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    Staggering from disarray to shambles, embarrassment to humiliation, cock-ups to climb-downs, Theresa May’s Government is in chaos. Defeated three times in Parliament on the one day then found guilty of treating Parliament with contempt. Her Government is making history for all the wrong reasons.

    Her lamentable stint as Prime Minister is nearly over but she should consider applying for a role as an extra in the next series of ‘The Walking Dead’ because acting like a zombie would come naturally to her.

    I have stated it clearly in previous columns and I will re-iterate it here. Theresa May lost her authority and credibility when she chose to call a snap General Election in 2017 and lost her Parliamentary majority in the process.

    Despite the storm of lies, distortions and biased coverage against Jeremy Corbyn he actually secured the biggest swing to Labour since 1945. That election result was the death knell for Malevolent May but her arrogance and aloofness prevented her from realising it or admitting it.

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    May is finished and I am glad. She is a cold, callous and cruel politician. That made her ideal to lead the Tory party but incapable of leading the UK. My blood boils when I hear pompous pundits pontificating about her stoicism and courage in the Brexit negotiations.

    She is not stoic she is bloody minded and she is not courageous she is cowardly. It’s the ‘only deal on the table’ she has been trying to tell us for weeks. There is no other deal available she said. Yet that ‘May Deal’ was withdrawn from a Parliamentary vote tonight because she was going to get gubbed. Her ‘deal’ was going to be voted down by a margin of over 100.

    She has not withdrawn it in the UK’s interests she has withdrawn it in her own interests. She is so deluded she thinks she can still save her premiership. She is selfish to the core.

    When she finally jumps or is pushed, one or the other is inevitable, no one should shed a tear. Those middle and upper class pundits who shower her with plaudits have never had to claim benefits or deal with the real life tragedies of claimants forced onto her Universal Credit scheme and denied the means to live for several weeks.

    They have never had to confront the pain and anguish of disabled and cancer riddled citizens being informed they are ‘fit for work’ despite their incurable and life restricting illnesses making them vulnerable and reliant on welfare support.

    Theresa May has been in Government as a Minister and Prime Minister for 11 years now in one form or another. She headed up the Home Office when it consciously sought to create the type of ‘Unwelcome Environment’ for immigrants upon which the scum of the BNP, English Defence League, UKIP and others fed in a racist frenzy of ignorant scapegoating.

    As if Britain had no poverty, low pay or housing shortages until immigration from other EU countries was opened up. Utter pish. Many immigrants are the victims of low pay and poverty not the cause but overall every single analysis has shown time and time again that immigrants are net contributors to society through taxes, National Insurance contributions and skills inputs not a drain on society as the pea brained racists would have us believe.

    This is a woman who has supported the illegal removal of Gaddafi in Libya and is therefore implicated in the carnage that followed. She wanted to send fighter jets to Syria in an act of obedience to America and when that was thwarted supported the supply of weapons to anti-Assad forces despite their clear connections to ISIS and other Islamic terror groups.

    She has courted the tyrannical regime of Saudi Arabia to secure missile and bomb sales in the clear and certain knowledge that those bombs were being dropped on thousands of innocents in Yemen as the Saudis pursued an immoral and illegal war. This is a woman, in other words, without compassion or morals. Don’t allow the out of touch ‘mainstream media luvvies’ convince you otherwise.

    Yet from this carnage at Westminster Scotland can emerge as a potentially stable, progressive and prosperous independent nation if the SNP Government show the necessary vision and courage to ring the bell and start the process that will lead to our freedom. Freedom to rid ourselves of nuclear weapons. Freedom to implement a real living wage and banish the scandal of in-work poverty.

    Freedom to build a welfare system with support and compassion at its core. Freedom to harness the incredible potential for clean energy production within our border and seas to allow us to become a world leader.

    Freedom to establish a National Investment Bank to fund the necessary public housing, health and education projects we urgently require. Freedom to take our land into public ownership and utilise it for the whole of the country not just the rich minority who currently own it.

    Freedom to take our own destiny into our own hands and always in the future get the governments we actually vote for. Those are the freedoms independence delivers and poll after poll confirms that support has risen on the back of the Brexit fiasco and sits now anywhere between 47% and 53%.

    Some within the Independence Movement in Scotland say we can’t use the current hard won mandate we have for IndyRef2 as the Tories would refuse us the Section 30 permission to hold a binding referendum as proscribed within the Scotland Act of 1998.

    In other words despite the fact the SNP fought the 2016 Scottish Parliament election with a commitment to IndyRef2 in their manifesto and the Scottish Parliament voted last March by 69 votes to 59 in favour of holding IndyRef2 the Tories should be allowed to withhold permission from us to run a new poll.

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    Despite the fact the SNP stood in the 2017 snap General Election on a commitment to honour their IndyRef2 pledge if they won a majority of Scotland’s Westminster seats, and did so winning 35 of the 59, we are to bow down to our Imperial Masters in London and beg for permission?

