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    Who Cares About Budget

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    Jon Gaunt

    Do Politicians think we are stupid? Don’t answer that question because we all know that these self-servers not only think we are thick but treat us with utter contempt.

    Yesterday's budget was just the latest example of treating the British public as if we are stupid and can be bought off with few tax breaks, some cash for the NHS and no rise in the price of a pint.

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    Some newspapers are calling Philip Hammond's Budget a budget for Middle England I say it's a budget to bribe us to stay in the undemocratic EU and it is a bribe that will not work.

    The boast that this was the end of Austerity is utter cobblers. Do you know anyone who isn't skint?

    The idea that this was and I quote a budget for "strivers, grafters and carers" is utter codswallop.  This was blackmail and bribe budget with a simple message accept Theresa May Chequers EU deal or there will be no end to austerity.

    All weekend Hammond had been saying there would have to be a new budget if there was a no deal, then he was slapped down by Theresa the Appeaser and he changed his tune. But make no mistake if there is no deal, of course there will another budget, in fact there will probably be another election and even a new government.

    Does he really think that the gimmick of a new 50 pence Brexit coin will buy us off? Or the promise not to raise fuel duty which of course had even leaked weeks ago. This is a typical Politicians' tactic. You suggest that the tax is going up and then announce no rise and hey presto it sounds like a cut or gift! But we have seen through all this end of the pier Magician rubbish with Gordon Brown and we have decided, with apologies to the late Paul Daniels, "that we are not going to like this, we are not going to like it at all."

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    Talking of leaks there have been more leaks and briefing about this budget than a Max Boyce reunion concert, even the Dull as Ditch water Hammond admitted this in his speech yesterday. Like I say he is playing us for mugs!

    When I first started in local radio Budget day was a major event and there were genuine surprises in the speeches. However, Blair and Brown changed all that so that now we have ended up with a situation where everyone knows what he will announce before he poses for the cliché photo outside Number 11.

    It is the same with Party conferences they no longer discuss policy or direction of a party they are just TV showpieces which is why one of the only decent decisions the BBC have made in recent years has been to scrap rolling coverage of them. I wholeheartedly agree with this decision as the cameras only encourage this self-serving class.

    Of course, the worst part of this £100 Billion spending spree that he announced yesterday is that no one, including himself, has a flipping clue how he is going to pay for it.

    Meanwhile we are, because of May's useless negotiating skills and dithering, going to be paying the EU £39 BILLION and possibly another £15 Billion if the extension happens whilst the Country is £1.8 Trillion in debt and that's before I even mention the farce of foreign aid funding. Go figure!?

    Of course, as with all politicians nowadays, even a Tory chancellor has to show his Social Justice Warrior credentials by announcing millions for tree planting and the announcement that all schools are going to get mental health units.

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    Don't get me wrong I take mental health seriously as it has affected my own family but please I do wonder how did we cope in the sixties or on the eve of remembrance how did our Grandfather and Mothers cope in the second world war? Doing their homework in an Anderson Shelter as bombs rained down!

    If he wants to take mental health seriously we, as a country, need to fund it and fund it correctly and that will take a lot more than the £2 Billion he promised yesterday. 

    We need to stop using coppers as social or mental health workers and dare I say it we need to admit that care in the community was and still is a con. As a side issue we should address the amount of homeless on the street and our veterans many of who are suffering with serious mental health and homeless issues.

    Basically, we need some big ideas in Politics not just more tinkering at the edges.

    Instead of money to revitalise the High Street how about a radical rethink of our town centres and instead of all those empty retail units becoming charity shops let have a national plan to turn them into affordable housing.  Hey and even more radical why don't we retrain and equip the homeless to help build and convert them?

    The traditional High Street is dead, it is over. No longer will anchor shops like Debenhams or House of Fraser exist to pull the punters into a Town.  We need to accept that the internet has happened, yes of course make these tech giants pay the right tax but there is no point in playing and acting like a digital King Canute.

    Listen Phil, I and millions of others don't want to buy our TV in town, we want it delivered installed and the old one taken away at the click of a mouse or more likely a touch on the mobile phone.

    So, let's have some clear blue sky thinking, turn city centres into largely leisure, food venues and specialist local shops and focus mostly on the night time economy. Get local councils to scrap all car parking charges and by building homes of all types in the city centre breathe real life back into them.

    It is these kinds of big ideas we need in British politics not a budget of smoke and mirrors which we all know will be torn apart by all sides in the next seven days as we realise just like Labour admitted in that infamous note they left behind, "Sorry Guys there's no money left".

    Someone, anyone has got to grip of this country and to be frank until they do I am not really interested in what any lying fool of any party is saying at the dispatch box in a House of Commons that is increasingly completely cut off and out of touch with the UK public.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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