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    Women in burka

    Action NOT Words

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    Jon Gaunt

    Is it just me or are you too sick to death of talking and hearing about Muslims, Islam and the blooming Burka?!

    We have had the confected row about Boris and the Burka, the introduction of a "back door" blasphemy law for Islam and now we hear that the Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi was radicalized by an Imam preaching in a mosque in Didsbury Manchester.

    When I say I am sick to death of the subject what I really mean is I am fed up of talking about it as I feel nothing will change because the people who really should be addressing these issues seem too scared to actually address the problems in that community.

    The only surprise about the story of Abedi hearing a sermon that called and supported armed Jihad in Manchester a few months before he blew up 22 mainly young girls was that it was the BBC who actually reported it!

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    For too long our State Broadcaster has turned a blind eye to these stories and the horrific tales of the Pakistani rape gangs that have and are plaguing our major cities.

    The BBC is not alone though. Only last week there were reports of how the Home Office had been turning a blind eye to UK born young girls being sent to countries like Pakistan to be raped and married to their cousins and uncles so that these pigs could get UK visas. The Home Office knew this was going on but did nothing about it! Why? Was it cultural sensitivities? These people make me sick. A child is a child, for God's sake.

    The same happened with the rape gangs where successive Governments and councils preferred to attack the young white girls, the victims, and accuse them of being slappers, whores or from broken homes rather than confront the monsters in our midst.

    I do believe that Tommy Robinson was silly to be in contempt but how come the authorities can move so quickly against him and try, find him guilty and bang him up in five hours when it has taken years, decades even to bring the rape gangs to trial?

    You also have to question why there have been no successful prosecutions for female genital mutilation in the UK in the last 30 years when we know from the NHS that this filthy disgusting barbaric sexual abuse has been imported into this country.

    Why are our politicians so quick to label people who do talk about and criticise these atrocities as far right or racist rather than trying to investigate and stop these practices?

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    They seem more concerned about cultural sensitivities than treating all people living in the UK equally before the law. This must stop and stop now.

    Instead of donning a headscarf and trying to politically kneecap Boris Johnson for not even calling for a ban on the Burka, Theresa May should have a debate about whether full face covering is acceptable in the UK.

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    With survey after survey saying the majority of Brits want it banned it is foolish, to say the least, to try and close down free speech and expression on the subject. Mind you this is a woman who is ignoring the wishes of 17.4 million with her Brexit betrayal so it shouldn't surprise me!

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    However, politicians need to stop burying their head in the sand whether they are wearing a headscarf are not because I sense and it is confirmed again today on social media that people of all creeds and backgrounds are getting angry really angry.

    I have been swamped with tweets telling me that Tommy Robinson exposed the Didsbury Mosque back in July 2017 and was shouted down as a racist for his trouble. However, the list of preachers who had spouted their vile anti-western rhetoric is like a who's who of terror, included amongst them is Abu Qatada who many regard as the spiritual father of al-Qaeda in Europe.

    Other people have pointed me to Paul O Donoghue who read out a quote from this mosque on BBC TV's Question Time and was shouted down as an Islamophobe by the audience.  This is what Paul said, as he quoted from a leaflet distributed by the Mosque, "Modesty, shame and honor have no place in Western Civilisation" Later the BBC did go and interview Paul but they have never aired the footage I wonder why?

    Here is the video:

    Surely after Question Time, this Mosque should have been investigated by the Police or the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham. It would appear, however, that Burnham was too busy slagging off people who dared to march against the Arena atrocity dismissing them all as "EDL types" when they were clearly not.

    It is hard to disagree with Colonel Richard Kemp who said on Twitter today:

    "This needs to be properly investigated & if this person did as is alleged he should be prosecuted. Many mosques in the UK preaching anti-British hate — needs to be faced and vigorously dealt with. We need strength, not appeasement."

    I am sick of saying this but as Imam Taj Hargey said on my Sputnik radio show last week we need to stop all Saudi Arabian funding of Mosques in this country and close down the Mosques that have been radicalized. We should follow the lead of countries like Austria who closed down and deported over 60 foreign Imams recently.

    None of this is Islamophobic or racist it is purely fulfilling the first duty of Government which is the protection of its citizens, all of its citizens.

    How much longer are we meant to keep swallowing the nonsense that these young Jihadists are being radicalized by watching YouTube videos or the internet? They are not. They are clearly being radicalized in Mosques in places like Didsbury.

    But you just know it won't be investigated, don't you? It will be kicked into the long grass just as the rape gangs are with Sajid Javid only recently calling for research into the "ethnicity of rape gangs and their victims".  Sorry, Sajid but I think we know the answer to that one without any more "research" mate!

    This turning of a blind eye to these serious crimes in the Muslim community do a great disservice to the whole UK public but actually, they do even more harm to the Muslim community. The majority of Muslims just want to get on with their lives and live in harmony but by not tackling or even talking about the extremists who live amongst them it will be ordinary Muslims who will suffer most.

    For god's sake, politicians do something!

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.

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