17:39 GMT01 March 2021
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    So, most members of the Westminster swamp are betraying, in various and devious ways, the will of the people and a bloke gets arrested for calling one of them a Nazi?!

    Welcome to 1984! Except this is a nightmare future for our great country that even George Orwell would have rejected as too far-fetched.

    Ten years ago, I got the sack form Talksport for calling a councillor a Nazi. He wanted to ban smokers from adopting or fostering children. I was right then and I stand by everything I said. Kids were and are in more danger in residential children's homes than from passive smoking from good hearted, largely working-class people who want to give rejected kids a loving home and a fresh start. I think history has proved me right too if you look at the scale of historic abuse that is and has been exposed since.

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    I was also factually correct as the last people to ban smoking were the Nazis. My legal team also argued that my sacking would have a "chilling effect" on free speech in the UK.

    Be that as may but last week, whilst being confined to bed with flu, the site of sanctimonious Anna Soubry playing the victim card after being called a Nazi, had me reaching for the vomit bin.

    This woman has for months been describing many of the 17.4 million of us who voted for Brexit as racists and I would suggest that is a far bigger insult in today's touchy-feeley UK than Nazi isn't it?

    Pro-remain supporters of Britain staying in the EU, wear EU flag masks as they take part in an anti-Brexit protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Monday, Sept. 11, 2017. Lawmakers are due to vote late Monday or early Tuesday on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, which aims to convert around 12,000 EU laws and regulations into domestic statute on the day the country leaves the bloc in March 2019
    © AP Photo / Matt Dunham
    I've no time for the protestor who shouted at her, I don't even know who he is but I do agree with protesting and I do believe that politicians and the MSM, (Kay Burley yes, I am talking about you) need to hear the protests.

    Let's face it you won't hear any criticism or real political argument in the mainstream media as they trot out the same political pundits who are too busy making sure they keep getting booked than actually saying anything that might rock the establishment boat. The "chilling effect" in action I would suggest.

    These are by and large the same "political experts" who got the result of the referendum completely and utterly wrong, these people are a part of the swamp and they need clearing out too.

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    So, I have got to admit it I love it when I hear the protestors calling Owen Jones a winker (I think that is what they were chanting) as it is the only time we are really hearing the voice of real people.

    Yes, it is crude, yes, it is rude but it is also real.

    Anna "Sourface" is fond of telling us to suck it up. Well she and the rest of the swamp should do the same and not seek special treatment and constantly refer to the murder of Jo Cox to justify them being above criticism or abuse when they are clearly abusing their position and ignoring the will of the people.

    Watching Sky News this morning I see they have reacted to the voices of the common people by enclosing their temporary studio in Perspex to silence the chants and criticism! I also hear that Kay Burley will be giving the people cake later in the day! Bread and circuses my arse!

    Today Deluded Theresa May is telling workers in Stoke that if the referendum result is not honoured, people's faith in politics will suffer "catastrophic harm". Without a hint of irony, she claims that some in Westminster will use "every device available to them" to "delay or even stop Brexit".

    But isn't that what Theresa the Appeaser has been doing for over two years? What she actually means, is you must vote my deal through as she has rejected all other options.

    This useless woman who has spent the last two years delaying and dithering and finally capitulating to the EU is now only saying this to save her betrayal deal and her lousy failed career.

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    Meanwhile, if I hear another so-called expert telling me that we cannot afford to "crash" out I may well be joining these protestors underneath the temporary tv studios on college green with my urban dictionary to shout a few insults through the Perspex!

    We can and should have left years ago on WTO terms and had real faith in our great nation. But this apocalyptic language is just part of the propaganda fight. I have had enough of hearing about plots, counter plots, second referendums and people's votes.

    Today the MSM are getting over excited as May is going to talk to the Commons this afternoon and the EU are sending us a letter!

    Well unless May's statement and the letter is saying that we are not going to sacrifice Northern Ireland to the EU I can't see that either are going to make a blind bit of difference.

    By the way whoever is responsible for lifting all the stones on the likes of Blair Mandelson, Major etc must be on the verge of a double hernia. Look, you idiots, the people spoke on 23 June, 2016 and declared they wanted out so which bit of that word do you not understand?

    May is now predicting that staying in the EU is more likely than a no deal Brexit but this is just another tactic in the apocalypse now campaign because what May is offering is not what we voted for.

    May's deal is Brexit in name only and when she says if the referendum result is not honoured, people's faith in politics will suffer "catastrophic harm" she is correct although Theresa needs to realise that the trust is already broken and the harm has been done.

    The Clash sang in White Riot,

    All the power's in the hands

    Of people rich enough to buy it

    While we walk the street

    Too chicken to even try it

    Everybody's doing

    Just what they're told to

    Nobody wants

    To go to jail!

    Are you taking over

    Or are you taking orders?

    Are you going backwards

    Or are you going forwards?

    We all know the chorus, don't we?

    Believe me no amount of rhetoric, MSM "experts" or Perspex will be able to silence that message if and when this betrayal happens.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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