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    Council House for Terrorists?

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    by Jon Gaunt

    What's happening? I went to bed last night living in tolerant liberal 21st century Britain but I have woken up living in an intolerant society that rewards terrorists and where our top retailer thinks it is a good idea to sell Hijabs to five-year-old girls and subjugate women.

    And that's before I get on to even beginning to understand how a rapist and pedophile can get gender realignment on the NHS and be allowed to live in a woman's prison even though he still has a penis.

    It is a mad mad world, my masters, and forgive me, but I cannot recall any political party, particularly the present ruling party the Conservatives having any of this in their manifestos.

    Let's deal with the terrorist, first shall we?

    A Jihadi bride has rejected 7 council house offers because she says the houses were either too small or too far away from her family. I don't want to be rude but anywhere in the UK would be too far away from this woman's husband as he is probably still holed up in Syria where he went to in 2014 to be an Islamic terrorist commander.

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    Before you think I am visiting the sins of the husband on this poor woman let me just inform you that this woman was also convicted of terrorism offenses in 2014 and was sentenced to 28 months in jail.

    She started her legal action against Brent Council, aided and abetted by the Human Rights leeches almost as soon as the cell door banged behind her.

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    Let's just get her human rights abuse in context, shall we? There are over a million British families on the housing list at the moment, I wonder if all them would be so picky as this terrorist?

    Oh, by the way, I can't name her as the Judge granted her anonymity to protect her kids, which I kind of understand, even though she was all over the papers during her trial.

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    As for the protection of her kids, aged 9 and 7 could I humbly suggest they need protecting from her as she is deemed to still be such a threat to national security that she is banned from social media and is on a watch list!

    But wait it gets worse.  As well as accusing Brent council of infringing her human rights, even after they offered her £5 grand to help with a deposit to buy a house, she is also having a go at private landlords who she accuses of Islamophobia or prejudices against ex-cons as they are reluctant to rent to her.

    I don't want to be rude but would you want to rent your gaffe to an enemy of the State?

    To add insult to injury, of course, it is us hard working decent tax paying people who have not only funded her legal case but also shelled out thousands to pay for B and B accommodation for the last 18 months for our terrorist friend and her brood!

    I am glad to see that the Judge threw her case out yesterday but there has been plenty of legal support for her ilk in the past, witness the fact that Anjem Choudhry and his family lived on benefits whilst he spewed his hatred and of course Abu Hamza use to describe the UK as a toilet but every week he was able to hold out his hook and pick up his benefits.

    You don't need me to tell you why this madness happens, it is because the establishment is terrified of being called Islamophobic. But these people are first and foremost terrorists, not Muslims, so why all the pussyfooting around?

    Meanwhile, the Muslim Council of Britain has stirred up the British Army by making a big hoo-hah about Tommy Robinson meeting up with a few squaddies at Watford Gap service station and the brave lads taking selfies with him.

    In the biggest over reaction since Blackadder was in the trenches, the army top brass confiscated all the squaddies phones and are now chucking one lad out of the service?

    Of course, Tommy Robinson is the media and establishment's perfect bogeyman as they constantly portray him as the symbol of the rapid rise of the far right. This then allows them to try to convince us that the threat from the right is as severe as the real threat from the  Islamists.

    It is complete and utter nonsense of course unless I missed the four lads from Luton flying the planes into Canary Wharf or maybe I was on holiday when the EDL suicide bomber blew himself up at a Kylie concert?

    Look, I have no time for fascists of any religion or colour but please can the Government and the BBC and Sky News stop treating us as morons.

    I watched Newsnight last night and they attempted a hatchet job on Tommy Robinson but the report was so biased that it was laughable. We want facts you morons not tittle tattle Islington dinner party faux outrage about the white working class! If you want to hear what Tommy Robinson really thinks and believes please tune in to my sputnik show tonight at 6 where he is my special guest and he is in an explosive form I can assure you.

    This fear of being accused of Islamophobic of course has led to Halal meat becoming common place in restaurants and schools when actually the majority of Brits are clearly against this barbaric slaughter and it has now led to Marks and Sparks selling Hijabs to girls as young as 5 as part of a school uniform.

    Whilst women in Iran are being beaten up and arrested for daring to take off their Hijabs the appeasers in M and S are going out of their way to promote this symbol of female subjugation on little girls. As I understand it this piece of cloth is not mentioned in the Koran and many leading Muslim feminists including Maryam Namazie are campaigning vigorously against it being forced on girls before puberty in UK schools.

    I agree with LBC radio presenter, Maajid Nawaz who says the sale of this girl's hijab 'facilitates medievalism'. And that "This is gender apartheid. Marks and Spencer are free to sell Confederate flag tee-shirts too, but I bet they never will."

    Whatever your views are on women wearing the Hijab or even the Burka, and as you probably know I am against it, I cannot see how in modern Britain where we are constantly told that we have to accept young boys reassigning their gender that the Government turns a blind eye to this. It is clearly treating girls as second-class citizens who have to protect their modesty even before they reach puberty. This is wrong and NOT equality.

    Why has no one in public life got the balls to stand up and say no to this nonsense and tell this radical section of the Muslim community to fit in or ship out? That is not racist or Islamophobic. It is about saying that everyone in the UK should live under the same law and be subject to the same opportunities in life.

    Talking of which, who is the idiot who allowed serial rapist and pedophile David Thompson to self-define himself as a woman called Karen White and then allowed him to be sent to an all woman's prison where almost immediately he/she started to sexually assault female prisoners.

    This beast hadn't even had gender reassignment surgery. To the layman, he/she/it still had a penis under that frock! The person or persons who made this decision should be in the dock too.

    However, I was also disgusted by the MSM who, when reporting this case, still decided to tread on politically correct eggshells and not upset the transgender militant Brigade by referring to this beast by his female name and calling him a she.

    This is moral journalistic cowardice of the highest order and at least the Judge saw sense and sent David Thompson to jail for life in a male prison.

    When will this madness end? I am getting to the point where I wish I could buy an Island and set up a caliphate which rewards people for their hard work, respects their sexuality and doesn't care who they sleep with, punishes criminals, and promotes the idea of traditional families. Do you want to join me?

    The views and opinions expressed by the contributor do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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