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    British Prime Minister Theresa May listens at the start of her meeting with the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani inside 10 Downing Street in London, Tuesday, July 24, 2018

    May Must Go

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    Jon Gaunt

    Theresa May is deluded, completely deluded. If she will not leave Number 10 of her own accord then someone, anyone must remove her immediately.

    What a pity Theresa did not show the same stubbornness and obstinacy in her negotiations with the EU as she showed all day on Thursday to carry on at all odds. If she fought for Britain as hard as she is fighting to cling on to her job and her own career we would not be in the mess we are today.

    She compared herself to her cricketing hero Geoffrey Boycott who she said "stuck at it and got the runs in the end"

    I don't know about her cricket heroes but her deal needs a cricket bat taking to it and I am absolutely positive that the greatest living Yorkshire man just like Beefy Botham is no Remainer.

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    It is true that back in 2016 Boycott said he admired her and that "She has views and she's strong. Life is about integrity and principles — it should be. We want politicians like that with integrity, with principles, with honesty."

    He also compared her to the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher but May yesterday acted less like an Iron Lady and much more like a tin-pot dictator.

    I wonder how Geoffrey reconciled her actions yesterday with his other comments on that day in Delhi in 2016 where he also stated he supported the decision for Britain to leave the EU because he wanted the country to be "independent, not run by France and Germany".

    He continued, "I want the principle of being ourselves. We've always been successful as an island — trade with people but not let them run our lives. Some of the rules from Europe are stupid."

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    That's the point, isn't it? The boycott is not alone, many Brits thought that Theresa May, although a remainer, would actually do what she said when she declared "Brexit means Brexit."

    However, it was clearly just an opportunist sound bite because, even though she says she wants to deliver on the Brexit vote, I and many other Brits wouldn't trust her to deliver a pizza.

    Let's face it her deal is a dog's dinner. If we go with her deal we would have no say but still, pay and actually be more bound to the EU than ever as we can only leave if an "independent" tribunal agree. It is the political version of Hotel California where, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave"

    To carry on the musical metaphors as the Sex Pistols album declared "never mind the Boll@@ks" let's get to the facts.

    Her deal has been dead ever since she tried to force it on her ministers at Chequers which led to Boris and David Davis resigning. But still she continued and now eight other Ministers have rediscovered their backbone and walked away from her and her lousy Brexit sell out.

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    Let's face it the cabinet hate it, the Tory grassroots hate it, Remainers hate it and most of the country hates it.

    The sight of Michel Barnier and Donald Tusk smugly smirking in Brussels with the 500 page "peace in our time appeasement" document made me so angry I forgot about cricket and was reaching for the metaphorical baseball bat!

    They knew that the UK had been betrayed, humiliated and defeated and so did most of the country. But thank god for Dominic Raab who strode to the wicket and tried to knock May for six with his resignation which led to others to follow his example.

    To be fair to May, unlike the England cricket team usually do, she did not surrender and collapse at the wicket.

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    Her performance in the Commons was quite brilliant in its calm and measured response to a series of aggressive questions that were attempting to bowl her out. Mind you she was facing a leader of the opposition who to mix my metaphors couldn't score in front of an open goal or even in a brothel. Jeremy Corbyn again illustrated in stark terms why he must never be allowed to get anywhere near the levers of power. His performance was inept and pathetic.

    However, then Parliament's answer to Lord Snooty in the Beano, Jacob Rees Mogg stepped up and bowled his googly declaring that he was putting in his letter of no confidence in to the 1922 committee. This should have been enough for May to realise that the game was up and for her to call stumps and retire to the Pavilion to spend time with that other ex-prime minister who loves his cricket and the EU, John Major.

    However, this seemed to only spur her on and increase her desire to keep on batting.

    Surely today with the likely resignation of Michal Gove, after his rejection of her offer to become Brexit Secretary, others will follow and combined with the letters of no confidence exceeding the required number May will have to accept defeat and go without the further fuss. But please do not hold your breath!

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    We do need her to go and go quickly and then we do not need a long-protracted leadership contest, we just need a coronation. I suggested weeks ago it should be Boris as PM, Mogg as Chancellor and Davis back in charge of the Brexit negotiation but to be fair as long as it is a Leaver I don't really care who occupies Number ten.

    What I do care about is that the UK takes back control, regains its sovereignty makes its own laws, controls its own borders and once again becomes a Nation state.

    That is what we voted for on Independence day and that is what May, the establishment, the BBC, the Globalists, the bankers and even Obama have been trying to deny us ever since that historic result.

    Forget Theresa May it is us, the British public who must hit this assorted rabble of anti-democrats for six as we reclaim our country.

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