19:30 GMT16 February 2020
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    Get ready for the hypocritical outpouring of sympathy for Theresa May in the next few days in the MSM. It has already started on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation and Sly News with personal interviews with the gurning face of the vicar’s daughter expressing her sadness that she didn’t push her Brexit betrayal through. Ooh diddum’s’!

    Her political death throes have taken longer than Yul Brynner’s in the King and I.

    But amongst all this absolute BS and tosh remember that Theresa May was not only the most useless Prime Minister we have ever had, she was also the most disastrous Home Secretary in living memory who lost the trust of the Police and the public.

    "The next prime minister will inherit the urgent task of restoring confidence in the police service, which has had its resources drained to dangerously low levels. The reduction of police and support staff by more than 30,000, the virtual destruction of neighbourhood policing and the inadvisable undermining of lawful police powers such as stop and search, have taken their toll. Common sense suggests that these factors have contributed to the feeling of lawlessness generated by knife murders and "county lines" drugs."

    The paragraph above is in quotation marks because it was not written by me but by five former heads of the Metropolitan Police in a letter to the Times last week.

    Because of the Tory leadership pantomime, not enough attention has been drawn to this savage summary of the state of lawlessness on the streets of the UK but it should concern us all. The top Cops and I agree that the buck largely stops at the kitten heels of Theresa May.

    Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street in London, Monday, March 25, 2019
    © AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth
    Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street in London, Monday, March 25, 2019

    She is the one responsible for cutting the Police so dramatically, and as the chiefs say for emasculating the Police service in the UK. It now resembles an arm of the social services and no one, even law-abiding citizens and people like me who come from a Police family, have any real respect or confidence in our ever-decreasing thin blue line.

    Ever since the PC Pleb campaign started, after Andrew Mitchell called one of the officers at Downing Street a pleb, Theresa May was determined to act like Billy Big boots and put the coppers in their place.

    I know this because I largely co-ordinated the PC Pleb campaign against the draconian cuts she and David Cameron were trying to impose on the Police. I was working with several of the regional Police Federations on the campaign and we warned of the danger to the public and to police morale if these cuts went ahead. We were right then and the ex-Met chiefs are right now.

    But no, the Vicar’s daughter wanted to prove she had balls of steel and was determined to reform the Police come what may if you pardon the pun!

    And what has come is a tsunami of violent knife and gun crime, county line drug dealers using seven-year-olds to transport drugs, no confidence in the Police and more people than ever not even bothering to report crime because they know the cops haven’t got the time or will to investigate their reports.

    It is not hyperbole to say that we are literally living in an almost state of anarchy in the UK and that the streets have been ceded to the feral, the feckless and the downright dangerous.

    I, and it would appear from the letter to the Times, these top coppers lay the blame for all of this with May’s police cuts and her speech at the Police Federation conference where she threatened the Union with massive reform. Indeed, she was aided and abetted by her lickspittle mates in certain Tory rags and together they effectively made the national Federation bend to her will. The result was that the cuts went through, she became PM and just as we warned at the time crime has gone through the roof.

    Knife crime
    © Sputnik /
    Knife crime

    Not content with this, again as the police chiefs state in their letter, she cut stop and search aided and abetted by the useless Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. The result being that now young knife-wielding thug killers have no fear of the police.

    Lord Stevens who was always described as the Coppers Copper when he ran the Met has been savage in his assessment of Theresa May agreeing with the following question on LBC that she has been “the most disastrous home secretary and prime minister for policing”.

    Of course, the ex and present Police chiefs are also partly responsible for turning the Police force into a service and everything that change of name implies.

    Too many top Cops are infected with the Common Purpose, touchy-feely, PC thought processes that hinder the real policing that my dad used to enforce when he was a copper for 30 years. I have long said we need less of the Sir Iain Blair style of policing and more of The Gene Hunt style from life on Mars but sadly those days have gone.

    I am not calling for a return to casual racism or summary justice being meted out by the cops but it would appear that the only people who get batons drawn on them are supporters of the Countryside, Brexiteers or Tommy Robinson supporters. Whereas climate change nutjobs can occupy London for weeks on end, Antifa can attack all and sundry and Pakistani gangs are free to abuse young girls almost with impunity.

    Coppers seem to love bashing their computer keyboards and finding dangerous thoughts and opinions on Twitter but have little appetite or time to get out on the beat.

    My old man, a constable all his life, went to his grave saying the Police changed when they got radios and panda cars and not flat feet! I would adapt that to say that the Police and policing has fundamentally changed since Coppers got computers and instructions on how to use them to stifle free speech.

    Boris is right to say that he will restore the Police jobs but we will have to, as Shaw Taylor used to say at the end of Police 5, “keep 'em peeled” as Boris voted on more than one occasion for these savage and disastrous cuts under May’s ‘reign of terror.’

    The bottom line is that the public are calling out for a real return to proper hard policing and proper sentencing but we seem to be living in an era where being in contempt of court gets you a longer stretch than serious violent crime.

    Then when you do get a sentence of ten years you only do five and violent or sexual offenders and paedos are almost given a ‘Get out of jail free (to rape, abuse, murder and steal again) card’ when they first enter the prison. This has to change and change now.

    The top cops are calling for a Royal Commission into policing but the problem with these commissions are that all too often they are just a tactic to kick big problems into the long grass. However, we in the UK are facing a clear and present danger and we need action now.

    British police officers stand on duty during Europe's largest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival in London, UK
    © AP Photo / Sang Tan
    British police officers stand on duty during Europe's largest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival in London, UK

    So, I have some better suggestions. These ex-police leaders should be appointed to invent a future policing plan and given a short time, a matter of months to present and implement it. In the meantime, the Police jobs should be restored almost on Boris’s first day in Number 10. We should scrap the useless Police and Crime commissioners immediately. They are totally unnecessary.

    The present top cops, like Basu of the yard, should stop trying to attack or muzzle the Free Press over the publishing of leaks. It fills me with dread that this snowflake could end up as the next Commissioner. Stop and search needs to be reinstated immediately.

    Instead of listening to Sadiq Khan’s nonsense that all the murder and mayhem is due to austerity and the lack of a pool table in a youth club we should be removing his power to direct police tactics. He is still, despite the mountain of bodies in the Morgue, refusing to take responsibility or to back proper stop and search.

    However, Pipsqueak Sadiq has got the media attention again today declaring that “investment in public services, youth services, after-school clubs and preventative services is needed to prevent knife crime.” God help us, he is like Ben Elton on speed! Next, he will be telling us it is all Mrs Thatcher’s fault!

    Thank goodness that Theresa May has nearly gone but what a pity that we still have years more of Sadiq squealing that it’s not fair, posing for selfies and refusing to take his share of the responsibility for London turning into Murder One.

    Both of these politically correct fools are unfit for public office. So please spare me the eulogies and tributes; and how about the MSM telling it as it is for once? Don’t hold your breath.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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