our city would be like without cars - with more walking, cycling & public transport.”

    I am suggesting another question to Londoners and indeed Sadiq, “imagine what London would look like without you in charge, without anarchy on the streets, a knife and gun crime epidemic and your pathetic Extinction Rebellion and anti-Donald Trump demos holding up the very people who pay your wages going about their daily lives?”

    It’s ironic that Sadiq ends his tweet with the hashtag ‘Let London Breathe’ as there are many Londoners lying on the mortuary slab who would love to breathe but have had their lives cut short by the feral murdering yobs he has ceded the streets of the greatest city in the world to.

    I am sorry Khan but your ridiculous stance on stop and search and the priorities you give the Police are a major contributing factor to the murder rate and the rampant drug epidemic in the capital.

    You do make a fair point about Police cuts but even with Boris’ pledge of 20 thousand more cops nationwide they will not make a blind bit of difference to serious crime whilst muppets like you tell them to dance at Gay Pride events, embrace diversity but then prevent them from doing stop and search because you think it is waycist.

    Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London speaking to the media during a press conference in London (File)
    © AP Photo / Alastair Grant
    Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London speaking to the media during a press conference in London (File)

    I actually agree with Khan that we need more green spaces, cycling, walking and public transport but his pathetic virtue signalling car-free day on September 22 is just another prime example of a fool getting his priorities wrong again.

    He does need to clean up the city but may I humbly suggest he should start by cleaning the streets of the feral feckless and anti-social yobs first?

    He wants to make whole areas of London no go zones for cars when he should be concentrating on the existing crime-infested no go zones where normal Londoners and even the police fear to go.

    Khan’s not alone though as there was a report yesterday about banning all private cars by 2030? These kinds of crackpot ideas of course always affect the working class much more than the privileged boffins and politicians who come up with them.

    These social justice warriors can afford to let the train take the strain but your average family with three kids can’t afford that impromptu trip this Bank holiday weekend to the coast on a train unless they have won the lottery.

    That is why the roads will be blocked from about noon today as people load the kids into their rusty old banger and head to the coast. Is that their fault?

    Politicians bleat about an integrated transport system but it is complete cobblers. You can only get a cheap train fare if you book in a month with a Z in it and you want to travel on a specific day in 2030. Want to travel today then get out the second mortgage form you sucker!

    Then, of course, the various train firms and those websites deliberately sell you a more expensive ticket.

    It's a racket from start to finish and that’s before I start on the state of the trains themselves and the fact that a ticket doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a seat. How long will it be before people are sitting on the top of the carriage and the chai wallah is tripping over people’s legs as he tries to sell his tea? Khan has turned London into a third world sh*thole but our train system is not far behind it.

    And, of course, the Politicians’ solution to this travel misery was to build George Osborne’s vanity project Hs2.  Which promises to get rich people to London ten minutes quicker!

    Thank god Boris has ordered a review into this complete and utter waste of money. But a word of caution, unlike the Brexit party, he still hasn’t declared he is going to scrap it. However, it must be scrapped today.

    We need the money invested in high-speed internet access right across our green and pleasant land and we need massive investment in our existing transport infrastructure including reducing train fares.

    We should not be subsidising the rich but enabling all of our citizens to travel to the coast and surf the internet.

    However, this won’t happen as the politicians don’t really understand life outside of their cosseted, all expenses paid (including rail travel) Westminster bubble so they will continue to bleat on about Global warming and elevate little Greta to Mother Theresa like status.

    Meanwhile woke Royals like Megan and Harry, or is it the Royal Becks and Posh, lecture us on climate change whilst they take private jet holidays.

    Oh, but don’t worry Elton John paid a contribution to offset their carbon footprint. I know there was a stage in his career when Elton used to have a stage costume that looked like it was straight out the Palace of Versailles but this carbon footprint payment con is the political equivalent of Marie Antoinette declaring let them eat cake.

    It basically says you plebs can’t go on a plane to Spain but we rich nobs can because we are so woke or RICH we can afford to pay double.

    This ‘Bono’ like preaching and holier than thou attitude displays utter contempt for the people who effectively pay their wages.  In Bono, Chris Martin and Elton’s case by buying their records and in Megan and Harry's case by paying their taxes to support them. Just remind me how much did we cough up for the restoration of their new home?

    Britain's Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge arrive for the BAFTA 2019 Awards at The Royal Albert Hall in London, Sunday Feb. 10, 2019
    © AP Photo / Tim Ireland, Pool
    Britain's Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge arrive for the BAFTA 2019 Awards at The Royal Albert Hall in London, Sunday Feb. 10, 2019

    Meghan, Elton and Harry should remember what happened to Marie Antoinette and the whole French aristocracy.

    Perhaps ‘Airmiles Andrew’ should also heed the message of the French revolution too and make a clear public statement on his position, or is it positions, in the Paedophile Epstein sex scandal.

    I for one much preferred Harry when he was a womanising hero but no wonder he has a growing bald patch it must be Meghan’s woke thumb!

    Meanwhile, the Palace in cahoots with the tabloids stage a picture opportunity of our future King and family flying to Aberdeen on a budget airline.

    Please pass me the sick bucket. The tabloids seem to have forgotten William and Kate have just returned from a holiday in Mustique and the last time I looked EasyJet or Ryanair don’t fly there.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not practice the art of jealousy, good luck to anyone who can fly or turn left on an aeroplane (wouldn’t we all and I have in the past) but what I do not need in my life is Saint Bono or Saint Meghan preaching to me. And before you start with your screams of waycist, waycit for me criticising Meghan it has nothing to do with her skin colour but everything to do with her and her husband’s stinking hypocrisy.

    We all want to save the planet and have cleaner air but we need less hypocritical hot air from these woke politicians, pop stars and celebrity Princes and Princesses.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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