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    I am Ashamed to be a BRIT

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    Jon Gaunt

    AI never thought I would say this but after the events of the past four weeks I am ashamed of being British!

    I cannot believe the way Theresa May and Boris Johnson have acted as Prosecutor, Judge, and Jury in the Skripal case and in the decision to bomb Syria. They would say these two events are linked by Russia whereas I would say they are actually linked by a distinct lack of evidence.

    I have always been immensely proud of our justice system and I believe the statue of Lady Justice on top of the Old Bailey with her scales and sword standing on top of the Globe symbolizes our core British values of one law for all and impartiality. We have exported this and people have copied it around the Globe. It is something we Brits are rightly proud of and would defend to the last breath.

    Even a rapist or murderer has access to justice and a defense with a lawyer and then, of course, is judged by 12 good men and true based on the evidence that is presented.

    Compare and contrast this with the Skripal case where despite what Boris the Bungler it has not been proven conclusively that it was the Russians “wot done it” despite his flowery language. 

    Now with Syria, Trump and May have sent the bombs in based on just one piece of flimsy video from the White Helmets who many believe cannot be trusted.

    Without waiting for Parliament to come back from recess on Monday she sent the bombers in last night. 

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    Why the haste? Could it be because she knew she had no chance of getting permission through the Commons, could it be that she wanted to destroy any evidence before the Weapons Inspectors visit the site on Monday?! 

    Am I being too cynical? 

    I don’t think so but I did think I would be the only person along with George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn to be against this military action. What a trio? Again, something I never thought would happen, me agreeing with them two! However, what I have also been surprised about is how many of my readers, social media followers and listeners have agreed with me and do not want war with Syria let alone Russia. This was then backed up by a YouGov poll which showed that by 2 to 1 the British public opposed military action in Syria.

    But still Theresa sent the Bombers in. Why doesn’t she show this decisive and aggressive attitude to the negotiations with the EU, the murder gangs in London or dare I even say it the British Pakistani Rape gangs?

    I can’t escape the verdict that most of her decisions are being driven by wanting to divert our attention from her failure on the domestic front. Many people believe that Margaret Thatcher sent the Falklands Task force to save her career but at least the majority of Brits supported her in that war and of course, we had a clear strategy to both win and then what to do in the future.

    Unfortunately, Mrs. May is a Poundland Maggie, as it is clear she was being led by President Trump and in the press conference on Saturday after the bombing she looked like a rabbit caught in a car's headlight. When pressed on a strategy she did not really have an answer. She also linked Salisbury and Syria as if one justified the other and therefore the bombing.

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    But sorry I and most Brits just don’t buy this Theresa. There are too many unanswered questions to convince me. I won’t bother going through the pantomime narrative of the Skripal case but instead let’s just focus on the Syria bombing.

    The first question, as I have already mentioned, why the haste, why do it before Parliament have a chance to discuss it?

    This seems like a no-brainer after the deception of Blair and the dodgy Weapons of mass destruction surely, she would not want to raise suspicions with UK public.

    Why not wait until after Monday when the weapons inspectors have been to poisoning site?

    Also, I do not understand why Assad, backed by the Russians,would now use chemical weapons when they have effectively won the war with Islamic State. Even President Trump admitted that Assad was the winner in this conflict a couple of weeks ago?

    Another vital question is, just what’s the connection between the appointment of the new National Security advisor, John Bolton one day and the video of the poisoning the day after?

    What is Donald Trump’s motive to suddenly be so interventionist and anti-Russian. Has been taken over by the Swamp dwellers led by the aggressive John Bolton?

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    What is the long-term objective? Theresa May says it is not regime change so what is it? Are Trump and May really going to sit down and break bread with the “Animal” Assad in the future?

    Do Trump and May really want to allow Islamic State to have a resurgence? Have they not learned the lessons of Iraq and Libya where our intervention has led to chaos and the biggest refugee migration crisis since Biblical times?

    Please do not be mistaken I am not excusing the use of chemical weapons against anyone especially children and if it is proved that Assad has used them I will, of course, condemn him but again I ask where is the evidence?

    Some have already accused me of being unpatriotic for asking these questions and for being cynical. However, believing in and being proud of my country is a totally different thing to blindly following any political leader especially after being so misled by the Political class so often as so clearly illustrated by Blair’s WMD dossier and the betrayal of Brexit. This is why today I say I am ashamed of being British.

    The views of Jon Gaunt are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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