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    Demonstrators hold placards and flags at the Brexit Betrayal Rally, a pro-Brexit rally, outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Sunday Dec. 9, 2018

    We Are All Doomed?

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    Jon Gaunt

    Today, MP’s don’t need to worry about which of the 10 amendments to vote for in the Brexit pantomime. The only real decision they have to make is between, are they going to vote with the people who they are meant to represent or are they going to vote against the people who put them in the House of Commons.

    Let's be clear, we have spoken and they should have delivered by now.

    Meanwhile Operation Fear has been ranked up to Operation Hysteria with the MSM screaming this morning that if we have a "no deal" there will be no food on the supermarket shelves!

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    None of these media lickspittles have stopped, even for a nanosecond, to examine the fact that this hysterical claim is being made by the British retail federation who in my humble opinion would say this wouldn't they?

    The Daily Mirror screams ‘NO deal NO meal". It is farcical.

    I don't want to invoke the spirit of the second World War but I will. This is the nation that survived the war and rationing. We survived then, whilst we liberated Europe, and I am sure we will survive again and I can also remember a time when we didn't have lettuce and tasteless tomatoes in the winter can you? Could I humbly suggest life, public health and obesity was even better when we only ate what was in season?

    So, whilst I am invoking these hazy memories of what Britain was when it was an independent sovereign nation can I also remind you of the famous words of Windsor Davies and give this warning to the MSM and Labour "Shut up! Or how about Corporal Jones in Dad's Army, "Don't panic."

    But to be serious for a moment, I just wish Sky News and the BBC would drop the wall to wall coverage of Brexit as it is boring the pants off me and most people in the country.

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    Let's be clear we had the biggest democratic exercise in our history and the majority voted out and we should be out now, in fact we should have been out 2 years ago.

    Why are the MSM conspiring with the political elite to drag this pantomime on? Where is the cynicism towards the political class from the fourth estate? It is almost non-existent. I have always been of the opinion that the relationship between real journalists and the political class should be that of a dog and a lamppost!

    Increasingly the Brexit balls up is being seen by the public as a convenient distraction from the real issues that people are concerned about. These are immigration, both legal and illegal, the NHS, education, crime, especially violent crime which is on the rampage, employment and political correctness. People are rightly worried when a bloke gets a visit from Plod for just liking a poor poem on Twitter against transgenderism.

    People also want the scandal of the world's fifth largest economy having hundreds of thousands of people sleeping in the streets sorted out before we let in hordes of other people.

    May I humbly also suggest that these were the very issues that drove people to vote for Brexit.

    This is also why we do not need the Queen dragged into this political quagmire. The MSM and the politicians want us to believe that she is telling us all to come together. I am afraid I interpret her "intervention" as a warning to the Political class to listen to the people.

    Her Majesty knows that the people did come together and the people voted out. It is only the dummy sucking, sore losers who constantly bleat about democracy and free speech who don't like it when they lose. They are the ones causing unrest. In the immortal words of Corporal Jones, "They don't like it up em!"

    These Remainers are a part of a new class within Britain that no one has ever voted for who think they have a god given right to rule us.

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    They are often failed politicians who jump on the EU gravy train for a life of massive pensions and influence, the Kinnock family, Mandelson or in Clegg's case the Facebook train.

    They represent a type of person who believe that they are morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us and despite who you vote for these people always get in.

    Let's, for ease of reference, call them the cultural Marxists or Common Purpose graduates and they have infested every aspect of public life.

    That's why real free speech is being suppressed, especially if the view is right of centre and by the way I am not talking about extremists or racists.

    This is why the Police top brass appear to be more concerned with the Human rights of the criminals and thugs than the victims.

    It is why we have ridiculously soft sentences for paedophiles like 18-year-old Sophie Adams who only got 7 years for sexually assaulting babies and toddlers and photographing her vile abusive acts.

    It is why politically correct social workers, police and even MP's and Councillors turned a blind eye for over 40 years to the Pakistani rape gangs across the country

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    It is why we allow the enemy to live amongst us and why we accept Jihadists back into the UK rather than letting them swing in Syria.

    It is why whining social justice warriors are allowed to constantly slag off our history or attempt to rewrite it rather than explain it.

    It is why you can only get a job in the mainstream media and particularly the BBC if you have a soft left view of the world. It is also exactly the reason why the BBC is institutionally biased to the left.

    It is why our armed forces have to fight with one politically correct arm up their back and why ex-soldiers are being hunted down for war crimes even though IRA murderers are walking free on the streets and their political sympathisers are wanting to run the country.

    People wanted a stop to all of this nonsense and they thought that voting to become a sovereign nation again would deliver that. However, it is now abundantly clear that our so-called Leaders, the EU Mafia and their Globalist mates are determined not to deliver it.

    The most ridiculous thing about this whole farce is that whichever way they vote on whichever amendment the facts remain that Theresa May is doomed.

    Let's hope though, in the immortal words of Dad's Army's Sergeant Fraser, that after all this dithering and nonsense this doesn't turn into "we're all doomed".

    We want our Country back.

    Views and opinions, expressed in the article are those of the columnist and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik


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