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    Multiple Deadly Explosions Hit Sri Lanka on Catholic Easter (76)

    “We live on such a beautiful planet but in an ugly world.” So, wrote my daughter’s boyfriend after getting trapped in Sri Lanka during the recent terrorist atrocities.

    My daughter and her boyfriend had gone to this beautiful island after attending a wedding in India, they wanted time to chill and relax and experience another culture. Something we should all want to do because travel really does broaden your horizons and experiencing different cultures is the one thing guaranteed to make our world less ugly.

    Unfortunately, their holiday took on an entirely different experience once the mad Islamists started their carnage. They were stuck in their hotel for a few days due to the six to six curfew and obviously we as parents were very worried about their safety. They got home safe and sound and I have never been so happy as I was at Heathrow when I got to hug them both in the terminal on Saturday.

    However, our worries and concern, natural as it was, is nothing compared to the people of Sri Lanka and the victims’ families and survivors who have seen their world completely change almost in the flick of a switch. 

    A ruined holiday, as my daughter acknowledges, is nothing compared to the ruination of a country which is clearly what these Islamist fascists wanted to achieve. 

    They want to make our word even uglier and they want to stop us experiencing other people’s culture and life. They literally want to terrify us into not travelling and not mixing or experiencing other ways of life and they must not win. 

    However, I believe our Foreign Office are almost complicit in the Terrorist’s desire in the way that they have changed their travel advice after the attacks.

    At home, when these fascists strike we are told to not look back in anger, light a candle and sing Kumbaya but when it happens abroad we are told by our same government not to travel. Yes, there were security blunders in this latest atrocity but there have also been mistakes here and warnings about several of our terrorist atrocities and in fact, in the case of the Manchester Arena bomber, we even brought him back from Libya to kill innocent children.

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    The world needs to unite and really fight the fascists living in our midst and we, especially the young, must still be encouraged to travel and experience the countries of the world. 

    Let me stress I also condemn the white supremacist fascist who killed innocent Muslims in Christchurch too. His aims were exactly the same to spread division and hatred against a whole set of people and religion and to keep us separate. He is a terrorist just as the scum bombers in Sri Lanka were. 

    Both of these terrorist atrocities are evil and both are part of our ugly world and there can be no justification or excuse for the savagery, we should all condemn them. But why do I and many others feel that the reporting of these two horrific events was different in tone in the MSM and from the politicians? 

    The New Zealand Prime Minister immediately condemned the fascist and grabbed the nearest headscarf to illustrate her solidarity with the Muslim population, ordering bells to ring and the army and police to protect Mosques with armed guards. However, there didn’t seem to be as much haste to condemn the Islamist attack in Sri Lanka. The slaughter of 250 Christians was almost played down and certainly did not dominate the news for as long as the New Zealand massacre of 50 Muslims or am I wrong?

    We knew almost immediately that the New Zealand attacker was a white supremacist and the media seemed to delight in telling us, in what seemed like hours, that he had links to far right groups in the UK and Europe. 

    Good. I want to know the background and the possible reasons or motivation for any terror attack and I want any fascists linked to him to be arrested and put on trial, wherever they are. 

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    But in the Sri Lanka case the MSM broadcasters ludicrously tried to blame it on the Tamil Tigers and when that didn’t wash they moved on to suggest it could be the majority Buddhist community! Why?

    They seemed determined not to mention what was quite clearly plain to see to anyone else in our ugly world that this had all the hallmarks of a fascist Islamist atrocity. 

    Why do they do this? Are the establishment and the MSM actually being Islamophobic in suggesting that these Islamist terrorists are the same as law abiding Muslims. It is pathetic every man in every  country should be treated in the same way under the same one law surely?

    Is this an attempt to protect the rest of the Muslim community and if so it is a failed tactic because it increases religious intolerance, not decreases it. 

    It is almost as if the establishment elite fear the reprisals of the ‘mob’ more than the vicious evil fascists. 

    This would be okay if there had been many examples of revenge attacks on the same scale but there has not been. Some news outlets even gave airtime to nutjobs who suggested that Sri Lanka was revenge for Christchurch!

    Not content with refusing to ever utter the M word or the I word, most of the mainstream broadcasters also seem to be afraid to use the C word. No not that word!  I am talking about C for Christian. Even Obama and Hilary Clinton seemed unable to get that word out when commentating on this horrendous slaughter of CHRISTIANS at EASTER. Why?

    What on earth did this mealy-mouthed tweet from Obama mean, ‘The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.’

    Crooked Hilary said, ‘On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I'm praying for everyone affected by today's horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travellers in Sri Lanka.’

    It was an attack on CHRISTIANS you PC Muppets! Just as the horror of Christchurch was an attack on MUSLIMS. Tell the truth, face the facts and deal with it. You are meant to be leaders and truth tellers not social workers.

    I am sick to the back teeth of these PC double standards and double-speak, aren’t you?

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    These double standards and PC pussy footing around has to stop and stop now.

    Look, it is simple we need to call out and bring to justice any fascist terrorist regardless of race colour or alleged creed. 

    As a world we need to condemn them all. Especially now that it is clear that Islamic State, after being defeated in Syria, are intent in waking up sleeper cells to target holiday hotspots around the world. The need for transparency and a level playing field in reporting terrorism is even more urgent.

    However, here in the UK and indeed much of the EU, we have made the situation worse by allowing at least 450 battle hardened Jihadists to come back “home.”

    It is almost as if our Government are writing our own suicide note. 

    Not content with letting these traitors back they are also seriously thinking, along with leeching human rights lawyers, of granting this enemy within legal aid whilst simultaneously arresting pensioner veterans who served in Northern Ireland. 

    This is truly an ugly country in a very ugly world. 

    *Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Jon Gaunt and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    Multiple Deadly Explosions Hit Sri Lanka on Catholic Easter (76)
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