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    Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister Theresa May dances as she arrives on stage to address delegates during a speech at the Conservative Party Conference at the ICC, in Birmingham, England, Wednesday, Oct. 3 , 2018.

    Deluded EU Deal is DEAD

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    Jon Gaunt

    I know the Spice Girls are reforming minus Posh but I think we could do without “Deluded Spice” joining the touring circuit, couldn’t we? Theresa May is polishing her kitten heels and hitting the road to tell us plebs “what you want, what you really, really want” is her betrayal deal with the EU.

    After Monday's mauling in the Commons and senior Tories like Michael Fallon saying her EU deal is doomed you would have thought that the Tories would have been locking her in a room, preferably one with nice padding, rather than letting her tour the UK to polish and sell her political turd.  

    The Conservatives are doomed as a party if they don't get a grip and get rid of this appeaser now and the Country as a whole is racing towards a massive political iceberg.

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    But instead of getting a grip it appears that that the Tories simply want to rearrange the deck chairs, let the Band play on and allow Captain May to take the ship down with her.

    One thing for certain, there aren't enough lifeboats to save us, especially now that

    British Prime Minister Theresa May, right, looks over to President Donald Trump, left, during their joint news conference at Chequers, in Buckinghamshire, England, Friday, July 13, 2018
    © AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais
    Trump has waded into this soap opera by pronouncing that her deal, "sounds like a great deal…. for the EU" and that it could threaten any future Trade deal with the USA.

    Evidently, the Spice Girls sold out in thirty minutes but May would have to wait until the end of EU transition period, which I believe is the twelfth…. of never, to shift any tickets for her performances.

    Like Beryl Reid in The Killing of Sister George she has to be told in no uncertain terms, her time is up and her character is being written out of the soap opera that is British politics. This farce cannot be allowed to continue.

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    The fact that the other 27 leaders signed off this tawdry agreement in less than thirty minutes tells you all you need to know about their attitude to us and their view of her negotiating skills, we have been stitched up like a Kipper and I am not talking about UKIP.

    Just how much is Old Spice's farewell tour going to cost us as she repeats her lie that she is delivering on the referendum decision? Because make no mistake she is lying and if she had put as much effort into the negotiations as she is now into the lies and the cover-up of her failure, we might be in a different place today.

    She keeps saying that we will regain control of our borders. This is a lie as we and the EU have not even begun to discuss in any real detail freedom of movement and let's face it, if the EU doesn't like our ideas they will just refuse to co-operate and we will remain in this jail of a backstop forever. Still having to pay but with NO say!

    Then there is the much-repeated lie that we have taken back control of our laws. Now this one is up there with Pinocchio. We have not taken back control, in fact, we have handed more control to Brussels and Strasbourg as we are still bound by their laws and regulations but now we have no say in the making of them.

    It is, was and always will be unforgivable in my mind to ever contemplate, let alone allow the betrayal and selling out of Gibraltar and Northern Ireland. However, this has clearly been on the agenda. By the look of it and by the preening of Macron it appears what is left of our fishing fleet is also expendable in Theresa May's mind to get her grubby deal through.

    So, the facts are we are going to hand over £39 BILLION to the EU with no guarantee of anything coming back our way in return!  We are still prevented from doing our own trade deals. We still have to accept EU laws even though now we will have no say in how those laws are made?

    Then the clear fact is that we can only leave this arrangement if and when the EU in the guise of their "independent arbitration body" (still to be formed of course) say we can. After this dog's dinner of a negotiation, it is pretty clear that the EU would try to shaft us by demanding further concessions for us to get truly out of their control.

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    And she calls this a good deal for the UK?

    I am also loving the way that she talks about what people outside the Westminster bubble really think and that they just want this over and done with. If Theresa May actually ever left that bubble she might well find that people are angry, indeed angrier than when she finally deigned to go and see the Grenfell residents and survivors and she may well need that police escort again.

    I am not suggesting that everyone in the UK is now a leaver but the plain facts are that no one likes her deal. I was even agreeing with the "war criminal" Tony Blair on Sunday when he made the point that this is neither the Brexit people voted for or the remain situation people like him wanted. Of course, he is pushing for a second referendum but his basic core argument is correct.

    Everyone in the Commons, her party, the country and even in her cabinet know that she cannot get this deluded deal through so why are we the people who pay their wages expected to put up with this charade? How many more knighthoods and baubles are we going to let her hand out to buy votes? How many more trade deals are we going to miss whilst she tours the UK?

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    Now she is attempting a diversion act by saying she wants to debate Jeremy Corbyn on TV! What's the point of that?  They are both blooming remainers!

    The last thing we need is more debate, we just needed her to deliver on her promise of "Brexit means Brexit" but after her dismal deal I wouldn't trust her to deliver a Pizza.

    This is why the Tories must act now if only to save themselves, let alone the country.

    We need to remove May and install, as I have been saying for months now, an interim leadership of Boris, Mogg and David Davis.

    Then they need to tell the EU that all deals are off and ignore the pathetic hollow threats of Tusk and Junker the Drunker that there is no other deal on offer as it again is clearly a lie. Are you seriously telling me that the EU mafia will walk away from a £39 BILLION cash deal from the UK?

    We then need to get on with really delivering what the referendum result demanded which is an independent sovereign state and then with the aid of trade deal with President Trump perhaps we can begin to put the Great back into Britain.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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