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    Britain's former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson takes a nap whilst watching the England cricket team play India at The Oval cricket ground in London

    Chuck May and Chequers!

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    Jon Gaunt

    Another day and another alternative Brexit plan from Boris Johnson that will never see the light of day unless he grows a pair.

    I don't know about you but I am getting increasingly fed up with Boris's posturing and his verbal bombs or "suicide belts" he keeps exploding around the EU.

    Just like him, I want Theresa May to chuck Chequers but I also want the Tories to chuck Theresa May and they could start that next week at their conference.

    In fact, Boris could start it right now by actually coming out and saying clearly and without hiding behind fancy words or classical imagery that he has lost confidence in Theresa the Appeaser and that she must go.

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    Surely there are enough Tory MPs who now want to put the country before their party? This long slow painful death of our Sovereignty and National pride at the hands of the EU has to end and end now. 

    Next week this Boris will get a massive reception from the party faithful and this has to be the time for him to strike. As I said, weeks ago, we need an A team of Boris in Number 10, Jacob Rees Mogg next door as Chancellor and David Davis as our EU negotiator.

    These are the best of a terrible bunch but let's face it with Comrade Corbyn effectively saying he will do everything in his power to force a general election there is no time to waste. Let's get these three in position and then get out of the Brexit mess and get some stability back to the UK.

    Effectively it is the action we need, Boris, not more long words!

    Boris is 100 percent correct to say that that work needs to be speeded up to prepare for a breakdown in talks, instead of "peddling endless propaganda about the chaos of 'no deal'". But action on Theresa May being removed needs to speeded up even more.

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    How long have we been hearing that there are now nearly enough letters from backbench MP s to trigger a leadership challenge, it's been going on for months.

    How many more meetings of Tory EU skeptics and Anti Theresa May meetings behind closed doors, even though the press has been tipped off, do we have to have before one of these spineless amoebas plunges the knife into the Appeaser?

    This is not a game gentleman. This is the future of our great country and you at the moment belong to a party with a leader who is hell bent on going against the wishes of the British public. There is no option. You have to remove her.

    How can Boris launch a blistering attack on Theresa May's Chequers plan, calling it "a moral and intellectual humiliation for this country" that will "cheat the electorate" if implemented and then not have the guts to say he wants to replace her openly?

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    You know, I know, May knows and the EU definitely know that Chequers is dead and Boris's Canadian free trade deal sounds like a much better alternative so what are we waiting for? Or more to the point what is he waiting for?

    Do we as a Nation have to be humiliated again by the likes of Macron before he does something?

    I know I am a Brexiteer to my core but surely even the most ardent remainer cannot argue with this logic from his column in today's Telegraph, "Overall, the Chequers proposals represent the intellectual error of believing that we can be half-in, half-out: that it is somehow safer and easier for large parts of our national life to remain governed by the EU even though we are no longer in the EU."

    This is why the BBC and Sky News keep going on about falling off a cliff edge with a no deal. But we are in this position because of May and the Establishment elite who have been determined to delay or derail the democratic wishes of this nation.

    Boris is bang on the money when he writes, "They are in that sense a democratic disaster. There is nothing safe or 'pragmatic' in being bound by rules over which we have no say, interpreted by a federalist court.

    I was dancing a jig when he said, "The Chequers proposals are the worst of both worlds".

    They are a moral and intellectual humiliation for this country. It is almost incredible that after two years this should be the opening bid of the British government."

    It's stirring stuff, almost Churchillian but then when you look around, unlike Winston who would have literally fought the Nazis on the beaches with his fellow countrymen, Boris is nowhere to be seen.

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    Plans are all well and good but we actually need action now, as the enemy in the shape of the EU, Labour, the globalists and big business are determined to get a second referendum.

    This morning, probably from his hammock on his private Island in the West Indies, Richard Branson declared that Brexit will be a disaster for the UK. Sipping on another cocktail the "patriot" said, "I do personally think that entrepreneurs and business people know what this country needs more than Boris Johnson knows." He then called for another referendum!

    "Eh Richard what about what the British people want, what about what the British People voted for?"

    Next week should be a political bloodbath in Birmingham and Boris should be showing "patriotic ex-pats", like Branson, that he is more in tune with the common people than Branson and his ilk will ever be.

    However please don't be surprised if it is just more empty words and the continuation of the slow betrayal of our nation.

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