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    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, left and Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrive for a meeting during the NATO summit of heads of state and government, at the NATO headquarters, in Brussels on Thursday, May 25, 2017

    Boris, Hit May for Six Please!

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    Jon Gaunt

    Today has to be the day that Boris Johnson steps up to the crease and bowls out Theresa May for the dead duck she is.

    This useless woman has been clinging to power and batting away all criticism for far too long and has consequently dragged the UK into the outfield of European and world politics.

    Yesterday she attempted to whack away any criticism from backbenchers who were going to vote against her with the threat of an election, deselection for them and a Corbyn government. This was the action of a deluded fool and a tin-pot dictator.

    It was the action of a desperate woman who is proving time and time again she is not a team player but only interested in her own position and staying at the crease despite the facts showing that her tactics (if she has any) are wrong time and time again.

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    I use the cricket metaphor as it is so apt as Boris now has to play the part of Geoffrey Howe, whose resignation speech ended Maggie Thatcher’s time at number 10.

    The Iron Lady was bowled for six by Howe just days after she made that famous speech at the Mansion House saying, “I am still at the crease, though the bowling has been pretty hostile of late.”

    Howe responded in his resignation speech saying, "It's rather like sending our opening batsmen to the crease only for them to find before the first ball is bowled, that their bats have been broken by the team captain…..The time has come for others to consider their response to the tragic conflict of loyalties with which I have wrestled for perhaps too long."

    This was the beginning of the end for Thatcher.

    Today, Boris has to bat for the whole of the UK and not just his party and certainly not just for himself, which is his usual playing style.

    Enough, the simple plain facts are May has to go and she has to go now. We should feel no sympathy for her as she has proved time and time again she is no Iron Lady, no Mrs. Thatcher.

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    Who can forget Maggie Thatcher’s tears at the window of Number 10 when she knew her time was finally up. I felt great sympathy for her but I will be crying with laughter if May goes today.

    Yesterday was not just a day of high drama in the Commons it was a day of melodrama and actually an insult to every voter in the UK.

    Andrea Leadsom’s suggestion that the Commons could go on holiday early just to avoid Boris making his resignation speech and thereby saving May’s scrawny neck was an absolute smack in the teeth to every working man and woman in the country.

    Just imagine if you had messed up in your job and your reaction to your boss was, “I’m off on holiday before you can give me the rollicking?” The result would be that you would be looking for a card with a letter P and a number between 44 and 46!

    I am joking but this is no laughing matter and the fact that it was Leadsom who put forward this idea is just a further illustration that the elite are not doing what we instructed them to do in the EU Referendum. Leadsom, for god’s sake, was meant to be a Brexiteer!

    Labour are no better as they are also putting their party before the country.

    This self-serving madness of the Elite has to stop and that must start with Boris becoming Brutus and knifing Theresa May in the back and front. I want it to be bloody, I want it to be nasty and I want it to be final. She must go today.

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    As I suggested, a few weeks ago, we need a Brexiteer in number 10 and a cabinet stuffed full of people who voted to leave and this must include Nigel Farage in an advisory role.

    Nothing else will satisfy the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit. Don’t believe me? Well just take a quick look at the rising numbers who are joining UKIP. The people have had enough of this nonsense.

    Today is also the day when Tommy Robinson has his appeal heard. For the record, I think Tommy was an idiot for breaking the contempt laws but there is no doubt that his sentence was largely a political one and many in the UK BELIEVE he truly is a political prisoner and that he is the most visible sign of a concerted clampdown on dissent and free speech in the country. His sentence must be reduced.

    Quite frankly I am bored to the back teeth with Brexit and I reckon most people in the UK feel like me. Why has it all been so bloody difficult and complex?

    It should have been easy, we gave them a mandate to get us out of the EU. We knew what we were voting for, it was to get our country back and control our borders and make our own law.

    What we didn’t vote for was for the elite to drag their feet or pretend that we the masses didn’t know what we are voting for.  We absolutely knew what we were voting for but those in power just didn’t like our decision.

    Instead of thinking about extending their summer holidays M.P.’s should be kept at Westminster until they sort out this Brexit mess.

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    “Drunker Juncker” must be laughing his “proverbial” off at this nonsense as it is clear May has now blown any chance of us having any real negotiating position with the EU.

    So, this is why I want Boris to go in today with his bat swinging.

    I want him to knock May for six, I want his team (The Tories) to get behind him and I then want him to hit the EU to the boundary and tell them in no uncertain terms that there is a new man at the crease and he is no longer playing by their rules.

    Do you agree?

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