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    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage gestures on an open topped bus while on the European Election campaign trail in Sunderland, England, Saturday, May 11, 2019

    Shut Up Nigel. It’s a Joke!

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    Jon Gaunt

    Nigel Farage is wrong. Nigel Farage is acting like a snowflake. Nigel Farage should “calm down dear.”

    The hysteria about Jo Brand’s joke needs to die down and be calmed down. It is not Jo Brand who should be sacked or found guilty of a “heinous hate crime” by the court of Twitter public opinion. It is the Cultural Marxist snowflakes and self-appointed Lord Chamberlains who have created this toxic atmosphere who should be in the “dock.”

    Ever since the MP, Jo Cox, was brutally murdered by the mentally unstable Thomas Mair the left, the political establishment and their lickspittle mates in the Lamestream Media have been spinning a narrative that there is a rise in far-right hate crime and that we need a thought Police to monitor jokes and comments on Twitter and Facebook. WE DO NOT.

    All we need to do is ban anonymity on Twitter so that cowards and trolls cannot hide behind their keyboards.

    People say things on Twitter which they would never say in public or to someone’s face and this is the problem. A lot of the heat and toxicity of Twitter could be removed overnight if anonymous accounts were banned.

    Free speech should be allowed but it demands that individuals should stand by their words and not hide behind silly names and no pictures. You have to ask why aren’t all Governments demanding this of Twitter? The answer is simple the hatred and vitriol on Twitter helps the Establishment’s game of divide and rule.

    People are saying that if Danny Baker was sacked by the BBC for his “joke” about the Royal baby, then the same thing should happen to Jo Brand.

    They are wrong. The point is Danny should never have been sacked for his unfunny quip on Twitter. I am on record as saying I didn’t think he was talking about race but about class. It was just a joke. A poor, ill thought out joke, but a joke.

    A joke which he took down and apologised for almost immediately. Something Brand should do too.

    Danny took personal responsibility for his “joke” and should be respected for that, unlike the keyboard warriors of all sides who spit out their hatred every day on Twitter.

    Jokes and humour have to have a sting in them. That is what comedy and satire is all about and always has been ever since the Greeks and writers like Aristophanes. (I knew that Drama degree would come in handy one day!).

    If you remove the sting in jokes and comedy we end up living in a pretty sterile society. A society where everyone is self-censoring themselves and only expressing their true feelings and thoughts behind the safety of their front door.

    This is what leads to a fractured society. When people feel they are being silenced or ignored this is where hatred is fermented and people are effectively radicalised or polarised in their political outlook.

    By complaining and calling for Jo Brand’s head people on the right are only adding fuel to the snowflakes fire and their desire to clamp down on all dissent and all free speech.

    For the record, I don’t think her joke was very funny. However, it is correct to point out that if a Brexit supporter had said this about someone like Lammy, Owen Jones or Comrade Corbyn the Twitter mob would have lynched them by now and the Biased Broadcasting Corporation would have extinguished them from our screens forever.

    As I understand it, this programme on Radio 4 is a satirical programme and is meant to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to say or joke about. So instead of complaining, I am writing to ask them when will Roy Chubby Brown, Jim Davidson, Jerry Sadowitch or even the exiled and incredibly funny Brexit supporting Lee Hurst going to be on the programme?

    The programme is recorded. So, just as in the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand controversy why didn’t the BBC lefty producers cut the joke just purely on the grounds of taste and decency as defined by the BBC’s own Programme Guidelines?

    Forget politics and politicians being the target we are living in times where Sadiq Khan and Dick of the Yard have allowed a situation where acid throwing is almost an Olympic sport in London!

    Sorry, that was a joke but you see my point? Acid attacks are horrendous and leave physical and mental scares that last forever on their victims, so it isn’t really ever a laughing matter in my opinion.

    But come on do you seriously think Jo Brand on radio 4 is really going to incite people to carry out such an attack? Grow up!

    I think it was wrong when Johnny Mercer laughed at the milkshake attacks and if anything, his tacit approval could be seen as encouragement for more idiots to follow suit, but a joke on radio 4, on a programme that, up until now, no one had ever heard of or listened too? Grow up!

    The host Victoria Coren apologised at the end of the show, so they obviously knew the joke was sensitive but they left it in the programme, why?

    I will tell you why they did that.

    It is because the joke and the target of the punchline were Nigel Farage and of course the BBC see him as the devil incarnate. This is the real scandal of this joke outrage. A publicly funded state organisation believes that it is acceptable to have jokes about attacking right wingers but would never have allowed this “joke” if the target of the sting was a lefty or one of their mates.

    The BBC is constantly painting the narrative that being Right is WRONG!

    The Right is always wrong according to their world view.

    Just look at the way they comment and report on the Leader of the Free world, Donald Trump.

    Just look at yesterday’s press conference with Boris Johnson where the BBC Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg had a face like a slapped arse when Boris put down her ridiculous question as a minestrone!

    Then, of course, the BBC’s very own, “Mini-me”, Sky News’ Beth Rigby joined in too.

    These two posh women seem to think that we actually care whether or not Boris or Gove took drugs years ago. For the record Ladies, we do not!

    What we actually care about is whether we can get a leader who will actually give us what we want and what we voted for.  Which of course is our country back.

    But of course, the lickspittles and remainers who infest the BBC and Sky News do not want that and are part of the unofficial Remain campaign and are still doing everything in their power to stop and frustrate the will of the people. In their case the very people who pay their blooming wages and allow them to operate outside the market where most of them would be lucky to scrape a living.

    Nigel Farage, by overreacting, has played right into their hands and if Jo Brand is sacked the chilling effect on free speech will only increase.

    There are already topics which people are too frightened to talk about for fear of the Twitter mob.

    All discussion on transsexuals or gender has effectively been banned.

    We live in a world where feminists like Julie Bindel and even Germaine Greer and devout Roman Catholics like Caroline Farrow have been no platformed and gagged for daring to hold biologically sound arguments about men in frocks.

    The left has also deliberately confused the debate about Islam and Islamists. We effectively have a blasphemy law back in the UK but only for one religion.

    Talking of which, why hasn’t the Muslim guy spouting homophobic nonsense and hate outside that school in Birmingham not been lifted? Could it be because “I is Muslim?” Am I allowed that observation or joke? When is the lynch mob going to break down my door?

    No one is free of this lefty snowflake fascism.

    Morrisey and John Cleese have been exiled from “polite society” for their views rather than people engaging them in real open and honest debate.

    Sadiq Khan brags about celebrating diversity and diversity being London’s major strength but not the diversity of opinion that people like Cleese and Mozzer express clearly.

    The Jo Brand saga is just another classic example of the hypocrisy of the left and the Cultural Marxists who have infected all of our national Institutions and the BBC in particular.

    It is these people who have created the Them and Us and the toxic atmosphere and climate in our society.

    If the elite had delivered the will of the people much of this would have been dissipated. However, the plain facts are, that the elite want to divide us and they are making a pretty good job of it.

    If we call for the head of Jo Brand we are falling for their tactics and delivering them the answer they want.

    So, Nigel Farage needs to shut the F up and that is not a joke!

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