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    Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage gestures during an interview with The Associated Press in London, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016.

    Proud to be an Alien Cannibal

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    The fact that 35 thousand people signed up for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party in the first 48 hours should be a clear warning to the Establishment that the times are changing. This is the first clear signal that the people are determined to get even if not angry.

    If the allegations by Tommy Robinson are found to be accurate that the BBC flagship documentary series, Panorama, was attempting to stich him up and smear him with a programme called Taking Down Tommy, then that anger will grow, even amongst people who do not completely support him.

    The video of his attack on the Panorama Producers has already had well over a million views!

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    I already find Tommy's allegations, caught on an undercover camera, that veteran BBC reporter John Sweeney described working class people as "cannibals from Amazonia" "or creatures from outer space" absolutely disgusting. If he aimed such venom at any other group in society he would be up on a charge.

    However, it might be worrying but it is not surprising as I believe the Establishment have held these views of the working class for decades.

    This is why UKIP got 4 million votes when they targeted Labour's working-class heartlands in the north and why Farage's Brexit party could score again. Labour were and are completely out of touch with the people they should represent, whilst let's face it the Tories, with their own goal on Universal credit, are on another planet.

    What Sweeney's alleged comments illustrate is just how far the BBC and the rest of the establishment are from the people.

    The reason that I and probably millions of others do not find Sweeney's filthy alleged comments surprising is because we have seen the incredible Common Purpose/Cultural Marxism agenda bias of the BBC grow and grow.

    Just watch Question Time or any other BBC discussion show and see how the audience is weighted towards the "Common Purpose", social liberal agenda. Only now and again, like the Scottish bloke a week or so ago does an audience member get the chance to grab the mic and put another view forward, or should I say the view of the decent silent majority?

    I know from appearing on these BBC programmes that there is a sneering attitude to anyone who is seen as not holding the BBC view of the world. You are extensively pre- interviewed by some young researcher and then almost treated as the monkey in the cage and expected to perform on order but shut up when they don't like your answers.

    Or let's look at the BBC coverage of any protest that supports Brexit compared to the marches of Owen Jones and his Antifa or Hope Not Hate mob, the extent and breadth of the coverage between the two is amazing or perhaps completely obvious!

    Talking of Hope not Hate allegedly they were involved in the filming of this Panorama programme, even sitting in on interviews. How can that be right if the BBC are meant to be impartial?

    Of course, Hope not Hate have been funded by George Soros who this morning is saying that, "Europe is sleepwalking into oblivion, and the people of Europe need to wake up before it is too late."

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    Wrong George, we the people, the "Cannibals, the space aliens" are waking up George but our leaders are not.

    We are waking up to your agenda mate and we do not like what we see George. We do not like it one bit!

    George thinks that, "In the United Kingdom an antiquated party structure prevents the popular will from finding proper expression"

    No George, wrong again mate, the party structure and the BBC and Globalists like you and Obama are trying to suppress the popular will of the British people. Remember it was you who ploughed £700 thousand into Best for Britain, which wants MPs to vote down Theresa May's deal and stop Brexit. It is allegedly you who funds Useful Idiots like Femi. You who funds the Democrats in the USA and allegedly the caravans of people trying to illegally break in to the States.

    We don't need to even start on the wider conspiracy allegations to see that you and your acolytes are the ones trying to manage the UK and Global agenda.

    I agree with former Conservative Cabinet Minister, Owen Paterson who has accused you George Soros of a "disgusting" intervention to undermine our popular democratic vote on Brexit.

    George in his interview displays the same arrogance as the BBC, the globalists and of course John Sweeney when he concludes that Brexit "is so complicated that most Britons just want to get it over with, although it will be the defining event for the country for decades to come."

    In other words, we "Amazonian Cannibals and space aliens" are just too thick to come to the same conclusion as George and his Globalist mates.

    But George, Sweeney and the BBC you are all wrong because we "aliens and Cannibals" all around the Globe are waking up and seeing through your agenda.

    That is why Trump got elected, that is why we voted for Brexit, that is why Italy is in uproar France on fire, and other EU states like Hungary, Poland and the like are refusing to bow to the EU edicts on open borders and immigrants.

    "The aliens, the Cannibals", the people are already waking up to the fact that the BBC and other broadcasters are part of this agenda with their constant biased agenda and when we are finally betrayed by May and the rest of the swamp in Westminster I believe the people, the "aliens, the cannibals" will dish out the necessary revenge.

     I, for one am proud to be an Alien cannibal, are you?

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