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    Armed British police officers (File)

    More Robocop Less PC Cops Please

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    Jon Gaunt

    The suggestion by the National Police Chiefs’ Council that the UK should arm all rural Police Officers is wrong. We actually need to arm EVERY Police Officer in the UK in the face of rising violent crime and Jihadist attacks.

    I am not being alarmist but the days of the friendly copper on Dixon of Green have gone, even the grittier Z Cars is outdated and of course the snowflakes and the liberals who infest the upper echelons of the Police service would never want a return to The Sweeney style of Policing let alone Gene Hunt in Life on Mars!

    However, I guess the majority of UK citizens want this and I am convinced most of the ever-thinning blue line would want it too.

    I was being half flippant quoting Cop TV programmes but the plain facts are that the Police, no sorry the Government, have lost control of the streets to the feral, the feckless and the downright dangerous.

    Not only have they lost control of the streets with their "Softly Softly" (sorry I couldn't resist that one!) approach to Policing and sentencing but they have also cut our border force to the bone as well as cutting 20 thousand Police jobs. As a result, we have become a haven for illegal immigrants, some of whom are dangerous and others, let's face it, are terrorists.

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    Why on earth we needed to import more trouble is beyond me as we have enough violent thugs in the UK already as witnessed by the scumbag, Henry Vincent, who tried to burgle a pensioner's home in Hither Green and got stabbed to death by the house owner.

    Further Proof that the government have lost control is the way that this violent thug's family were allowed to leave floral tributes to him outside the Richard's home and then of course the trashy funeral where they wanted to parade the funeral cortege past the pensioner victim's house.

    Final proof that the criminal underclass has won is the fact that the victim, 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks, had to have police protection after the incident and has now had to sell his family home as he is too scared to return to it because of the threats from Henry Vincent's family.

    The logic behind the suggestion of arming rural police is that these areas are too remote for an armed response unit to get to an incident in time. I guess the top cops had in mind the beheading in rural France of the priest by an Islamist mad man.

    Of course, people are concerned about terrorism and we all know that if these murdering Jihadist had a brain cell amongst them they would attack more rural areas because that would create real terror in the UK population and that of course is the essence of terrorism. So, we do have to take the threat seriously. However, I believe we live amongst more than one clear and present danger at the moment.

    You only have to look at the fact that London has overtaken New York for murders and more alarmingly it appears that both the suspects and the victims are largely children. Then there was the incident of the old lady kicked to death in her own home or the acid attacks that are becoming more and more frequent.

    There is a real breakdown in law and order and it cannot be addressed with coppers carrying a baton or even a Taser. I don't even think the routine arming of the police, which by the way 55 percent of serving Officers want, would necessarily stem the violence because what we really need is a root and branch reform of law and order in the UK.

    My dad was a copper for thirty years and he was definitely of the Gene Hunt style of Policing rather than the Metropolitan's Police's Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey who called the death of armed criminal, Vincent "a tragedy!" A man whose first response to Richards' neighbours pulling down the floral tributes to the career burglar was to warn the decent neighbours that they could be arrested for breach of the Peace!

    I am not saying we want a return to Police Officers being prosecutor judge and jury handing out summary justice, but we do need a return to good old-fashioned respect and perhaps even a little fear of coppers.

    How disappointing is it that whilst the Police uniform has mutated into a form of Robocop attire at the same time our Police seem to be constrained by politically correct concerns and form filling and checking racial quotas.

    They may look like they are tooled up and ready for anything but they are policing with one politically correct arm up their back. If they dare to use a Taser of God forbid a firearm they can be suspended for months whilst an inquiry takes place or even dragged through the courts as has happened on more than one occasion.

    But it's not just fear the Police need to also be respected and visible on the street. That's why Theresa May's cuts were so devastating and damaging not just to the coppers but our society as a whole.

    But the problem goes much further back.

    It starts with family and the breakdown of that most essential unit of society. I would hazard a guess that most of the violent young murderers and a sizable amount of the young victims in London's murder epidemic don't have a male role model at home let alone an actual Dad.

    We need to stop demonising single mothers and crack down on these feckless fathers.

    Kids need boundaries. They need limits and discipline and respect has to start at home.

    This then has to be further developed and enhanced in the school room and perhaps it would be a good idea to stop referring to children as young people as they are not. They are children and should be treated as such.

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    I'm sorry to sound so old fashioned but the phasing out of school uniforms and the abolition of corporal punishment has also led to a breakdown in respect. I am not in favour of beating children but I do believe that the cane acted as a kind of ultimate deterrent to keep the majority in line.

    I am also not a bread and water merchant but our sentencing and prison regimes need to be tougher much, much tougher.

    We should start by stating that life will mean life and that ten years actually means you serve ten. Good behaviour means you get out in ten not in five. Prisons need massive investment in education programmes and Prison Officers need to be paid a decent wage and it is criminal that we are letting prisoners out if they are still addicted to class A Drugs or cannot read and write.

    To conclude, as I begin to hear the bleating of the snowflake generation and the whining liberals who infest the UK's law and order system, let me state categorically guns do NOT kill people, it is people who kill people. So, if terrorists and criminals, whatever their age are on the streets fully tooled up then why aren't our police?

    I don't know about you, but if some nutter is running down the street shouting Allah Akbar and stabbing or shooting innocents then I want my Police Force, just like the French and the USA do, to blow him away before he slaughters more innocents.

    I do want a bit more Robocop and less PC Policing what about you?

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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