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    All MPs are STUPID

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    Jon Gaunt

    For months I have been saying that the Brexit pantomime is a well-rehearsed exercise in making sure we never get out of the EU but yesterday it turned into a farce.

    Jeremy Corbyn clearly said that Theresa May was a stupid woman. Which is a little rude, although I would imagine many in the country could be even ruder about Theresa the appeaser. However, the faux outrage which followed the Comrade's whisper was even more farcical then his whispered words.

    For God's sake (if I am allowed to say that in snowflake Britain) our country is being betrayed and there are less than 100 days to go before we are meant to leave the EU and these self-serving pigs are talking about "hurty" words! Not just "hurty" words but whispered "hurty" words.

    This was just a confected row and Corbyn's excuse had more fudge than Thornton's shop window. If he was any kind of leader he would have fessed up and said yes, he did call her a stupid woman and that he stood by the comment. His lies clearly illustrate that this Marxist and lover of terrorists can never be our leader as you cannot believe a word he says.

    However, I don't give a fig if it is unparliamentary language.  How some MPs can talk about it being sexist is beyond me, she is a woman and she is stupid, that is called an opinion isn't it and I thought we still had free speech in the UK?

    I loved the way some female MPs (am I allowed to call them that) tried to make out his whispered comment was sexist?

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    Would it have been okay if he had said stupid man or silly boy to a male MP?

    The idea that this unparliamentary language may put off women entering parliament is both stupid and sexist in itself isn't it? The inference is that women cannot take harsh words or insults, Maggie Thatcher would be spinning in her grave at the thought.

    So yesterday these self-servers seemed to spend most of the last day of parliament discussing whispers.

    It reminded me of how they spent the last day of the last session discussing whether or not we should allow the two jihadist mates of Jihadi John be deported to the USA in case they got executed! I said at the time, who cares, and I say it again who cares what Comrade Corbyn says? He is an irrelevance and as his vote of no confidence omnishambles illustrated he could not organise the proverbial in a Brewery.

    Yesterday they should have been discussing Sajid Javid's latest immigration proposals that will actually increase immigration not decrease it and even if his pathetic proposals became policy it won't happen until 2021!

    They should have been discussing the UN migration compact that is going to essentially make it unlawful to say we should protect our borders

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    They should have been discussing the fact that the EU were clearly sending out panic or even distress signals trying to save the deal or at least still get their £39 Billion from us, because it now looks that the EU are saying there will not be a cliff edge if there is a no deal.

    Yesterdays confected row was just another diversion away from the fact that Theresa May should have not delayed the crucial vote until January. I loved the way with her baggy eyes she played the victim yesterday when the actual victims are the British people she is betraying. She is the political Grinch who has stolen Christmas.

    She has dragged British politics into the gutter with her determination to try and push through her deal that no one wants and has no chance of being agreed. Why are the political class allowing this to happen?

    Am I too rude to also ask why Wednesday was break up day for the "children" who infest the Commons? Most of the rest of us aren't finishing work until Friday at the earliest and many will not stop until Christmas Eve. Don't give me any tosh about them working in their constituencies either as the simple plain facts are this. The UK is in the midst of a constitutional crisis of their making and they are still going to have the best part of three weeks off which means by the time they arrive back at Westminster there will only be about 82 days to go! I know the myth is that the guns fell silent in the trenches and the lads from both sides played football but there isn't time for these elitist out of touch buffoons and STUPID men and women to have three weeks off is there?

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    Meanwhile, as I again predicted the self-serving traitors in her cabinet are now manoeuvring to seize power from Theresa may, Their actions are not governed by the needs of the nation but instead by their own self-interest. Even deluded Amber "Dudd" thinks she has a chance of being our new leader and is desperately touring tv studios today to push her case.

    The cabinet is clearly split on whether we should have a no deal or another referendum. This farce, this comedy is becoming a tragi-comedy and the victims are going to be us the UK public.

    I know at Christmas there was a Miracle on 34th Street but it will take more than a miracle on Downing Street to save Theresa May's scrawny neck so why are we waiting and allowing her to wreck our country?

    I for one am not scared of a no deal. I don't buy the lies of the Operation Fear mark 3 doom-mongers. I have faith in the British people and I have belief in the British spirit to overcome any adversity and I believe in the old adage, no gain without a little pain.

    Imagine this bunch of stupid Muppets being in charge when Hitler was massing his troops to invade our green and pleasant land they would have all been waving the white flag before Chamberlain waved his white piece of paper!

    I've said it before and I am going to say it again. We need the Tory top brass to whisper in Theresa's ear, give her the metaphorical revolver and glass of whisky and let her retire to her study!

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    Then Boris, Raab, Davies and Mogg need to take charge and tell the EU all bets are off and if they want the £39 BILLION they need to calm down and allow us a little more time to sort it out or we will simply walk away on WTO rules.

    We shouldn't be worried about a whisper about Theresa May being stupid, we the people should be shouting from the rooftops that all of them are STUPID!

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