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    Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (File)

    Khan Can't Trump Trump

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    Jon Gaunt

    I love virtue signalling Sadiq Khan. He is just the gift that keeps on giving.

    For months he has been slagging off Donald Trump and trying to pick a fight with the Leader of the Free World and now the pipsqueak says he wants to meet the Donald and lecture and educate him on "how diverse we are as a city and how that is a strength"

    So here are my suggestions on how Sadiq could school The Donald!

    Let's start with a visit to the London Hospital which Donald Trump referred to as ‘like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds'

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    Remember, Khan angrily refuted this statement, forgetting that the Doctors who work there, back in April, had said on the BBC that, "colleagues who had worked in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan had made the same comparison — on the basis that they found themselves treating children with knife wounds on a daily basis".

    I don't recall the Mayor shouting about that when the Trauma surgeon said it but of course it was a different matter when Trump used the same terms.

    Khan is the typical little man who just wants to pick a fight, a fight which he can never win but unfortunately, he won't be the only loser, it will be the whole of the UK if Donald decides the "Special relationship" is from now on going to be with France not us.

    Back to the tour of our wonderful diverse capital city!

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    Will there be a sightseeing trip, on an open top London red bus, to the spot where mum, Pretana Morgan, washed the blood of her own murdered son off the pavement or sidewalk as Donald would call it?

    Maybe Donald will visit the non-existent no-go areas of our capital that Khan says do not exist.

    How about a quick lesson in acid throwing as we seem to have become the acid throwing centre of the western world. Perhaps we should introduce it as an Olympic sport, we would win Gold!

    Perhaps a visit to the graves of the 63 (or has it risen overnight?) of the young kids who have been busy slaughtering each other on the streets of London.

    Perhaps Sadiq could introduce Trump to Cressida Dick, the boss of the Metropolitan Police.

    She could instruct this tough New Yorker on how stop and search was reduced, as it was seen as a racist tool by people like Khan and even Theresa May and the liberal Elite who run our Police service.

    I am sure Donald will be fascinated to learn how this has now led to London having more murders than the Big Apple.

    Perhaps Sadiq could have a sit down and a coffee and in between talking about his faith he could talk about how he has been tempted to protest against the President's visit and how he really feels that the President is not welcome in London.

    I would say he has actively encouraged protestors to come to London to disrupt the visit. Indeed, if it wasn't for virtue signalling snowflakes like Khan,Trump would be getting the full State visit, including meeting the Queen, that his position in world politics deserves.

    Remember, whether you like him or not, this is the man who looks like he has brought peace to the Korean peninsula and will probably be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

    Just remind me Sadiq what did Obama achieve to get his State visit or how about the Butchers of Saudi Arabia?

    Perhaps Sadiq will discuss his tweet of April 26 where he said, "If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear. He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.'

    This will be the same London that is experiencing a murder epidemic that he seems powerless to stop, instead blaming central police cuts for the deaths.

    Well he does have a point there, but there are so many other factors at play that the Mayor is ignoring. For example, I would humbly suggest that his open and diverse city also contains a fair proportion of third world savages who have brought their acid attacks and immediate recourse to violence to our great capital city.

    I am all for well-managed, controlled immigration and I think immigrants who have come and who have settled and accepted and WANTED our way of life have contributed to our country's growth.

    BUT and it is a very BIG but, we all know that there are communities that have not fitted in, who have not realised what a great privilege it is to be an UK citizen and hold our passport.

    I would go further and also say there are pockets of no go areas in our major cities where the inhabitants actively despise, hate and want to destroy our very way of life.

    Whilst the Mayor is lecturing Donald on the wonders of diversity and respectfully pointing out why Trump's travel ban is wrong and racist, I wonder if he will have time to discuss how we have imported Female Genital Mutilation in to the UK and how there has not been one single prosecution against the people who perform this abuse on their children?

    I wonder if, in his diatribe on diversity,  he will talk about the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs that have been allowed to flourish in the towns and cities of the UK? Which his political party seemed to turn a blind eye to, as it would appear it was more important to celebrate "diversity" than actually protect young girls of all backgrounds?

    Everyone in this country, regardless of where they come from, should be British first and their religion, culture, background second.

    Sadiq and most of the Establishment Elite live in a bubble and are deluding themselves, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that everything is rosy, that multi culturalism is working when it is clearly not.

    That's why thousands marched in London on Sunday on the Day for Freedom March. People want to have their say and not be silenced with screams or racist or Islamophobia if they criticize sections of, or abuses by, any particular section of society. But did the MSM cover this event and use it a launch pad to discuss these difficult issues? Of course they didn't. They ignored it.

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    Khan's delusion that his opinion matters reached massive heights when he suggested yesterday that he might give Trump a rollicking when he said, "One of the joys of having close mates is to be able to call them out when they're wrong."

    No Khan it is you who is wrong, wrong on two counts. One that fact that I doubt Donald sees you as a mate, in fact judging by my twitter account, you should be renamed Johnny…no mates!

    You are also wrong that your rose-tinted view of the world is shared by most Brits rather than the world view of Trump who clearly knows his first responsibility is the protection of his citizens.

    A lesson that you need to have Mr Mayor and quickly before the murder toll hits three figures.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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