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    Sadiq Khan

    Khan is Full of Hot Air

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    Jon Gaunt

    I don’t want to be rude but Shouldn't London Mayor, Sadiq Khan concentrate on his own "abject failure" to run London before calling for a second EU Referendum?

    His priority should be to sort out London’s acid attacks, moped muggings, knifings and murder epidemic or are these crimes, along with the threat of terror attacks, part and parcel of living in a major city too?

    The London mayor says he did not imagine having to call for a second vote but it needs to happen "for the good of our country".

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    There is no two ways about it, Sadiq Khan is a 100 percent failure as London Mayor and 1000 percent a hypocrite to call for a second referendum on Brexit and to want to overrule the democratic wishes of the people of the UK.

    Just after the referendum result in July 2016 he said in an interview with LBC radio that “the establishment needs to respect the result, as another referendum would lead to more cynicism amongst voters”. 

    Again, he is wrong because if the result is overturned or a second referendum is held it will not lead to cynicism it will actually lead to riots on the street.

    Where I do agree with Khan is when he says that he is,” increasingly alarmed as the chaotic approach to the negotiations had become mired in confusion and deadlock". But what Khan can’t see is that he is part of this confusion and deadlock.

    We should be out of the EU by now. It has only dragged on for two years because the establishment elite just don’t want it to happen. 

    It has been a pincher movement to derail the democratic will of the people since the day we actually voted, in fact even before that historic day in June 2016. 

    We had operation Fear 1 led by an assorted bunch of Globalist stooges including Obama and the Canadian Bank of England Governor. Then Cameron, like the posh boy who we used to play football with, ran off with his leather ball when he didn’t like the result. 

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    Finally, we have the 3 unwise monkeys of Clegg, Blair and John Major who have been travelling around the EU trying to persuade assorted leaders to keep us in the EU and thwart the democratic will of the people. 

    Add to this treasonous mix a leader, in Theresa May, who says Brexit must mean Brexit but like a stick of Blackpool rock clearly has the word remain written right through her core. 

    Now she now demands that we must push through her car crash Chequers plan or face a no deal situation.

    We should have played the no deal option months ago and just walked away and that is why we are now in a situation where Khan can say, "Both these scenarios are a million miles from what was promised during the referendum campaign, only further exposing the lies and mistruths sold to the public,"

    However, unlike Khan, I can remember David Cameron saying, “I am absolutely clear a referendum is a referendum, it’s a once in a generation, once in a lifetime opportunity and the result determines the outcome… You can’t have “neverendums”, you have referendums.”

    Then of course when the little posh boy lost the game he ran away with his football to write his book, which just like the referendum is a mess and unfinished!

    I can also remember that Corbyn, who Khan backed for leader of Labour, has been anti EU all of his political career until now when he sees the possibility of getting into power.

    What unites all of these professional politicians is the fact that they think they know better than the people who elected them and they make me sick.  

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    Surrounded by their mates in the MSM Westminster bubble they run roughshod over our wishes. The only reason we are in a mess about the EU now is because these self-serving politicians have deliberately tried, in their various ways, to overrule the democratic wishes of the people. 

    The only light I can see at the end of the tunnel is that the people are not going to take this act of betrayal lying down.

    Khan is typical of this ruling elite. He presents himself as a man of the people until he gets elected and then ignores the wishes and desires of the people when in Office.

    When I tweeted about his call for a second referendum I was genuinely shocked by the ferocity and negativity of the responses towards him. were so negative about him. This mirrored recent polls that have shown his approval rating is falling not just amongst Londoners but across the nation. He is without doubt the arch expression of a politician who is completely out of touch with the people he was elected to serve.

    To be fair some people made the point that it is not reasonable to put all the blame for the murder epidemic on him alone as there have been 20 thousand Police job cuts implemented by Theresa May. 

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    I agree but I do not need a lecture on that as I led the PR campaign for several Police Federations against these cuts and warned of the dangers of them being implemented but that said these cuts were national and the fact remains that Khan is the man dictating policing priorities in London.

    It was Khan who famously reduced stop and search, again supported by our useless Prime Minister, calling it racist and the body count started to mount almost immediately.

    However, I think what rankles with most people is the fact that Khan, like all virtue signallers, always refuses to take responsibility for the spiralling crime in London under his tenure. He appeared also to be too busy trying to derail the visit of President Trump to the UK earlier in the Year, including his despicable decision to allow the flying of that balloon over Westminster, rather than taking responsibility for the crime epidemic that is plaguing London.

    This is why I cannot escape the feeling that this latest example of political “Khanage” of calling for a second referendum is just a diversion technique to draw attention away from the fact that crime is out of control on the streets of London.

    Back in September 2016, just after he was elected, he said, “Nothing is more important to me than keeping Londoners safe,” “I want to be reassured that every single agency and individual involved in protecting our city has the resources and expertise they need to respond in the event that London is attacked.” This is where the infamous quote, just after the New York terror attack, came from where he said London needed to be prepared for a terrorist attack and that, “Terror was part and parcel of living in a big city” 

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    The problem for Khan is that since that speech London has been attacked by more than just terrorists. Londoners are also under attack from feral and downright dangerous moped gangs, knife and gun wielding thugs and acid throwers whilst his response has been wholly unsatisfactory. London feels and is more dangerous under his watch and the Met Police’s own figures back this claim and feeling up.

    Meanwhile, on terror his response is to ask us not to look back in anger, sing Kumbaya and stress that the attacks have nothing at all to do with Islam.

    London is burning, Theresa May says she is not for turning and judging by what I am hearing from social media and the general population we are weeks away from the whole of the UK burning.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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