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    Demonstrators carry posters and flags during a Peoples Vote anti-Brexit march in London, Saturday, March 23, 2019

    We Need an Election Now

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    The only way out of the Brexit chaos caused by Theresa May and her lousy Government is for Theresa May to go and for the Government to go to the country and give us a General Election, NOW!

    The only way out of the Brexit chaos caused by Theresa May and her lousy Government is for Theresa May to go and for the Government to go to the country and give us a General Election, NOW!

    The disconnect between the Mother of all Parliaments and the People has never been wider and is summed up by the statement of Government Minister, Matt Hancock, on the BBC today.

    The Health Secretary made me sick when he said, "the House of Commons is making sure its voice is heard, it is now very clear, even for colleagues of mine who want to go down the "No Deal" route that the House of Commons is not going to let that happen. So, the best option for those colleagues is to accept the Prime Ministers deal."

    Hancock and his ilk need to forget about the views of the 600 odd self-servers in the House of Commons and think about the 17.4 MILLION of us who voted to leave as I sense people are now getting really angry.

    I and they are not bothered about the fact that the House of Commons cannot find a majority to get us out of the EU. We remember that two-thirds of these "Dis"-honourable members never wanted to leave in the first place and most of them have done all they can to thwart the will of the people.

    It is now abundantly clear that the politicians are going to steal our Brexit and probably vote for some sort of Customs Union deal where we are out but really still in.

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    This is an affront to democracy. They are meant to be our servants, not our Masters.

    This could lead to massive protests on the streets starting on Friday, March 29 and our own Yellowjacket movement as people are fed up to the back teeth with the lies and the deceit of those we have elected to serve us.

    I am sick to death of MP's and the propaganda machines of the BBC and Sky News telling us that "No Deal" has been taken off the table. It has not been in any legal sense at all.

    Most of the self-servers voted for Article 50 and the fact remains that on March 29 it is enshrined in law that if we do not have a deal we walk away as Mrs May herself said "No deal is better than a bad deal".

    So, can we drop all this nonsense about indicative votes and parliament taking back control? We the people were given control by Cameron when he told us that this was our decision, a once in a lifetime decision and that the Government would act on the decision of the British people.

    Why are the mainstream media not pursuing this line at all? Why are they not holding to account our servants and demanding that they listen to the people?

    It is almost ten years to the day that the MP expenses scandal hit the headlines but it appears that the MSM are now acting with more deference to the self-serving trolls of Westminster than ever.

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    I have always said that the relationship between the press and politicians should be that of a dog and a lamppost. It is the fourth estate's job to be outside the glasshouse lobbing bricks in and breaking windows not to be inside cosying up or sleeping with the "enemy".

    We voted to leave because we wanted to take back control from the EU Mafia mob but did we really vote for these Pantomime Dames of Parliament to take control and go against the will of the people who voted in what was described as the biggest democratic exercise in our Nation's history.

    I say no we did not and that is why I believe the only way out of this impasse is a general election even if that means it opens the door to the possibility of Corbyn and his Marxist cronies getting into power.

    MP's on all sides, of course, do not want an election as many fear the backlash they are going to receive from their constituents as I truly believe people will show their displeasure at the ballot box of the people who have betrayed them. And make no mistake this is a betrayal of the people by the Establishment Elite, aided and abetted by their mates in the controlled media. They are literally and metaphorically in bed with the politicians and just like the expenses scandal they think they can get away with it.

    The media are even spinning this false petition and the fact that 5 million have signed it as evidence that the mood in the country is changing and people no longer want to leave. It is garbage as the people who have signed are from exactly the areas that voted to remain in the real referendum plus of course there are multiple entries with people like Saddam Hussain and Elvis Pressley even voting. I know there was a song about Elvis working in a chip shop but I don't think the King of rock and roll ever had or will have, a view on leaving the EU.

    Then the MSM, desperately clutching at straws, have tried to suggest that over a million people marched last Saturday in London. This figure comes from the organisers, not the Police but is now used as evidence that the mood of the country has changed and we want to remain in the EU.

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    Do the media think that we are stupid? I am afraid the answer is yes, they do and they treat us with the same utter contempt that Politicians do and that is why you never hear real genuine people on the MSM. Now and again one manages to sneak through and upsets the panellists and audience on Question Time by talking plain common sense and then the MSM do their level best to dig dirt on this member of the public to denigrate their opinion. It makes me sick.  Of course in Gordon Brown's case he gets caught calling a Labour supporting old lady a bigot!

    So that's why I want an election I want the common people to have a voice and I know many like me are completely disillusioned and are saying we will not vote but I am afraid you and I will have to if we want to deliver a bloody nose to those who have betrayed us.

    I would urge you to vote not on tribal loyalties but on the basis of how your "servant" has acted during the great EU Brexit betrayal.

    I hope Nigel Farage does launch his Brexit Party not because he has a hope in hell of getting many candidates elected due to our outdated first past the post system but because it will send a clear message to the self-serving trolls of Westminster.

    We must make our voice heard at the ballot box and on the streets starting with the Brexit demo on Friday, March 29th.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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