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    Nigel Farage and Donald Trump

    Is Farage Our Trump?

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    I know that it is Easter but as far as resurrections go Nigel Farage has performed an absolute miracle in making his political comeback and he now dominates British Politics.

    Nigel holds in his hands the future not only of Theresa May but the whole Conservative party and at the same time he will determine if Comrade Corbyn ever gets the keys to Number 10. And he has done all of this in about 7 days! But there is no sign of him resting yet.

    Whilst our elected MPs whooped and hollered for making sure that their Easter holidays were not interrupted and then jetted off to sun themselves, Nigel has been hard at work campaigning and organising and the people are loving it. Whilst the established parties gorged themselves on their Easter eggs Nigel has been hatching his own plans and now at the risk of mixing my metaphors, the chickens are coming home to roost!

    Since the launch of The Brexit Party he has effectively mopped up 27 percent of the Euro vote and will win that election by a country mile and most alarmingly for Theresa May he has also got 40 percent of Tory Grassroot activists supporting him too. 

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    He is also getting the financial backing of millions of ordinary Brits with verified reports that at least 2 people are joining every minute and that they are paying the full whack to join of £50. That means he has already raised an election war chest of £1.5 Million. He is truly not only Mr Brexit but also Mr Moneybags.

    Suddenly party politics has got interesting again and the Tories face not only an election wipe out but potentially the death of their entire party. 

    And who is to blame? Step forward Theresa May primarily but also the 650 odd self-serving pigs who infest the Westminster Swamp.

    Nigel Farage, whether you love him or loathe him, now truly represents the 17.4 million who voted leave and also vast swathes of remainers too, who are sickened by the antics of the Commons and Lords over the past few months and they are going to show their disgust in the local election’s and in the Euros.

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    UKIP will do brilliantly well in the local elections as people will vote for anyone but the usual suspects and of course there is no Brexit Party option but, in the Euros, I now think that UKIP will also be wiped out by the Brexit Party bandwagon as it rolls into Brussels and Strasbourg.

    Meanwhile, Tom Watson is aiding and abetting Farage’s political earthquake by now performing a political U-turn worthy of Top Gear’s Stig and declaring that Labour must back a second referendum to defeat Farage. 

    Does Watson live on the Planet Delusion? All this ridiculous, sub Alistair Campbell, call does is strengthen Nigel’s hand, as it has allowed him to accuse Watson of total hypocrisy and breaking his own promise to the electorate of not having a second referendum.

    To add insult to injury, Farage has also said that he now intends to “wholeheartedly target Labour lies and dishonesty in the weeks ahead,” just as UKIP did so successfully in 2014. 

    The Brexit Party will now target those working-class communities in the north and the Midlands that the latte drinking, Islington, PC, Labour luvvies neglected and have taken for granted for too long. And do you know what? Nigel will hoover up their votes too.

    Then what fun will we all have in Brussels and Strasbourg as the ‘awkward squad’ return in much bigger numbers? Bolstered by EU haters from Italy, Spain and many of the new EU countries ‘Junker the Drunker’ will not know what has hit him. 

    Even the MSM seem to be warming to Farage and his new party. Of course, they have a new bogeyman in Gerard Batten, after that ridiculous pantomime of a press conference where they even made Jess Phillips look sensible. I am sorry rape jokes are never funny and Carl Benjamin should have apologised and not tried to justify his foul comment. Batten has allowed this unfunny jerk to put the final nail in UKIP’s coffin.

    Farage has also performed a political miracle by drawing support from such diverse figures as George Galloway and Ann Widdecombe with rumours gathering that Ann is going to stand as a Brexit MEP candidate and if she does I am convinced the ex-Strictly celeb will waltz in to Brussels.

    Meanwhile, Theresa May is still refusing to Foxtrot Oscar and is on a walking holiday in Wales with her husband and the question has to be can she do anything to save herself or the Tories? The realistic answer is a resounding no. However, if she had any clue she would now do what I have been saying for ages and that is to stand down for a Brexit Tory to take over with Nigel Farage enlisted as an advisor with a knighthood to boot.

    However, I think she and the Tories have missed that opportunity as Farage no longer needs to be a cuckoo in their corrupt nest. 

    He now says he is back and in for the long term and I can see Tory MPs, who are bright enough, seeing the writing on the wall and starting to defect to the Brexit party.

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    Why wouldn’t members of the ERG begin to look at the Brexit Party and the question has to be how long will it be before Nigel has MPs in his new party? Remember he did this before with Mark Reckless and Douglass Carswell defecting to his UKIP from the Tories and I believe his Brexit Party is a much more attractive option to real conservatives than UKIP ever was.

    People are really angry, with not only the Brexit betrayal, but also the antics of the Establishment Elite over the past few months and Farage, just like Trump did in the States, is tapping into this and using it to his electoral advantage. 

    How ironic that, just like Trump, a man from the Establishment can actually communicate with the masses and bring about a revolution. I am not sure whether Nigel Farage can make Britain great again but I do know that on this Saint George’s Day I would rather have a patriot like him in charge of our destiny than the self-serving Establishment Elite and their EU Masters.

    Farage will win the euro elections, destroy the Tories, humiliate Labour in their heartlands and finally kill off UKIP and the self-serving pigs in the Westminster swamp only have themselves to blame for their demise.

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