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    In this June 28, 2014 file photo veiled women attend a speech by preacher Pierre Vogel, in Offenbach, near Frankfurt, Germany. A law that forbids any kind of full-face covering, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa, has come into force in Austria Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. Only a small number of Muslim women in Austria wear full-face veils, but they have become a target for right-wing groups and political parties. France and Belgium have similar laws and the nationalist Alternative for Germany party is calling for a burqa ban there too

    Diane Abbott is WRONG Again!

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    As a father of two, I believe the death of any baby or child is a tragedy. However, the death of Shamima Begum's baby son is nothing to do with the UK, me or you.

    I couldn't believe Diane Abbott's tweet this weekend blaming the British government and the UK people for the death of this Jihadi Bride's baby son, "It is against international law to make someone stateless, and now an innocent child has died as a result of a British woman being stripped of her citizenship. This is callous and inhumane."

    I would humbly suggest that the expression "callous and inhumane" is more apt for someone who joined Daesh and has not regretted it or shown any remorse and indeed was not even moved by seeing severed heads!

    At the risk of upsetting Diane and the stupid snowflakes who came out to support her let me be frank, I and millions of others believe Shamima was using the baby as her passport to get back into the UK.

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    The baby was essentially a prop and before we even consider letting this traitor back in I want to see concrete proof and a trustworthy timeline to prove she has had the three children she claims. Let's have these answers first, as this is a woman who clearly still believes in the aims of Daesh.

    Over the weekend, I could not believe the sympathy that was poured out for this terrorist. Labour MPs and the liberal media, particularly Sky News and the BBC were desperately trying to pull at our heartstrings and in the same breath "string up" Sajid Javid for refusing her entry. Just imagine the Twitter mob if our present Home Secretary was not a Muslim himself there would have been demos on the street and calls for his head.

    These snowflakes and SJW's led by Abbott talk about Begum as if she is the victim when she was actually a volunteer recruit to a murderous cult whose real victims were women and children like the Yazidis.

    I also love the way that some of the liberals and Human Rights Brigade have accused Javid of playing up to the right-wing press! The facts are though that for once a major politician was actually listening to and doing what the majority of Brits wanted, which is being tough on terror.

    Yesterday Abbott proved she lived in the Westminster swamp by implying, during a vicious and slightly unhinged attack on Sajid Javid in the Commons, that the majority of the UK public were with her in blaming Javid for the baby's death. This is wholly untrue.

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    Meanwhile her dad, presently living thousands of miles away in Bangladesh is weeping and wailing, in Bengali, and asking us to reconsider our decision on stripping her of her passport.

    Now her lawyer, (just who is paying him by the way) Tasnime Akunjee, says "Following the tragic and entirely avoidable death of Shamima Begum's son, we have written to the Home Secretary requesting that he reconsider his original decision to strip Ms Begum of her British citizenship.

    How on earth was the death of her son "entirely avoidable"? Did the British Government impregnate her? No, a filthy terrorist did in their beloved caliphate.

    How does this lawyer even know if the death could have been avoided when earlier in the letter to Sajid he asks for help for the family to contact her?

    I am sorry, the responsibility for the death and indeed the birth of this child lies wholly with Shamima, her terrorist husband and, dare I say it, her family including the weeping Dad who should have been around in London more and stopped her from running away in the first place.

    Now Shamima is begging for mercy from the UK Government and us the people!

    You literally could not make this narrative up!

    I say no mercy for this traitor but there are many people in the Lamestream media who believe we should grant her this!

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    Maybe these fools should answer this question, how much mercy did these savages show when they forced hostages to make filmed confessions just before they were decapitated. Or what about the numerous stories that these so-called Jihadi brides watched and witnessed as their savage husbands raped women. 

    Perhaps Shamima was too busy knocking out the kids or just washing up and cooking to see any of this?

    The old chestnut from the liberal press and various charities were also rolled out that she was groomed just like those poor girls who were the victims of the Pakistan rape gangs in our UK cities. What utter tripe and what an insult to brave women like Sammy Woodhouse.

    How do these liberal commentators sleep at night pushing out this anti-British propaganda?

    I and millions of others in the UK are not buying this nonsense and we have no sympathy for her. In my eyes, she is a terrorist and a traitor and the sooner the MSM move on and talk about something else the better.

    So, Diane and the rest of the liberal hand wringers spare me the horsehair shirt and the whip as I feel no guilt for the death of this child.  

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    For once, I believe Sajid Javid has done the right thing and he must resist all pressure to change his mind and instead concentrate his efforts on creating a modern-day treason law. This law should state clearly that as soon as you go up the steps of that aeroplane to fight or support an enemy of the UK you lose all rights to our passport.

    As for Shamima, she can rot in the hell of her own making.

    As for Diane Abbott let's just hope and pray the UK public are not so stupid to elect her and her terrorist loving leader into seats of power because if they do the floodgates to terror will really be wide open.

    The views and opinions expressed by the contributor in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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