12:03 GMT16 June 2021
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    If you ever wanted proof that the snowflakes have taken over the UK look no further than the pathetic response of people to a little bit of real snow falling on the country and the Brexit result.

    The spiritual home of the snowflake generation, BBC Radio Five, appears to be wall to wall phone in conversations with idiots who are trapped in the snow or pompous self-righteous “tools” who have their tools and emergency kits in their car boot. They are all talking but saying absolutely nothing.

    Look I can concede there’s been a fair bit of snow dropped on Cornwall and some people are trapped on Bodmin Moor or in Jamaica Inn (I can think of worse places to be trapped!) but perhaps they should have heeded the incessant weather warnings particularly on the BBC and not gone on the A30?

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    The Daily Mail reports that Dominic Burton, 20, was among the stranded and he said: “It's like doomsday here, like a zombie movie.” 

    Sorry, Dominic but can you spell hyperbole love?  It is just a bit of snow and you will be home soon in the comfort of your mum’s warm embrace. It is hardly Siberia, is it? Or the USA or Canada. Get a life Dominic please and get out of mine.

    Ever since Michael Fish got the hurricane wrong back in 1987 the forecasters have taken it upon themselves never to get caught again. Now we have pollen warnings, sun index ratings and during Ramadan, they tell us when the sun rises and goes down. Next, the BBC will be telling us how many sheets of toilet paper to use and to make sure we always have a clean pair of underpants on in case we get run over, did your mum use to say that to you too? It is all ridiculous and a quick message to the snowflakes, it is called WEATHER!

    I love the way we were woke up to be told temperatures hit minus 15 last night in the UK! But buried deep in the slush of the story they tell us that this was only in deepest darkest Scotland and up there they are prepared for it.

    I lived in Edinburgh for a couple of years and was warned that come October I would need Long Johns in the winter. As a soft southerner, I laughed but come October there I was dressed like a cowboy under my suit and desperately learning how to get them undone if I needed the loo!

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    Okay so a few airports are closed and a few trains cancelled so if that is the case and you don’t want to go to work then, hey, just don’t go! Have a day off, play with the kids in the garden, build a snowman but please shut the you-know-what up about it. 

    Judging by the TV pictures most people have decided to have a day off, good it will do you good. Let’s face it schools close at the merest hint of snow whereas back in the day even the boiler blowing up didn’t stop us having to go to school. 

    But in the bigger picture it doesn’t hurt us all just to stop for a minute, does it? As a side note wasn’t life better when Sunday was a day of rest and the shops were closed? 

    However, the MSM and the controlled media love the white stuff, I’m talking about the snow, not coke! It gives Kay Burley the chance to dust down her Ugg boots and report from some village that may or may not be cut off …… in a few days! It allows them to stop talking for a minute or to start really analysing what is truly happening with this Brexit betrayal.

    Focusing in on some "poor commuter" who cannot get to work is much less challenging than grappling with the real news that is killing us in this country. 

    Like the fact that there was still many sleeping rough last night in the UK in the fifth largest economy in the world, you know the country that still gives and ring fences foreign aid to countries with space programmes. There has been a 165% rise in rough sleepers since 2010 and we call ourselves civilised? Or the fact that the majority of Brits want Foreign Aid cut not bloody ringfenced.

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    No doubt gurning, lop-sided, grinning, "Theresa the Appeaser" will make an address in her kitten heel Hunter wellingtons outside Downing Street soon to tell us Her Majesty’s Government is on top of the snow problem. So that will reassure us, won’t it? She has a way to deal with it and it’s her way or the Highway…or not if it is blocked!

    At the risk of being called "Gammon", the latest insult to be fired at anyone over 45, God help us if this country ever faced a real conflict or emergency again. There is now a whole class of politically correct selfish mostly young snowflakes who would be too busy emoting and tweeting foul insults to actually do something to solve the crisis or face down the enemy.

    This is the real divide in the UK that Brexit has exposed.  

    Young lefty kids who think anyone over 45 is ancient and probably a knuckle-dragging racist.

    It was beautifully illustrated last night on Twitter when Pound shop Owen Jones wannabee Femi Oluwoe (@femi_sorry) posted the following tweet:

    "Can people in their 60s stop saying "We'll just take the hit" on Brexit. YOU WON'T BE THE ONES TAKING THE HIT. Your careers are either already established or finished. Some of us are trying to get started. Some of us will have to support families in Brexit economy!" 

    You may not know who Femi is, well from what I have gathered he is an unemployed law graduate who is constantly outside the commons protesting about the fact that people voted for Brexit. He is the guy who wears a t-shirt in all weathers and is quite obviously a media wannabee, who of course is now becoming the darling of the controlled media when they want to get an “ethnic voice of young people” on the tele. 

    Good luck to him but the implied insult in his tweet is outrageous as he is suggesting that we voted to make his life worse. 

    Not quite Femi!  I voted for us to become a sovereign nation to make things better for the next generation, Femi, including my daughters who are as educated if not better educated than you and are making a career for themselves rather than a media name. 

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    The implication just like the term "Gammon" is clearly aimed at suggesting all Brexiteers over a certain age are self-centred racists. 

    This kind of slur is outrageous and would not be tolerated against any other identifiable group in UK society but it is acceptable to insult the “Gammon” in such a way. In fact, the media lap it up, probably because it matches their own views of our patriotic generation. 

    Well just for the record young Femi it was our generation and the ones before us who rebuilt this country after the war and made it the great nation it is today. It was our generation who paved the way and fought for women’s rights, Gay rights, fought racism and attempted to create a fair and equal society for all. We did our best.

    So, Femi and all the other snowflakes who slag us off go and pick up a history book and learn our history and once you’ve done that go and clear your elderly neighbour’s path you ungrateful big mouthed twits!

    Views and opinions, expressed in the article are those of the columnist and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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