16:55 GMT19 October 2020
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    Theresa May’s Number 10 team really inspire confidence, don’t they? On Monday the PM was on a PR jaunt to Salisbury and to illustrate the point the TWiTS in Downing Street tweeted a picture out of Salisbury only unfortunately for the Brexit Betrayer the picture was actually of the city of Bath?

    Theresa May said the mistake was "human error." The only surprise was that she didn’t name Russia as the culprits. No doubt those Ruskies were too busy covering their tracks after winning the EU referendum and getting Trump elected. Or were they busy eating our babies?

    Even the two alleged and unconvincing Russian spies knew where Salisbury! 

    We shouldn’t be surprised. This bunch of Downing Street buffoons couldn’t organise a “drink up in a brewery” and this latest gaffe is only the latest ridiculous twist in the literally unbelievable plot of the Skripal saga.

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    We are still as much in the dark over what really happened in Salisbury as we were a year ago, despite whole forests being chopped down to print the Government’s silly narrative.

    Now just before you reach for the mobile to call me a TWiT on twitter let’s just make one thing clear, I don’t know who tried to kill the Skripals but unlike our Government I am not willing to say it was Putin and the Kremlin without the evidence and neither should you be as I believe we are all being played.

    It has emerged this weekend that the Chief Constable of Wiltshire didn’t even know that the double agent was living in Salisbury in a house that you and I, the British taxpayer, paid for! As Kier Prichard explained to Sky News, "I had no prior knowledge at all, this is a governmental issue, in terms of where former spies would be housed. Why would I know? No. I had no previous knowledge at all." A classic case of “Move along now, nothing to see here”

    This is a joke. Of course, the Top Cop should know if a man like this is living in his patch. If he had known the response by the emergency services might have been better and the advice to the residents of Salisbury more effective than just wash your clothes 8 days after the alleged attack and use wet wipes to clean your specs! The coppers on the scene only found out who Sergei was by googling his name!

    By this time of course people were already exposed to the “deadly nerve agent,” Novichok and this is where for me the Government narrative starts to unravel.

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    We all know that the copper who visited their house, Nick Bailey, fell ill.  Thankfully he appears to have made a full and miraculous recovery. In fact, according the Chief Constable he is now training for a marathon.

    My question though is how come the cops without the yellow haz suits on, who stood guard outside the house for weeks, didn’t fall ill?  Or the doctors at the hospital who treated the Skripals for days before they knew it was Novichok?

    Then of course there were all the stories about the deadly nerve agent being in the car’s air conditioning, the suitcase or even in the porridge that Yulia brought in from Moscow. 

    The narrative the Government began to spin and that the MS slavishly reported without question began to resemble a plot for the TV show, Death in Paradise on acid.

    Then of course Boris famously told us that the boffins at Porton Down has told him the deadly nerve gas was from “Russia with hate”! 

    This was later seemingly contradicted by the top man at the top secret Porton Down weapons centre in an interview on TV where he resembled a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

    This weekend the papers and the MSM broadcasters were full of the sterling work the army has done in decontaminating the town and the Skripal house, even removing the roof? 

    However, none of Her Majesty’s gutter press seemed to ask why did the roof have to come off if the poison was on the outside of the door? How did it get into the roof? 

    Also, I seem to recollect that we the British taxpayer bought and compensated Skripal and the copper for taking the houses off them? 

    Then, curiouser and curiouser, is the fact that several police cars have been buried in landfill sites, how did they get so contaminated if it was on the door handle and the cops standing guard aren’t in intensive care? 

    Then we had the re-emergence of Yulia looking like she was in a seventies shampoo advert but we still have not seen the double-crossing double agent Sergei. 

    Oh, I nearly forgot we also has the Russian Auntie story and the press release from Yulia that  mother tongue Russians said didn’t sound anything like it was written by a Russian speaking person.

    Since then we have not seen father and daughter and there was some sob story in the tabloids over the weekend that Sergei can’t even visit the grave of his son due to safety concerns.

    Of course, the biggest question has to be how the two alleged assassins managed to get up the cul-de-sac with the poison perfume bottle and put it on Skripal door handles without anyone seeing them and without them exposing themselves to the deadly nerve gas. None of the newspapers seem to know the answer to this or even be bothered to investigate it.

    Then the story gets even more far-fetched as 4 months later Charlie Rowley finds the perfume poison bottle, which he says in an interview is in a sealed box, which he gives to his tragic girlfriend, Dawn Sturges, who sprays it on her arms and tragically dies. 

    Then we get to see a TV interview on RT with the two spies/assassins who look like the Russian version of the “not so Chuckle Brothers”. Their story is about as convincing as the narrative the UK government has been spinning for the past 12 months and no one, not even the Russians and indeed the pair themselves seem to believe or be convinced by their story of their visit to the town and the famous spire.

    Just on that issue, if the deadly Novichok was also all over their grubby hotel room in London how come the Army hasn’t taken the roof off that flea pit?

    Now according to the top cop, who didn’t even know that a double-crossing double agent was living in the town, tells us that he cannot rule out there might be another unopened “perfume bottle” still kicking around in the town and no one should pick it up. 

    Meanwhile Theresa May tells us everyone is safe in Salisbury and gives the town a load of our dosh to help with PR.

    I don’t want to be rude but god help us if the country were really under attack we wouldn’t stand a chance with this combination of the Keystone Cops and Dads army in charge, “Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring!”

    On Monday Doctor Gabriel Scully, a former director for Public Health England in the south west, and honorary professor of public health at the University of Bristol, said it was apparent something was "gravely wrong" from day one, when officers in Hazmat suits were seen near the bench where the Skripals were found in Salisbury.

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    But it was not until 8 days later that the public were told to wash their clothes and use baby wipes to clean their specs,

    Mr Scally argued this advice came too late to be of any use and was "bizarre". Doctor, the whole story is bloody bizarre!

    He continues, "That advice was given far too late and was not competent."

    He is not alone in his criticism as the former chief medical Officer for the UK Sir Liam Donaldson voiced similar concerns in the actual week of the attack.

    Why aren’t esteemed members of the MSM investigating these anomalies or wondering  about the proximity of Porton Down to the Skripal house? 

    Why is no one seriously looking at the role of the man who was Skripal’s handler, referred to only as Pablo and the subject of modern day D notices?

    There have been allegations that Sergei was still working for our government and could be connected to the dirty dossier on Trump and those outrageous and filthy lies about prostitutes and the President in Moscow.

    BBC Newsnight reporter, Mark Urban who was in the same army regiment as “Pablo” kept quiet for months, whilst reporting on the incident, that he actually knew Sergai and was writing a book about him. Why is no one asking why?

    Why are those of us who dare just to pose a few questions about the government narrative immediately shouted down as modern-day Lord Haw Haws and conspiracy nutjobs? 

    It would appear to a cynic like me, that the Government and the Lamestream media have written the narrative and no matter how many holes and inconsistencies appear in it they’re sticking to their plot and no one is willing to fall in to the rabbit hole and take a different perspective. 

    Curiouser and curiouser indeed.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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