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    An armed British policeman secures terminal 4 at Heathrow airport, London.

    Englishman's Home Not His Castle Anymore? No Human Rights for Criminals!

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    Jon Gaunt

    Yes, I know it's a cliché but it's one I firmly believe in. I also firmly believe that should anyone break into that Castle the homeowner should have an absolute right to use any force they can to defend it and in essence, the criminal should lose all their human rights when they climb through the kitchen window.

    The majority of UK citizens agree with my viewpoint and certainly my ex-cop Dad held these beliefs during his thirty-year service in the British Police Force.

    However, it is a good job that my Dad was cremated as otherwise, he would be spinning in his grave at the Politically Correct state of the British Police Service. Ever since it was renamed as the Police Service and not a force it has been on a self-destructive journey that reached its ultimate ludicrous destination when the Top Brass of the Met decided the feelings of a career criminal's family were greater than the protection of the 78-year-old victim.

    Like my Dad, a Constable for 30 years, the rank and file of the Force still do a great job and like him, they just want to nick "Baduns". But unfortunately, they are Lions being led by Politically Correct Donkeys who act more like social workers than Law enforcement agents.

    The events at Hither Green, a quiet suburb of Mayor Kahn's Murder Capital, have been at the center of the most ridiculous narrative that proves conclusively that those who run the Police Force, sorry I mean service, have finally lost the plot.

    A career criminal, Henry Vincent and an accomplice broke into 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brook's home whilst he was upstairs asleep with his wife who is suffering from Dementia. Vincent was armed with a screwdriver and got involved in a scuffle with Richard when he came downstairs during the break-in. Vincent was fatally injured, with his own screwdriver, and died at the scene of his burglary.

    There was a public outcry when Richard was then arrested on suspicion of murder and spent two days in a police cell until the idiots in charge bowed to public pressure and released him.

    I welcomed the decision that he was no longer going to be pursued and thought common sense had prevailed and that this was the end of the matter.

    Unfortunately, I hadn't factored in the virtue signaling nonsense culture that infests the police service today. As one of the Donkeys (or should that be asses?) who run the police, Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey yesterday called the death of the armed criminal, Vincent "a tragedy!"

    A tragedy? The death of a violent career criminal? I would say it was an act of great public service.

    Vincent's crime family has been posting floral tributes to this piece of scum at the scene of his demise, yes that's correct outside Richard's house. Quite rightly local people had been tearing down these floral tributes as they saw it as a form of intimidation towards Richard and his wife. Who by the way have not yet returned to their home as they are in protective custody and their family home has been boarded up?

    However, Commissioner Mackey, in a TV interview yesterday, warned the neighbors of Richard who have been tearing down the flowers, 'If you do things where you cause a breach of the peace, disorder in that area, then like anyone you could be arrested. Laying flowers is not a crime.'

    What planet is this clown on?

    This is NOT about flowers?

    This is about intimidation and threats and this makeshift shrine to criminal filth is a deliberate provocation and would be the cause of any "breach of the peace".

    If the family want to pay tribute they can lay their flowers and their barely legible tributes such as "he was too good to walk this earth" at his funeral or his own home.

    But no "Mental Mackey" is clearly suggesting the human rights of criminals out trump the feelings and safety of the real victim.

    But this politically correct clown is not alone. It appears that media commentators are queuing up to support the rights of this career criminal's family.

    Writing in today's Telegraph, Radhika Sanghani says, "the end of a life is a moment to be treated with reverence, whatever the sins of the past. We pause, and fall silent for a stranger's passing funeral car, and talk about not 'dancing on someone's grave'. As the saying goes, we are all equal in death, and Henry Vincent's shrine should be left in peace."

    God save us from this fool, who I have never heard of and you have to wonder why a paper with the pedigree of the "Torygraph" would publish this liberal tosh!

    She is not alone though as last night on BBC Newsnight veteran commentator, Anne Atkins took a similar line and was verbally lashed by Breitbart Editor Raheem Kassam who said, "for the police to be enforcing that these people can lay flowers out there, I think it is the policing of immorality here, the enforcement of immorality, the enforcement of depravity and the enforcement of criminality."

    Raheem is 100 percent correct but what is wrong with these people and what is wrong with our sick society that top cops are acting in this way?

    How have we ended up with a man protecting his own home from an armed career criminal getting arrested for murder whilst the cops then give the family of this monster an almost police escort to intimidate and taunt the real victim and the neighborhood?

    What are our useless politicians doing about this "softly softly" approach to criminality?

    Absolutely nothing is the answer.

    Just as they are doing nothing about the way that all of our major institutions from social services, through universities and schools to our state broadcasters have been infiltrated by these virtues signaling clowns.

    This is why we have the rape gangs raping at will, lecturers using final year student exams as a negotiating tool in a strike and a BBC that parrots out the propaganda of the establishment elite.

    But don't worry our glorious leader is going to start a war with Russia to take our minds of troubles at home.

    Sleep Easy!

    The views and opinions expressed by Jon Gaunt are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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