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    How do you spell the speaker’s surname? I know it starts with B E R K but what comes after that? Whilst we are talking about spelling does this jumped-up EU lickspittle know how to spell Democracy or how about Tin Pot Dictator.

    John Bercow who famously had a car sticker during the referendum which said, Boll*cks to Brexit is now effectively saying bollo*ks to every single UK citizen.

    He had some mealy-mouthed excuse that the sticker was on his wife’s car but surely if you held a position like him, your wife would also respect his office! Someone needs to remind this Muppet that he and the rest of the swamp are meant to be our servants not our masters and the speaker is meant to be impartial. Are you listening Sally?

    How dare he say that he “will fight with every bone in his body to stop Boris closing down Parliament or force through a no-deal.” He pompously states,  "The one thing I feel strongly about is that the House of Commons must have its way,” The Commons?! How about the people?  We had a vote and we voted leave!

    But Bercow is not alone as the useless ex-chancellor, Phillip Hammond has now stepped in to try and thwart Brexit saying in the Times that Boris Johnsons demand to remove the Irish backstop is a step too far and that the EU will never concede on that point and therefore we will leave on a no-deal and that this would be a “betrayal” of the referendum result.

    No, you stupid the betrayal has been all yours and the likes of Bercow along with the BBC and Sly News who have been dead set on making sure we never leave the EU.

    Bercow and Hammond and Amanda Dudd, who changes her position on Brexit more times than Russel Brand when he’s reading the Karma Sutra, need to be reminded that we were asked to vote remain or leave. We voted leave. That is the end of the matter and we should have left three years ago.

    Britain's House of Commons Speaker John Bercow speaking at an Association of Jewish Refugees event
    © AP Photo / Yui Mok
    Britain's House of Commons Speaker John Bercow speaking at an Association of Jewish Refugees event

    Hammond is determined to ignore us as he and 20 other useless self-serving EU lickspittles have now written to Boris and accused him of deliberately setting the bar too high in his negotiating position with the EU so that a no deal is inevitable.

    Hammond schooling Boris is a joke, isn’t it after he and Theresa May set the bar so low in their negotiating position that a political pygmy could just step over it, as indeed Juncker the Drunker and his merry men did.

    This letter was conveniently leaked to the Sun and of course reads like a press release rather than a private letter and it also reads like a billet-doux to the EU inviting them to come and shaft us again in any way they fancy.

    From third left to right, Chancellor Philip Hammond, Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson
    © AP Photo / Stefan Rousseau
    From third left to right, Chancellor Philip Hammond, Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

    When will they learn the people have spoken and this has been backed up in the latest poll which clearly shows Boris has the backing of 54 percent of the country to force a WTO exit through by suspending Parliament. It is also clear from the Tories overall lead in the polls that Boris is much more in tune with the people than the politically tone-deaf deluded fools on the green benches in Westminster.

    But no, they still won’t listen, and aided and abetted by their mates on Sly News and the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation they are determined to continue using the dark arts of propaganda to try and convince us again that they are right and we, the little people, are wrong.

    They are even now accusing Boris of spending too much on preparations for a no deal? You what? Hammond and May did sweet f.a. and that is largely why there is a panic now.

    The no-deal or walking away option should never have been taken away from the negotiating table but Theresa May and Hammond seemed to invoke a version of the Stockholm Syndrome almost immediately in their negotiations.

    Obviously, Stockholm syndrome usually refers to a relationship between a kidnapper and their victim but look at three key components that characterise Stockholm syndrome:

    1 A hostage's development of positive feelings towards the captor.

    2 A refusal by hostages to cooperate with police forces and other government authorities.

    3 A hostage's belief in the humanity of the captor because they cease to perceive the captor as a threat when the victim holds the same values as the aggressor.

    All of these components could be applied to Theresa May’s negotiations with the EU and the actions now of Bercow, Hammond, Dudd and the BBC.

    They love the cultural Marxism, common purpose values of the EU.

    They hate nations and borders.

    As a hostage of the EU they accepted a position where they could not negotiate any trade deal with the USA until they had left the EU and until they had paid the ransom money of £39 Billion.

    They refuse to co-operate with us, the people or to listen to us as if we were their police force, and without doubt point 3 is a classic as they are the victim and they hold exactly the same values as their captor, the EU.

    This is why we are still in the EU and why they are determined we will never leave.

    These latest interventions by Hammond and the Berk are classic Stockholm and reminiscent of the kidnap victim Patty Hearst eventually holding up a bank in San Francisco with her terrorist mates.

    The question has to be asked of the remainers and the biased BBC and Sly News just whose side are you on?

    Meanwhile in the real-world people are loving Boris’ pledge on 20 thousand more cops and a return to proper policing with stop and search being extended.

    They have welcomed his views on more prisons and proper sentences for dangerous criminals.

    Yes, of course, he is playing to the gallery of an imminent General Election but at last we seem to have a mainstream politician declaring that he is with the decent silent majority and is going to put them first.

    Labour can whinge from the side-lines and threaten to bring down Boris’ Government with a vote of no confidence. This will only hasten their own demise as a political force because the ‘common people’, especially in their Northern heartlands, have seen through Comrade Corbyn’s nonsense and they will never vote him into power after his own dithering and eventual betrayal of his manifesto promise on the EU.

    Now President Trump, via he is envoy John Bolton, is also making it clear that we are, at the front of the line or queue for a bumper trade deal (Did you hear that Obama?).

    Boris Johnson and John Bolton

    Bolton stated that, Washington would “enthusiastically” support no-deal and was prepared to “fast track” a free trade deal with Britain within a year of us leaving the EU.

    Mark my words, as soon as these negotiations begin the individual EU countries will come grovelling to us for a deal too. They need us just like we need them for trade but we do not need to be a United States of Europe in a political sense.

    The BBC and Sly News love to try and convince us that it is only our side of the Channel that will suffer disruption when we walk away on Halloween but do you not think the German and French manufacturers are worried too? Of course, they are so deals will be struck pretty quickly.

    Boris must stick firm in his stance and realise that he has the country with him despite the traitors and betrayers in the Swamp, the MSM, and in his own party.

    Just like Trump he needs to use social media more to speak to the people over the heads of the biased broadcasters and deliver what the people voted for.

    Every day as the critics turn up the volume of their pathetic protests I actually believe that he is going to succeed and the likes of Bercow, Hammond and May can and will be consigned to the dustbin of History.

    He has to succeed or his career is over, his party is finished and this great nation is finished too.

    Go Bojo Go!

    Views and opinions, expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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