03:44 GMT02 April 2020
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    I am now getting seriously brassed off with the anti-Boris, anti-Brexit bias of the publicly funded BBC, aren’t you?

    Does the media regulator, Ofcom not watch this Lord Haw Haw biased BS?

    We pay for this propaganda or we go to prison and I for one am no longer willing to let that happen.

    Stop paying this regressive and oppressive tax now.

    They cannot lock up 17.4 MILLION of us, can they?

    How do they get away with their bias?

    Yesterday I had the misfortune to tune into BBC Five Live (or should that be Dead?) to hear the 10.00 am news.

    It was late starting, as is their unprofessional style, so I heard Emma Barnet’s trailer for her show.

    It was so biased, I just had to listen to the first ten minutes of her hand wringing whine “fest” of a show to make sure it wasn’t a parody.

    When the news finished she started with an intro asking us what we thought of Boris’s first days in office and are we still convinced that he is the right man for the job.

    The implication and bias was transparent, Emma and her posh mates had already decided for us that the wheels were falling off Boris’ bandwagon, as she listed the perceived problems he faced. 

    She constantly repeated the mantra of a ‘no deal.’ Not once did she state that actually a so called ‘no deal’ is enshrined in the article 50 law. In the time I listened she had no alternative voice saying that actually it isn’t a no deal, it is leaving on WTO terms.

    Then she had a pre-recorded interview with some female French MEP who, to her credit, actually stated she was not talking on behalf of Macrons’ Government. So, Emma, what was the point of her opinion? Why didn’t you get one of your numerous producers to ask the EU cleaner to come on and give us their opinion, as long as it fitted the BBC view of the world!

    Every tease for callers or emails to take part was infused with her and the BBC bias that Brexit was terrible and that Boris was a fascist, elitist snob.

    Just how does she and that buffoon in the afternoon Nihal Arthanayake get away with their sneering contempt for the 17.4 million who voted to leave.

    It is sickening and a clear abuse of the BBC mission statement which is to educate, inform and entertain. In fact, the BBC need to educate these idiots in politics and the concept of impartiality. They need to inform them of their public duty role. They could also tell them to entertain as well and that means Emma, a phone in about losing stuff in the post ain’t exactly entertainment!

    I kid you not, she actually interspersed her discussion on the biggest political and largest democratic exercise in this country’s history with a chat about losing things in the post! Alan Partridge would be proud and amazed in equal measure that she was getting away with it.

    I guess her reason for painting all this doom and gloom was the statement from Vauxhall’s German owners that they might pull-out of the UK if no deal happened. Any sensible journalist, or mature one, like the BBC used to employ, would have known this is typical of the car industry who would sell their granny or their own ass to get another massive chunk of Government grants or incentives. Emma, it is called politics.

    Then of course we had the CBI predicting doom and gloom if we left on an no deal, but again when you scratched under the surface they actually admitted that other EU countries were less prepared than us for such a scenario!

    Of course, if it was just the radio version of the posh youth club that is BBC Radio Five Dead I guess we could just ignore this blatant sixth form bias but the plain stark facts are that this bias is written through the BBC like a stick of Blackpool rock.

    It is present in every section of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation from the six o’clock news, through the Today programme which may as well be renamed ‘Brussels calling’ through to Andrew Marr and the BBC local radio stations.

    As I switched from Emma's drivel I came across my old BBC station, BBC Coventry, and there was a woman on there, effectively putting down her listeners who enjoyed holidays in Benidorm. Really good idea love! Please rearrange these words: foot, yourself shooting!

    A general view of the BBC headquarters in London, Sunday, Nov, 11, 2012
    © AP Photo / Alastair Grant
    A general view of the BBC headquarters in London, Sunday, Nov, 11, 2012

    Of course, I presume this BBC 5 wannabee, then told her listener that she holidays in France! You literally couldn’t make this sh*t up and of course she is so sophisticated and European.

    I worked for BBC radio for years and there used to be plenty of older hacks who had learnt their trade on local papers and doing court and council reports and who knew both the law and the need to look at both sides of the story.  However, it seems to me that the BBC, radio 5 Dead and local radio in particular is now stuffed full of ex Poly media graduates who are so wet behind the ears they haven’t started to shave yet and that’s just the women!

    In a newsroom you need a variety of ages and skill levels and of course a diverse workforce but now for all their claims of diversity the BBC seems to be stuffed full of social justice warriors and virtue signallers who not only have no balls but from the sound of them their balls have not dropped.

    To add insult to injury they all sing from the same hymn sheet.


    It is the same with the guests. Where are the people with genuine right wing or Brexit beliefs in the BBC programmes? Why aren’t they given equal airtime so that the listeners, who pay the wages of these presenters can make their own mind up?

    But most importantly where is Ofcom in all of this?

    On their twitter heading they say, “We keep an eye on the UK's telecoms, television, radio and postal industries to make sure they're doing the best for all of us.”


    Well I see they have just fined RT £200 grand for “failing to preserve due impartiality in seven news and current affairs programmes between 17 March and 26 April 2018.”

    The programmes concerned were all talking about the Skripal affair and Syria. Or as Ofcom puts it in their report, “The programmes were mostly in relation to major matters of political controversy and current public policy – namely the UK Government’s response to the events in Salisbury, and the Syrian conflict.”

    A cynic might suggest that, especially in the Skripal saga, that RT was not singing from the same hymn sheets as the rest of the MSM and why should they? There were plenty of broadcast outlets swallowing the increasingly bizarre UK government’s narrative of what happened in Salisbury wasn’t there?

    But be that as may and RT are appealing the point. However, can OFCOM not see what the BBC are doing?

    Are they not keeping “an eye on” our biggest broadcaster?

    Of course, they aren’t as they are all part of the same cosy club of cultural Marxists and virtue signallers that infest all of our public Institutions. They are having a laugh when they state, “our role is to hold the BBC’s performance and editorial standards to account, and also to regulate the competitive effects of its services.”

    This is why I would scrap OFCOM in a blink of the eye and Boris should turn his attention to this as soon as possible and at the same time scrap the outdated and frankly impossible concept of impartiality and allow news programmes and channels to have a bias just as newspapers have. Then we might actually have a free press and free broadcasting in the UK.

    People are adults and can spot bias and they do not need a “regulator” to wipe their ass for them. Also, in the internet age, how can it be right that we have a broadcasting regulator who dictates what we can and not listen to or see.

    Like the BBC, Ofcom is outdated, outmoded and out of control. They both need scrapping along with the licence fee.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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