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    Boris Johnson appears on BBC TV's debate with candidates vying to replace British PM Theresa May, in London, Britain June 18, 2019

    Boris Blow Up Should Blow Over

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    Forget the ludicrous Operation Fear the Remainer Establishment have now unleashed Operation Smear. In the cross hairs is Boris Johnson but also any one else who stands up to their warped social engineering agenda like MP Mark Field.

    I am no great supporter of Boris but out of the Muppets that infest the Commons and the Tory party at the moment he is the most likely person to help deliver Brexit.

    The Remainer Establishment know this and they will do anything and everything in their power to stop him and stop Brexit.

    This Boris domestic row story was nothing more than a ‘Dog bites man’ headline or if I am being fair ‘Man bites dog’. It is hardly of interest to me and millions of other happily married couples.

    Who hasn’t had a heated row after a bottle of red and a stressful week and who hasn’t made up before bedtime?

    I don’t know what happened in that flat and neither does anyone else, including the leftie agitators who recorded it. However, the Kangaroo court of Twitter have decided that it was an example of the rising tide of domestic abuse. Well if it was why didn’t the cops arrest Boris?

    Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds leave his home, following the results of the European Parliament elections, in Thame, Britain May 27, 2019
    Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds leave his home, following the results of the European Parliament elections, in Thame, Britain May 27, 2019

    Think about the stress he and his girlfriend are under. Let’s not forget Carrie is a victim of Taxi rapist, John Worboys and Boris is trying to become our leader. So as far as I can see this saga, it is a case of: he’s drunk, spills wine on her sofa, she loses the head and a row ensues but no one ends up in hospital. End of, surely?

    Her alleged shouts of "you’re selfish, spoilt, don’t care about money", if true, are hardly a blooming surprise, are they?

    Boris is an Eton educated Toff and probably does have some of those qualities but I would figure most politicians are like that. It is not just power that corrupts so does privilege and wealth.

    It is also obvious that Boris is no saint and he is not one of us but we know that don’t we?
    People don’t care and they still like him.

    My only concern is, can he deliver what we, his masters, voted for three years ago today?

    I believe he can. Especially if Farage is ‘holding him by the balls’ as I suggested in my previous column.

    It was clear from the word go to me that there was more to the Boris row story and now I’ve been proved right. It turns out that the "concerned neighbours" who recorded the private row, reported it to the police and gave the story to the Guardian, are a pair of left-wing Corbyn supporting Remainers whose ‘artistic work’ is partly funded by the EU!

    The woman in this ‘blissfully, happy, never had a row in our lives’ perfect couple is an American playwright called Eve Leigh who has been very busy destroying and deleting most of her creative output on Twitter since they gave the tape of the row to the Guardian. I wonder why?

    Her husband, Tom Penn, a writer of plays for babies, yes I don’t get that either unless they mean plays for Remainer dummy suckers, said “I felt that it was of important public interest. I believe it is reasonable for someone who is likely to become our next prime minister to be held accountable for all of their words, actions, and behaviours.”

    Maybe he has a point but in the interests of fair play it is probably also in the public interest to explain what his wife has been up to on Twitter recently.

    According to the Sunday Times, the tweets that she has been deleting included one that said Brexit was “racist” and another describing the Home Office as “lower than vermin”. Last week she also accused the Tories of “pretending to respect the memories of the Holocaust dead whilst closing borders and setting up camps”.

    It has also emerged that she bragged on Twitter that she “just gave Boris Johnson the finger.” This event happened after he said hello to her one morning whilst he was busy removing stickers and posters from Carrie’s front door and his car. These stickers said rather eloquently “F*ck Boris” and “We’d rather endure him as our neighbour than our Prime Minister.”

    The ‘blissfully happy, never had a row’, couple insist that they had nothing to do with the printing of the posters or placing them on Boris’s car and of course I believe them entirely, don’t you?

    Another neighbour is quoted as saying "that plastering posters around the neighbourhood was passive aggressive" and also said, "It’s not un-neighbourly at all".

    Oh well, that’s okay then isn’t it?

    That’s a bit like that Greenpeace woman at the Mansion House who thought she had every right to storm a meeting that she had not been invited to and then rush to the top table. She then got upset when Minister Mark Field did what any rational person would and forcibly ejected her from the room.

    She then gave interviews where she took the moral high ground and in a passive-aggressive stance said she would not be pressing charges against him and that he needed anger management lessons!

    Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt

    Well, love, none of this would have happened if you hadn’t invaded the room would it? Or am I being ‘passive aggressive’ now?

    But of course, in the right on minds of these eco-warriors the normal rules never apply to them, they always have the high moral ground. That’s why they thought it was acceptable to hold London to ransom for days with their pathetic demo a few weeks ago.

    I nearly threw red wine over my own sofa when I read that London Mayor Sadiq Khan was condemning Mark Field’s actions saying, "He should consider his position".
    Adding in full virtue signalling mode, “Violence against women is endemic in our society and this is unacceptable".

    Violence?! Violence is the young men lying on the mortuary slabs all over London, you fool.

    There was no real violence in the Mansion House and there certainly wouldn’t have been any aggression at all if she had not rushed the Top Table. What is this madness?

    Suddenly the Social Media Kangaroo court goes into meltdown and there is a massive debate about all men being violent. The BBC debate with the anti-Semite and rape apologist is forgotten and now with the Boris story the snowflakes are back on safe ground again and are pushing the same old tired agenda.

    If you dare to support Boris or Mark Field in anyway, you are then accused of being a woman beater, misogynist or even a fascist. This is mass hysteria the like of which we haven’t seen since Princess Diana died.

    But I’m sorry the facts are that the Boris saga is an invasion of his and Carrie’s privacy and a massive diversion from the real crisis facing the UK over Brexit or the inability of the Establishment to deliver Brexit.

    The Lefties were right to be concerned, even right to call the Police. However, if they were truly concerned maybe the call to the Old Bill should have come before his recording of the row? He said he needed recorded evidence, really?

    However, when the cops told them that there was nothing to worry about they were completely wrong to give the story to the Guardian including the number plates of the cop cars.

    This act just leads to my suspicion that this was all a Left-wing stitch up.

    Perhaps there has been Stasi like snooping going on for weeks and they just struck pay dirt when Boris got drunk?

    Boris was stupid to keep going to the flat if he knew how bad the leaflets and campaign were against him and his terrified girlfriend.

    Now Jeremy Hunt is spinning like crazy that Boris could be a blackmail target?!

    Do me a favour Hunt!

    Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt launches his leadership campaign for the Conservative Party in London, Monday June 10, 2019
    © REUTERS / Matt Dunham
    Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt launches his leadership campaign for the Conservative Party in London, Monday June 10, 2019

    This story is a storm in a tea cup or a large glass of red. I accept that Boris now should just come out and state, ‘yes, I had a row with the Mrs, I won’t be drinking on an empty head again but can we now get on with leaving the EU please?’

    It won’t happen of course because all politicians including Boris are scared of the toxicity of Twitter and the common purpose agenda that we are all being forced to live under by this undemocratic mob who are determined to force their world view on us all, regardless of who or what we actually vote for!

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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