09:29 GMT09 July 2020
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    Barnstorming Boris suddenly made UK politics interesting again with his patriotic and Pro-Brexit speech at the Tory conference in Birmingham yesterday.

    I have been calling on him for weeks, in these columns, to finally stand-up and be counted and do us all a favour and politically stab Theresa May in the back. He didn’t disappoint as he stabbed in her the front back and then for good measure threw her Chequers compromise on the bonfire of her own vanity.

    From the moment he entered the room he had his eyes set firmly on the Brexit betrayers in cabinet. His jibe at the man in grey, our inept, zero charisma chancellor Phillip Hammond, with a joke about financial forecasting was brilliant containing the right measure of venom but also self-deprecation. Boris was on a roll.

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    The morning had started with Theresa the Appeaser attempting to steal the limelight off Sajid Javid by touring the radio and TV studios promoting his new ideas on immigration as if they were hers.

    Javid comes over as genuine and I can almost forgive him for taking his daughter on a trip to Australia when he should have been sorting out the steel crisis but I am afraid I just do not believe a word Theresa May says on immigration or anything else. Can you believe that this wretched woman can reduce net immigration to under 100, thousand?  She didn’t manage to do it as Home Secretary and in fact the only numbers she got to fall were Police jobs!

    This deluded woman stood in the last election on a ticket of “Strong and Stable” but I am sorry Theresa you are WRONG and UNABLE.

    You are wrong on Brexit and you will be unable to get that past your own party let alone the Mafia mob in the Eu.

    You are wrong on immigration and unable to control numbers, you are already making concessions on numbers.

    You are even wrong on fuel duty. Like an end of pier magician, you have circulated the idea that the fuel duty would go up only to now say in your speech today that it is being held for the ninth year. You are even unable to pull this con trick off. You are fooling no one.

    You say this is a sign that you want to help hard up families. Nonsense, Theresa, the only person you want to help and keep in a job is yourself.

    In football terms you have lost the dressing room, the board and indeed the whole crowd. Please now be strong and able and resign.

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    It is laughable that Theresa May said she didn’t watch Boris’s speech? Who writes her PR?  Comical Ali? Of course, she watched and if she really didn’t then she missed a lesson in what the British public really want, a leader who has charisma, commitment, faith and a plan that will work. A leader that believes in Britain.

    From his media mobbing entrance into the hall, the queues that started forming two hours before his speech and the fact that the hall was so packed they even opened another balcony it was clear the only rock star politician the UK has, is Boris.

    Boris was correct to call the Brexit she is trying to force through a “constitutional outrage” and his catchphrase of “Chuck Chequers” will go down in political history books as one of the great quotes. He was at last putting forward his alternative views not just on Brexit and the EU but for a future Britain. And my impression is the public loved it.

    Looking at the leaked extracts of what Theresa May is going to say today it appears she is going to present another sequence of virtue signalling, social warrior soundbites and then have a go at Jeremy Corbyn. Theresa, when you’re in a hole stop digging.

    She goes to the podium today with rumours circulating that the cabinet are demanding that she sets a day for when she will resign. Her minders are also circulating a story that she also has a tickly cough again, do you remember last year’s farce? I don’t doubt she has a cough, a nervous cough, because surely, she must know her time is up.

    Now before you get the impression this column is the start of a bromance with Boris let me also point out some concerns about him.

    I don’t think he is the greatest politician that ever walked the earth and we all know he is not a details man but at the moment he is the best we’ve got. When I looked at that front row of his audience yesterday with David Davies, Steve Baker, Rees Mogg and the rest lapping up his speech didn’t you, like me, think “by god that is the beginning of a much better cabinet than Theresa has in Number 10 at the moment?”

    With the addition of Nigel Farage as an advisor on the Brexit negotiations we have the beginnings of a half decent Cabinet.

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    I said weeks ago that Boris as PM with Rees Mogg as Chancellor and David Davis back in the EU room with Farage would be a good strong and able start. I would now add in Sajid Javid as Home secretary as he is a details man and made a fairly good speech yesterday apart from the praise of Diane Abbot. But of course, he played to a half empty hall as everyone was already queuing to see Boris. That is the vital difference, Boris has the charisma and Javid does not.

    Parts of Boris’ speech was rambling and the jibe at UKIP was unnecessary but taking in its entirety it was bold and had a vision of an independent strong Britain which I think mirrors what we all voted for two years ago.

    The question now is, are there enough MPs who are willing to back Boris and sack Theresa May.

    Someone on Twitter remarked that Boris was like a less vain but more pompous Trump as if that was a criticism? This just goes to prove that you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time because as far as I am concerned we need a lot more Trump in UK politics and I think Boris has just proved he is the man who can provide it.

    Come on let’s make Britain GREAT again!

    The views and opinions expressed in this article by Jon Gaunt are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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