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    Nigel Farage

    Go Farage, Go!

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    Nigel Farage is back and I for one am pretty pleased that he is returning to front line politics with a new political party, The Brexit Party. This will be our Brexit bonus.

    The Political Elite have proved that they are completely out of touch with us, the people, and now whatever way this pantomime ends one thing is for sure the swamp will have to be drained and drained thoroughly.

    I have lost count of the people who have told me they feel politically homeless and do not know who to vote for and even more saying they will never vote again.

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    There is a massive sense that the establishment elite is not listening and are going to betray us. It is clear that they are determined for us not to leave. Please ignore the comings and goings at Number 10, the bottom line is they are going extend the Brexit deal until at least July in a vain attempt to keep us in the EU.

    This is not what the people want and by God are the Westminster bubble going to realise this very, very soon. However, we don’t want riots on the street but we do need a political party to force change and let me tell you we are not going to get it with the Tories or Labour.

    So, let's welcome Nigel Farage's initiative. We need a party that will truly represent us, the masses, and I think if he gets this right this could be the start of something really big but he needs other policies that are clearly focused on the needs of British people, the common people.

    It is clear that Farage's main policy should be delivering the Brexit we voted for nearly three years ago.

    This would make us a truly independent sovereign state again with control over our laws, immigration and who we trade with.

    This is clearly what was behind the way we voted for Brexit despite the Elite constantly telling us we didn't know what we voted for. We knew exactly what we voted for, it was just unpalatable to the Elite.

    Farage must help to deliver a true nation-state and we should be able to be proud of our nation, culture, traditions and history.

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    This will not make us racists.

    We are not isolated in this desire as this is what is happening in Italy, France, many of the new EU countries and of course in the USA.

    The liberal elite hates this of course and along with their Globalist mates, presently meeting in the snow of Davos, will do everything to stop us. However, they are doomed as the people have spoken and seen through their lies.

    By controlling our immigration system with an introduction of an Australian style points system, we will attract the best and most skilled in the world. These people will make our country greater and more prosperous and they will be rightly proud of the British passport we give them. Just as those of us already living here should be.

    By the same token the British people clearly want those who hate us and our very way of life not to be let into the UK or if they are already here they need booting out. For too long we have tolerated those who hate us living amongst us. Bottom line fit in or ship out.

    I think there is also a massive desire for a return to traditional family values. That does not mean that minorities, women or the LGBT community need to be marginalised or face prejudice.

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    However, it does mean that the constant attack on those of us who have done the traditional thing and got married had kids and are heterosexual needs to stop. We should not constantly be the butt of jokes and prejudice. A classic example being the latest social justice warrior and virtue signalling Gillette shaving advert. Not all men are sexist pigs!

    We need proper prison sentences where five years actually means five and where punishment and education are an essential part of a prison stretch. No one should be leaving prison if they cannot read and write or are still on class A drugs.

    He needs to reverse Theresa Mays 20 thousand Police job cuts and the Police need to have more support from all aspects of society including the CPS, magistrates and the courts.

    Police must be able to fight fire with fire and that includes bringing backstop and search and knocking moped muggers off their bikes.

    He needs to tackle Political Correctness and the attempt by assorted snowflakes to demonise our history and traditions.

    This constant cultural revisionism has to be stopped and that starts in our schools. Of course, children should be taught our history, warts and all, but there has been much too much emphasis by lefty teachers on trying to make the next generation feel guilty or ashamed about our past.

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    This is how we end up with thugs vandalising the Bomber Command monument or swinging on the cenotaph. Let's teach kids about the horror of war including the blanket bombing of Dresden and my home town of Coventry but also teach them about the sacrifice of these young men and boys who laid down their lives for freedom and peace.

    Our armed forces need to be respected and cared for and the scandal of ex-servicemen sleeping on the streets needs to end.

    I am pretty convinced these are the real concerns of the ordinary people of the UK but you would never know from the agenda of the Westminster clowns and their mates in the MSM especially the BBC.

    It is clear that these people are already worried about a party like this as they are have started attacking Catherine Blaikelock, the woman who registered the party with the Electoral Commission. We should expect much more of this propaganda from the Establishment as we have seen plenty of it during Brexit with an almost blanket ban on any appearance by UKIP in the debate on the MSM.

    Talking of UKIP, I feel they need to smell the coffee and try to come to some arrangement with Nigel to provide a real alternative to the redundant political parties that infest Westminster and are selling out our great Nation as we speak.

    We are still a great nation and we need a party and a leader who firmly believe that, so I say, "Go Farage go!"

    Views and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the columnist and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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