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    Jon Gaunt

    There is no way that Theresa May should be allowed to cling onto her leadership of our great country for a minute longer. The Tories should put the Country before their party and immediately call a taxi, or knowing the Tories a bloody Uber, to escort this useless woman away from Downing Street.

    I was delighted to see David Davies find his backbone and stand up to this failed leader’s bullying and walk on Monday and even more delighted when Boris followed suit.

    This should be a seminal moment in British politics but it would appear that Theresa the appeaser has still not got the message and is determined to cling, limpet like, to power. She must not be allowed to do so.

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    We do not need an election if they do boot her out, as remember, she came to power without a vote, straight after the referendum decision.

    The Tories also do not need a leadership contest, they should just appoint Boris, David Davis Jacob Rees Mogg, Gove or even Andrea Leadsom to the position and promise the UK public that they will hold a General Election in six months’ time once we have finally left the EU.

    The person who holds the actual office of PM is irrelevant to me and to most people in the country, as long as they are a Brexiteer.

    More important to both the Country and to the future of the Tory party is the following appointment, which is absolutely vital to restore confidence in our Politicians. Now hear me out before you think I have lost hold of my senses but I believe that Nigel Farage should be appointed as Chief Negotiator for the UK on the EU Brexit talks and also as a special envoy to the US as well.

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    There have, of course, been precedents for these kinds of appointments before as Lord Digby Jones and Lord Sugar have both held unelected positions.

    If Farage was appointed he would bring with him the support of most of the 17.4 million who democratically voted to leave the EU. It would be the political version of winning the World Cup. He should work with David Davis and immediately halt all discussions with the EU. He should tell them that the UK have had enough of the EU’s bullying ways and that all deals and bets are now off.

    We should state clearly and imply that this new team reserves the right and are quite willing to walk away without a deal. This should concentrate the minds of the EU Muppets who have been bossing the negotiations so far.

    At the same time Farage should, as The Donald himself wanted months ago, be our man in Washington and with his special relationship we should move at pace to get this trade deal done with the US. At a stoke all nonsense talk of quasi Customs union deals with the undemocratic EU would stop immediately.

    Another great benefit of this approach of putting country before party would also be that the nightmare scenario of Comrade Corbyn and Abacus Abbot getting into power would not then be a danger.

    The new PM should also send a direct and uncompromising message to the useless Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, that Trump is coming to visit the UK and that he should be afforded all due respect his great office deserves.

    So, a prick should be applied to this disgusting balloon that he has allowed to be flown and also a metaphorical prick or slap down to this selfie loving clown, Khan.

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    For far too long this fool has been able to criticise Donald Trump and derail his visit and indeed the prospects of a trade deal which would affect the whole of the UK.

    The American Ambassador only yesterday said the deal was in jeopardy so what do you think will be Donald’s reaction when he sees a 6-foot balloon of him in a nappy flying over Westminster?

    Please do not get me wrong I have got no objection to people, even the feral the feckless, the unwashed and the long term useless demonstrating but the Mayor of London should not be indulging in the politics of the gutter or the student union.

    It might be a little more acceptable if this fool wasn’t presiding over a city which has become Murder one capital of the Western world.

    Of course in between having selfies little Sadiq could also be addressing knife crime, acid attacks and moped crime and he could be aided and abetted by the politically correct clown who is meant to be in charge of policing the capital, what’s her name? Dick of the Yard!

    Someone needs to get a grip of this country as Gareth Southgate has of the English football team. We are crying out for leadership, motivation and self-belief and I believe if the likes of Davies, Mogg and Boris put country before the party and embraced the populist support of Nigel Farage the sun could really continue to shine in this green and pleasant land and also restore people’s faith in the political system.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.

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