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    British Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech during her visit in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Britain March 8, 2019.

    No More National Humiliation

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    Jon Gaunt

    When I was a bad lad at school the teacher would send me to see the Headmaster. I always knew that this was shorthand for me getting six whacks of the cane on my lardy ass. However, the actual pain of the punishment was nothing compared to the humiliation of having to sit outside his office waiting for him to bellow and let me in.

    Everyone from pupils through teachers and school visitors knew why I was sitting there.

    So, I have a little bit of sympathy for Theresa May, at the age of 62, being treated by the EU Mafia like a naughty girl who was told to eat her meal last night in a windowless room whilst they discussed our great Nation's future.

    Just like me, when I was 14, they kept her waiting for hours to rub home the fact that they are in complete and utter control of her and our destiny. Or so they think!

    After hours of deliberations, discussion and in Juncker's case drinking they declared that they would give us an extension on Brexit until May 22 if the Commons backed her plan, if not then we have to leave on April 12.

    We are meant to be grateful for this as we hand over our £39 BILLION!

    What a joke! Could you imagine Donald Trump, Maggie Thatcher or any real leader with a backbone allowing themselves and their nation to be treated like a naughty schoolboy?

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    What makes it worse is the fact the EU leaders, just like me, now think she is deluded, completely deluded. Led by a man, Macron, whose own country is literally and metaphorically on fire at the moment they have the temerity to hold our Nation to ransom.

    Macron is quoted as saying he only believes there is a five percent chance of May's deal getting through the Commons. It is clear they are hoping and praying that our lickspittle MP's decide to revoke article 50 and betray the British people and stay in the EU.

    I notice that all of these People's Vote fools, including Lord Adonis, are now showing their true colours and are calling for Article 50 to be revoked. Of course, they are associating this pathetic petition of 3 million signatures from all around the globe as evidence that we should call the whole thing off. Do the math, 3 million versus 17.4 million!

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    However, anyone with half a brain can see that the EU is actually petrified of us just walking away. Rumours coming out of the meeting suggest that EU leaders thought that May was willing to walk away next week without a deal and that is what finally allowed them the wiggle space to offer this nonsense extension. Make no mistake an extension is a shorthand for never leaving.

    Of course, this is what we should do as that was always the point of Article 50. If a deal was not reached by March 29 we walk away on WTO terms. The British public understood this largely because of Theresa May's mantra, of "no deal is better than a bad deal."

    Everyone knows there is absolutely no chance of Theresa May's deal being passed by April 12. Especially after she managed to insult the snowflakes of all parties with her speech blaming them for the impasse a couple of nights ago. The claims that this could endanger MP's lives, of course, was stupid but stupid seems to be the default position of most inhabitants of the Westminster swamp at the moment.

    So, her lousy deal is going to fail and at that point like a boxer who has made one, or in her case three, too many comebacks she must throw in the towel and resign. There are lots of stories that her trainers and support crew in the shape of the chair of the 1922 committee, Graham Brady, have told her to retire. To mix my sporting metaphors she has lost the dressing room and she hasn't even got the dreaded Chairman's vote of confidence.

    Bizarrely though the controlled media and broadcasters are still acting as if May might get her deal through rather than focusing on the fact that she must go and we as a Nation must walk away.

    We have suffered enough humiliation at the hands of the EU and we must now restore our National pride. We are a nation that liberated mainland Europe twice and now they have the temerity to hold us to ransom?! Media lickspittles keep saying we should not bring up the war as if it is almost racist to do so. Well, I and many others do not think it is as we believe this is a historical fact.

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    As of this moment, we are still a member of the EU but today in another body blow to the UK they have forbidden her to take part in the last day of the present EU summit and Theresa is flying back home to try and flog her terrible deal. Just when is this pantomime going to finish?

    Well, maybe next Friday on what should be Brexit day, March 29th when Nigel Farage' s march arrives at Westminster. I am hearing that thousands will be there and many will be sending a signal to the Establishment that they mean business by wearing yellow jackets.

    Meanwhile, the media are talking about the EU "doing as much as they could to help Theresa May and the UK"! I am reminded of the quote from the man who wrote Gulliver's Travels the satirist, Jonathan Swift who said, "It is the folly of too many, to mistake the echo of a London coffee-house for the voice of the kingdom." The Conduct of the Allies (1711).

    Public opinion is hardening towards us leaving on a NO Deal. Poll after poll proves this and despite the constant propaganda from the MSM they know the People are being betrayed. We were promised over 100 times by Theresa May that no deal was better than a bad deal and over 460 MP's voted for us exiting on March 29th if a deal was not in place.

    The swamp has betrayed the British people and the people will have their say in no uncertain way if this continues.

    If the Conservative party wish to survive and indeed if we are to restore real democracy Theresa May must be forced to stand down as soon as she loses next week and a Brexiteer like Boris must be installed. We then need to stop all negotiation with the EU and walk away. Walk away to freedom and to restoring our National pride.

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