    I say to hell with that lark. We don’t ask for permission to hold IndyRef2 we serve notice on Westminster that we are holding it. The SNP Government, with the invaluable aid of the grassroots Indy Movement, has been supplied with a democratic triple-lock mandate.

    What they have to do now is use it. I read comments from some urging patience and deploying the old Napolean line about never disturbing the enemy while they are making mistakes.

    That is all well and good up till now but what is clear from yesterday’s parliamentary fiasco and the previous weeks of debates and discussions is Scotland’s best interests are simply not served within the British union. The time for us to leave is overdue but is now more pressing than ever.

    The Scottish Parliament will discuss the 2019/2020 Budget tomorrow but will enter that particular boxing ring with, as always, one hand tied behind its back. Genuine concern for public services, public sector pay, child poverty, rising homelessness, the scourge of drug addiction will all meet the inevitable legal and financial restriction of being an unequal and unappreciated partner in a British union which is way past its sell by date.

    To those who suggest patience I implore you to address the rising inequality, child poverty, benefits poverty, low pay statistics and homeless figures and take heed of the fact all reports predict the situation will only worsen over the next few years. Some people in relative comfort may be able to wait for independence but the everyday victims of Tory austerity cuts can’t wait any longer.

    Some say timing is crucial as we never get another chance for a generation if we lose this one. I say timing is important but that is precisely why we must go now. Witness the scenes in Westminster yesterday. Look at the mess the Tories are in. Consider the influence Blairites still have within the Labour party. The reality is the unionists are utterly divided just now.

    They are consumed with factional fights over Britain’s relationship with Europe. Some want to leave in a crash and burn fashion. Some think they can secure a better deal despite little if any evidence that it is on offer.

    Others want to re-run the 2016 vote despite the fact the two biggest parties at that election both stood on a Brexit manifesto commitment.

    It is a dog’s breakfast piled on top of a pig sty and mixed with fresh manure. What is clear is Scotland’s 62% vote to remain in the EU means not a jot to Westminster. They don’t care about our democratic expressions of opinion.

    When you face up to a powerful adversary you seek out any advantage to help you to win. That is the rule of survival. That is being street wise. Our adversary is one of the oldest and most powerful Imperial nations on the planet.

    Britain is dominated by England and Britain used to dominate two thirds of the world’s land mass. They ruled brutally and with cunning for centuries. Their best deployed tactic was ‘divide and conquer’. If those seeking freedom from the yoke of imperialism could be lured into division Britain incorporated could maintain dominance. 

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    Yet they are now battered and bruised. They are divided and thus weak. They are certainly weaker than they were in 2014 at the time of the last Referendum when Project Fear and the Better Together campaign were in full flow. I say strike now. Strike while they are in disarray and chaos. Strike while they are divided. We don’t ask for permission to hold IndyRef2 we name the date and tell them it is taking place.

    I despised David Cameron and his Bullingdon Boy Government of millionaires but I want to remind you of a quote from him in 2009, unfortunately from one of the disreputable rags he was in hoc to:

    “Our view is clear. We support the United Kingdom. I don’t want there to be a referendum and, if there is one, I will always vote ‘No’.

    “If the Scottish Parliament votes for a referendum, you can’t stand in its way, but if it ever were to happen, the Conservatives under my leadership would always campaign for a ‘No’ vote. I think actually when you ask people in Scotland, ‘Do you want to break away?’ the answer’s no.”

    Mr Cameron said you “can’t hold parts of the UK within the UK against their will”.

    Think about that statement for a moment. “If the Scottish Parliament votes for a referendum, you can’t stand in its way…” and “… you can’t hold parts of the UK within the UK against their will”. 

    Well the Scottish Parliament has voted for a referendum and Westminster cannot be allowed to stand in our way. The unionist division is our best opportunity but it won’t last forever. They will recover.

    To those who say we are still not high enough in the polls I say get a grip. From 23% support for independence in January 2013 to a meagre 25% support in October that year, eleven months before the actual referendum, we rose, in the midst of a maelstrom of lies, distortions and biased reporting, to an incredible 45% support. 

    We are now on at least 47% and perhaps 53% support. We need to seize the day. We need to step up to the plate. We don’t ask for permission to hold IndyRef2 we assert the democratically expressed will of our Scottish Parliament and courteously inform Westminster of the date and associated arrangements.

    Failure to grasp the thistle here will come back to haunt us. A united unionist opposition is much more powerful and difficult to overcome. If we can’t win a majority for independence now in the midst of Brexit chaos and unionist division we may never win.

    But from a minimum base of 47% I am absolutely convinced in the course of a visionary, confident and energetic campaign we could reach at least 60% support.

    The YES Movement is ready and eager to fight. The unionists are demoralised and divided. Let’s go for it Nicola. Use The Mandate. Name The Date. Set Scotland on course to secure her freedom.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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