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    Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister Theresa May dances as she arrives on stage to address delegates during a speech at the Conservative Party Conference at the ICC, in Birmingham, England, Wednesday, Oct. 3 , 2018.

    May Dances to EU Tune

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    Jon Gaunt

    Did you watch the Theresa May conference speech? From the moment she took to the stage with that cringing calculated robotic dance to Abba’s Dancing Queen to her standing ovation at the end, I just felt nauseous, bored and betrayed.

    The whole thing was forced. This woman has the charisma of a plank. She spoke for an hour and as far as I could see she said absolutely nothing of substance. I don't know about "chuck Chequers" I would have preferred a speech by the late Cheggers, as Keith would have put more politics in it.

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    The country is on the verge of being sold out to the EU Mafia and she spends most of her speech warning us about the reds under the bed, in the shape of either Putin or Corbyn. When she cited Kinnock and what he would have made of today's Labour party all I saw was him falling over on the Brighton beach, the Sun headline with him as a lightbulb and the fact that he and his family have made an absolute fortune on the EU gravy train. Who gives a flying toss what that welsh windbag thinks about anything? In fact, who really cares or fears Corbyn getting Into power? He has more chance of being invited to my mates' son's Bar mitzvah than entering number ten.

    Did you notice at the end when she was walking through the crowd she really does not like touching people or shaking their hand and there is a real frostiness when a hug is offered. She is a robot just going through the steps.

    I wasn't even moved by the tragic tale of her niece dying from cancer. I'm sorry it all just seemed too contrived, too false. And please don't get me started on the Owen Jones Tribute act when she started virtue signalling about the Pakistani landing in the UK and his son becoming Home Secretary, pleaaaaase pass me the vomit bucket.

    This woman hasn't got a conservative bone in her body and with every lie it is more and more apparent she is a remainer to the core.

    When she did the F word joke I finally realized that this was not her speech. Some bright young thing had cut and pasted this together for the Maybot to recite and to be fair to her she delivered it well, though to be frank she promised everything but I wouldn't trust her to deliver me a pizza!

    It has now emerged that the speech was written by Keelan Carr a young Oxford graduate and this confirms to me that the whole event and not just the terrible dancing was choregraphed completely.

    So, I woke up Thursday morning expecting the dinosaur press to savage her, but no they were all praising this pound shop Maggie and acting as if she had just delivered the modern version of the "we will fight them on the beaches" speech. Winston Churchill? More like the nodding dog in the Churchill insurance advert, obediently nodding at her EU masters.

    Suddenly the optimism of Boris' uplifting speech was over and the MSM were telling us that this was Theresa's best ever speech ever, that wouldn't have taken much would it?

    But who believes the baloney about the age of austerity being over and why was no one in the MSM asking what about Chequers. She didn't mention it because no one in the Hall, the party and indeed in the UK wants it.It makes me think that the whole of the last few days has just clever choreography? Has she already done the deal with Merkel's mafia and as events have unfolded yesterday and today I think she may have.

    How curious that almost straight after her warning of the threat of Russia we see the breaking of the news that the Netherlands had expelled some Russian spies accused of hacking the OPCW, the Olympics and the Democratic party. This was all reported in a breathless fashion even though the alleged crimes were months ago and in some cases years ago.

    Don't get me wrong if the Russians have tried to hack the OPCW it is serious stuff but the more you hear of the story the more it looks like a propaganda stunt to embarrass Putin and the Russian state.

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    If we believe the sequence of events and the "evidence" they left behind then these clots were even more incompetent than the two who went to Salisbury, the Chuckle Brothers of espionage.

    This story also conveniently diverts us away from both the EU betrayal and the Skripal story latest development about Sergei still being a working spy for the UK.

    There are still many unanswered questions about this case, for example, just who is this Pablo character who the press won't talk about as there are two DA notices imposed upon him by Her Majesty's government?

    Instead of blowing smoke up Theresa May's derriere maybe one of these journalists could investigate if there really is a link between Sergei, Pablo, The Steele dossier and the false stories about Trump and the prostitutes in Moscow.

    At the same time, someone could perhaps ask Mark Urban of the BBC why he didn't disclose to his audience that he knew Sergei and was writing a book on him for a year and didn't disclose this until after the poisoning of Dawn Sturges four months after the "assassination attempt"?

    This was a massive story and Urban was at the heart of it and any journalist I know would have been all over this like a rash and telling everyone they knew the victim, wouldn't they? If you read ex British Ambassador Craig Murrays blog.

    Craig alleges that Urban was in the same tank regiment as Pablo so it just gets more and more curious, doesn't it?

    I just wish the press would do their job and that Theresa May would apply the same vigour and aggression that she applies to the "threat" from Putin to the 23,000 people living in the UK who wish to do us harm or even to the 700 returning Jihadists who are or will be living amongst us.

    To be frank I am more afraid of the Jihadist nut job with a rucksack on the tube than any red under the bed.

    However, it appears that Theresa wants to carry on sabre rattling with the Russians and capitulating to the EU as the choreography has continued.

    Yesterday Donald Tusk seemed to be putting forward his offer again of a simple Canada style trade deal and today the Irish PM, Leo Varadkar, said there was a 'good opportunity' to seal an agreement by a crucial summit later this month?

    Putting these statements together imply that Theresa the Appeaser will defy the DUP who are holding her government in power and make some major concessions on the border issue. This could lead to the collapse of her government.

    Just what is going on and where is May's clunky dance and choreography taking us? And just why isn't Mogg, Boris or anyone changing the record and stopping us dancing to the EU and Globalist's tune.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article by Jon Gaunt are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.


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