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    Thames House, the headquarters of the British Security Service (MI5) is seen in London, Britain October 22, 2015


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    Jon Gaunt

    Our so-called leaders are failing in their first basic duty which is to protect this country's citizens and even worse it would appear that they are facilitating terrorism via their incompetence.

    The damning report by the Intelligence and Security Committee into the security failings of MI5 over the terrorist atrocities of 2017 is absolutely shocking and the report should not be overshadowed by Theresa May's Treachery on the EU.

    Salman Abedi slaughtered 22 innocents many of them young girls at a pop concert in the Manchester Arena and now 19 months after this barbaric attack MI5 are admitting that they acted "too slowly" to establish how dangerous Abedi was!

    It is hard to argue with the words of a survivor, Robby Potter, who said yesterday, "I'd have more respect for them if they had said immediately after the attack said 'we made a mistake — we underestimated this man'."

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    And this next statement from Robbie was the statement that hit home to me and I suspect many millions of Brits who read it, "I love my country but I was let down. This could have been stopped, and we're finding out now that it should have been stopped."

    Hindsight is, of course, a wonderful thing. However, I am sorry in the case of Abedi there was plenty of evidence that he was going to do something like this. I for one am not satisfied with MI5 and the Establishment saying, "lessons will be learned and this will never happen again", because I know and you know it is complete and utter nonsense.

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    In 2017 there were four Islamist attacks in the UK which could have been thwarted if the spooks had done their jobs correctly and if everyone, from the Prime Minister down, stopped acting in such a politically correct manner, being frightened to death of being called a racist or Islamophobic for cracking down hard on these Islamist nut jobs.

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    If they put as much energy into condemning these madmen as they do to telling us after every bloody attack to not look back in anger, light candles, change our twitter avatars and sing Kumbaya then maybe just maybe we would start to be protected.

    Likewise, if these social justice warriors and the inept Mayor of London spent less time criticising Donald Trump over his wall, the caravan or his ban on flights from certain countries and instead adopted some of his policies for the UK maybe the Morgues would not be getting similar size queues to a black Friday shopping spree.

    Back to Abedi, it appears that he was allowed to go back and forth to Libya without anyone questioning him. According to MI5 (or should that be MFI?), a British-Libyan young man travelling to Libya is not the stuff of red alerts!

    You could not make this nonsense, up, could you?

    However, whilst he was in Libya and not on a Red Alert he was learning to make bombs and on his return, a few days before the atrocity, MI5 is now admitting they failed to track him. The report states, "MI5 have since admitted that given the information they had on Abedi, they should have done so".

    But hold on it gets even worse.

    Abedi was well known to the spooks, his dad had been a prominent opponent of Gaddafi so "he had been flagged for review but MI5's systems moved too slowly." Yes, much too slowly for the 22 he slaughtered!

    But hold on it gets worse.

    This madman who was known to Mi5 and was known to have gone and back forth to Libya was also allowed to visit a convicted terrorist organiser and facilitator in his prison cell!  This facilitator is so dangerous the Government will not even allow him to be named! But still, the spooks seemed spooked and did sweet FA?

    Now, this is the bit of the story I find hard to fathom because I know someone who visits a murderer in prison. This prisoner has been inside for over 20 years but when you wish to visit you have to go through a real rigmarole, giving your car number, name, address and lots of other details. Then you still have to wait to see if they will allow the visit. So, are we really meant to believe that no one in the prison service told MI5 that the convicted terrorist scumbag was being visited by a young British Libyan?! The spooks should have been all over this and Abedi should have been lifted by the cops. So, the question is why wasn't he? Was it a case of "is it cous I is a Muslim?"

    The simple plain facts are you cannot murder 22 innocents if you are banged up!

    But hold on it gets worse.

    The report also talks about the case of Khalid Masood, the Westminster Bridge terrorist who murdered six people. It says, MI5 should rethink how it "joins the dots" on some suspects because it had failed to appreciate the potential dangers posed by Khalid despite a trail of evidence over six years!

    But hold on it gets worse.

    The report also says that there were "fundamental failings" by the Home Office, police and Surrey County Council over their handling of the teenager, Ahmed Hassan, who placed a bomb on the London Underground in September 2017. Remember he is the one who made a bomb out of Tupperware and nails on his foster parents' kitchen and wanted to slaughter 94 people on the tube at Parsons Green.

    The report attacks the Home Office for failing to properly co-operate over its attempts to investigate how Ahmed Hassan, went undetected. I think I can tell them why they didn't fully co-operate, can't you?!

    Do you remember how those of us who criticised the policy of letting these teenagers into the UK was met with cries of racism and worse by the social justice warriors? Of, course the government's reaction was to simply put up a curtain between the coaches bringing these "manboys" into the UK and Lunar house (or should that be Lunatic House) in Croydon so that the press and the public could not see what was happening or how long their beards were!

    The report states "From what we have seen to date there were fundamental failings in the handling of this case by the Home Office, the police and Surrey County Council." That is probably true but what do these same MPs and the government say about the fact that this is still happening?

    Just today the newspapers are full of reports of an adult middle eastern asylum seeker who was posing as a 15-year-old boy in a school in Ipswich!

    He is not alone as there have been numerous other reports of similar dangerous deceptions across the UK. Meanwhile, the Home office is refusing to reveal the newly-assessed age of the man or any details of his background due to data protection issues! Complete and utter madness.

    So, this is why I am calling betrayal on our leaders and the Establishment class. The UK is and has always been a tolerant and welcoming nation, remember the Ugandan Asians? However, I am afraid our leaders seem to view us, just as they did with the Brexit vote, as Neanderthal knuckle-dragging racists who hate anyone who isn't the same as us.

    As a net result, they seem to treat us as the enemy and any immigrant illegal or not with kid gloves and smother them in political correctness and virtue signalling.

    Look it is simple if someone is either seeking asylum or is just an economic migrant we must treat them fairly but it is a two-way street, if they wish to live here they must fit in or ship out. Surely that is not too much to ask for?

    When Merkal let in 1.2 million migrants into the EU with no vetting she was warned that there could be terrorists hidden amongst them and people like Farage were shouted down as racists and Nazis. Do you remember the furore over his poster? But the stark truth is that Farage was correct and Merkal was wrong, completely wrong.

    A British passport, if we ever get one back after May's EU betrayal, should be a treasured and valued privilege so why don't our leaders treat it as such and why do they not protect us?

    The views and opinions expressed by the contributor do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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