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    Climate change activists attend the Extinction Rebellion protest at Oxford Circus in London, Britain April 18, 2019.

    Save the Planet But Spare Me the Lecture

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    Jon Gaunt

    I don’t know about Global Warming but I do wish that an ice cap would melt overnight and wash these scruffy middle-class eco-warrior tosspots off the streets of London.

    Either that or we should buy back Boris Johnson’s water cannons that Selfie King Sadiq Khan sold off and we should up the Police tactics and literally wash these soap dodgers off the capital’s streets.

    I am all for protest and I also believe in the right of every person to withdraw their labour and strike if they believe they are being treated harshly but what is the point of these demos?

    Has it escaped the notice of the self-styled saviours of the world that the politicians have all left Westminster, probably on a jet plane (the planet murdering bastards) and won't see or hear their middle-class whining.

    Has it escaped the notice of the "Waitrose Warriors" that to target the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in London, the buses and trains they are actually forcing people into to gas guzzling motors?

    Have you seen the clip of the middle class, privately educated (17K a year) pillock walking out of the interview on Sky News after Adam Bouton stated, "You're just a load of incompetent, middle class, self-indulgent people who want to try tell us how to live our lives?" 

    This pillock, who is called Robin Boardman-Pattison, styles himself as a YouTube Poet. He reminded me of Rik in the Young Ones, who also thought he was the working-class poet laureate. His walk out was the political version of a toddler doing the dying fly act the supermarket checkout when mummy, or in Robin's case, probably his Nanny refused to buy him any sweets.

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    This guy, despite his expensive public-school education, is as thick as mince, which he probably doesn't eat as he will believe the propaganda that rearing beef cattle are killing the planet too with their methane emissions from their cow pats.

    These eco-TWiTS say they are modelling themselves on the peaceful tactics of Gandhi. So if that is the case why don't they pop off to India and try there silly ‘tear a tissue tactics' in a country that has both a rampant population growth problem, which is fuelling emissions, and factories that resemble Lowry's paintings of the UK after the war.

    Or how about taking that pathetic pink boat that has clogged up Oxford Circus for three days and try and put it in Tiananmen square and preach to the Chinese about their contribution to Global warming?

    Look I am concerned about the future of the planet, I am always separating out my rubbish. I no longer use single use plastic and I have even got a re-usable coffee cup for when I visit one of the rip off High Street coffee shops. I also hardly ever use my car since I have discovered the joys of walking. In fact, I am so eco-friendly I should be given a Blue Peter Badge for Eco Effort!

    I am joking of course but the point I am making is that the eco and global warming story was and is gaining public support but these disruptive tactics seem to be targeting the very people who the protestors need to have on their side if they are ever going to win the argument.

    Just how does disrupting ordinary people's lives and causing an estimate £12 million-pound loss for the economy of London help?

    That cost is before we factor in the cost of the Policing operation including the sick state of seeing coppers dancing and raving with the protestors on Waterloo Bridge at night.

    Then the pompous Eco leaders have the audacity to come on the TV and declare that their actions are similar to the Suffragettes? What a load of tosh?

    Those brave women had clear aims and objectives whereas these eco- warriors have vague sixth form demands when the global warming subject is already on the worlds' political agenda.

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    Have they not heard of Al Gore or the Paris Accord?

    Here in the UK we have reduced emissions by over 50 percent since 1990. We are doing our bit but these tin pot eco-fascists are dictating how we should all live our lives.

    Make no mistake they want to ban all flights and they want to ban the eating of meat. This morning I have been watching a woman who says that they are demanding a Peoples' Assembly to discuss these demands? Have they not heard about Parliament in the UK, Congress, The Senate, The EU Parliament or even the UN? Are they seriously saying that their hobby horse is not being debated worldwide?

    BBC Radio 2 even interviewed a six and eight-year-old at the protest to hear their views! This is beyond parody surely?

    To be frank, like many I am fed up of the global warning agenda being rammed down my throat and sick to the back teeth of anyone who disagrees with so called man-made global warning being no platformed or silenced

    It also appears that I am not alone as a new poll shows that over 50 percent of Brits have had enough of these fascist tactics and want something done to stop the protests.

    So, you would expect the Mayor of London to intervene and clear these scruffy herberts off the street, wouldn't you? But there is no chance of that with Selfie loving Sadiq Khan. In fact, he has done quite the opposite and is, as he did with the Trump protest, giving these eco-fascists his tacit support.

    Khan has clearly seen an opportunity here, not just for the selfie but also to promote his own eco credentials and he also cynically knows that it is a massive diversion from the knife and gun killing epidemic that is happening on his watch on the streets of London.

    Khan should be ordering the Police to go in tough and clear these middle-class morons off the street. However, yesterday he actually said that he had a "shared passion" with Extinction Rebellion" and that he "respects fully" the right of activists to protest, and praised organisers for being "extremely cooperative with the authorities".

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    This is a green light to these morons to continue to hold the greatest capital city in the world to ransom.

    No wonder John Apter the Police Federation chairman is fuming when he says, "we don't need a politician aggravating the situation and making it worse. The likes of Sadiq Khan should be supporting the police, especially when we are having to deal with rising crime on our streets. He has a public platform, and he should be more careful."

    How is Kahn ever going to get on top of knife and gun crime if he cannot develop a backbone to even deal with these middle-class cretins?

    The protestors are even saying the Police have been very kind to them and they are even using khan's support as part of their defence when they get arrested.

    The Police need support from Khan not criticism. I personally would like to see the Coppers leaving the prats who superglue themselves to trains or the gates of Buckingham Palace where they are until they get bored or more likely have to go back to school, university or sign on, then they can free themselves.

    This disruption must not be allowed to continue for the next few weeks as the protestors are threatening, it should be ended today and if that means the Coppers need to go in heavy handed then so be it.

    Let's have a bit more Rudi Giuliani zero tolerance leadership from City Hall and a lot more Gene Hunt from ‘Life on Mars' policing rather than the softly, softly, shoot an innocent Brazilian tactic from Dick of the Yard.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik


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