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    British Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) and Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg arrives to speak to the media on Embankment Pier without boarding a fishing boat that went on to take part in a protest stunt with fish being thrown off it into the River Thames outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    Ever Got the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?

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    I love the way that the main steam broadcasters and dinosaur press are having a go at Jacob Rees Mogg and calling his attempted coup a failure. They are comparing him to Captain Mainwaring of Dads Army and whilst they are laughing at his alleged failure they are missing the very real coup that is happening before their very eyes.

    This coup has been going on since the political and establishment elite were shaken to their core when we, the people on June 23, 2016, ignored them and voted to become an independent nation and leave the EU.

    From that very moment, the Establishment and the political class of all parties have been engaging in open and guerrilla warfare to overturn the wishes of the Electorate. Do you remember project fear? Where everyone from the Canadian Bank of England Governor to CEO's of multi-national companies and most politicians and of course the Biased BBC warned us, that in the words of Fraser The Scottish Undertaker in Dads Army "we're all doomed" if we left the EU?

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    Even Barrack Obama came to the UK on behalf of his bosses (that's the banks, not the American people) to warn us that we would be at the back of the queue for a trade deal if we voted to leave the EU. It was BS then and it is BS now.

    This Establishment coup to effectively put us, the people, back in our boxes has been operating on several levels.

    There are the outriders of the apocalypse Blair, Major and Clegg who were demanding another referendum.  Their job was to divert our attention from the real debate to their ludicrous and outrageous suggestions.

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    There was the Labour party and their leader who after 40 years of wanting to get out of the EU displayed the most wanton political opportunism in history at the merest hint he could get into power and has changed his position almost as much as his anorak at the Cenotaph.

    Finally, of course, there was Theresa the Appeaser. May is a remainer to her core but for two years she has been allowed to get away with spouting her nonsense that "Brexit means Brexit" whilst displaying as much enthusiasm for an independent Britain as a turkey does for Christmas or Thanksgiving?

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    This all started immediately after the referendum result was announced. I can vividly remember all of the political correspondents looking shell-shocked on Parliament Green as they scrambled to find guests who could explain what had happened.

    As I said at the time, most of these establishment members of the controlled media had already packed their suitcases for their holiday in Tuscany secure in their knowledge that remain would win!

    And the truth is they are still in shock even though they have spent the last two years trying to thwart the will of the people and reverse our decision.

    This country is in the mess it is as a direct result of the political and media class refusing to accept the will of the people and their portrayal or belief that we who believe in a sovereign state are somehow knuckle dragging racists without a brain cell amongst us.

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    It was so refreshing to hear Claire Fox from the Institute of Ideas being allowed to speak on BBC News night and for once the BBC almost let her finish her point when she remarked, "Parliamentarians ought to remember that they are the servants of the people, and in this instance the people spoke and the servants have behaved like the lords of the manor and basically said you have spoken incorrectly."

    At this point BBC presenter, Emily Maitless,  tried to close down the conversation by saying "that is not true" but Claire was having none of this and continued  with this brilliant mini rant:

    "I am not alone in believing that within hours of the referendum result coming in there was such shock and horror in all the political parties and many members of the establishment with a viciousness and speed unprecedented turned on the electorate saying they got it wrong."

    She concluded by saying that this Establishment reaction "did show that what happens if you do not have a positive enthusiastic interpretation of the referendum vote saying now how can we enact the will of the people"

    Claire is bang on the money. The people were ignored then and they are still being ignored now.

    Watching all of this conversation was arch EU fanatic, Ken Clarke who now says he will vote with May even though he opposed Article 50!  The reason he will do this, of course, is because when we enter this never-ending transition process that May has accepted he knows that there will be ample opportunity to overturn the will of the people completely and stay in the EU.

    The whole thing stinks and it is a coup against the people.

    The net result will probably be that no one will ever bother to vote again which of course the establishment will love.

    However, there is only one hope left and that is that with this dog's dinner of a deal the DUP, and here is a line I thought that I would never write, may actually save the UK and collapse this lousy self-serving Government.

    Make no mistake about it we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis brought on by our servants (the politicians) who have clearly been trying to change, adapt or downright ignore the democratic will of the people.

    Now we are told by the controlled media that we should at least admire Theresa May's ability to stick at the wicket and even if we do not agree with her deal it is better than no deal!

    It is all nonsense. The facts are that we voted to leave, we know why we voted to leave and it was about reclaiming our borders controlling immigration, making our own law and yes also being a Nation State again.

    Of course, these are all things the Establishment and political elite of all parties in Westminster hate.

    The EU referendum was probably the biggest act of democratic engagement in our history. People really engaged with politics and politicians in a way that I had never seen but because the result was not the one the Establishment wanted this massive advance in democracy has been thrown away.

    The result will be even less engagement with Politics and an increase in the feeling that those in Westminster do not represent the people and are only really interested in their own careers and ideas.

    As Johnny Rotten said at the last ever Sex Pistols gig, "ever got the feeling you've been cheated?"

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