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    China's DF-41 ICBM

    Say Hello to China's ICBMs

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    Pepe Escobar

    China's alleged deployment of a DF-41 strategic ballistic missile brigade to Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia, triggered a fascinating spectacle; how to spin – or not to spin - what necessarily represents a milestone in Russia-China's strategic partnership.

    The Global Times stressed Hong Kong and Taiwan media interpreted pictures of the DF-41 were taken in Heilongjiang, admitting there was no official confirmation from Beijing while hoping the "strategic edge" would soon be confirmed.

    Russian media was way more explicit, with military analyst Konstantin Sivkov stressing that the DF-41, as positioned, would not be able to target Russia's Far East and most of Eastern Siberia; and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noting that "if the reports prove correct, the military build-up in China is not perceived as a threat to our country."

    Of course not. The Russia-China strategic partnership, which, as I argued, needs to be broken according to Trump's shadow foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger's strategy, is a very serious business. If there were indeed a deployment, Russian intelligence would have been fully aware. Peskov's response also pre-empted the notion this might represent a Chinese response to potential US-Russia negotiations over nuclear disarmament.

    Still, all of the above did not prevent the Chinese Foreign Ministry to issue an attempt at a non-denial denial, describing the alleged deployment as "speculation and crude guesses".

    Go West, young missile

    The timing of the alleged deployment, with Team Trump doubling down on anti-Chinese rhetoric on their war of positioning geared to extract further trade concessions, may indeed betray a very graphic Beijing message.

    The DF-41, a three-stage solid-propellant missile, with a range of up to 15,000 km and capable of delivering up to 10 MIRVed nuclear warheads, is one of the most sophisticated – and secret — ICBMS on earth. Virtually everything about it is classified. Positioning in Heilongjiang, near the city of Daqing, close to the Russian border, implies a huge "dead zone" around it. So call it a mix of nuclear deterrence and a "message" to the ultimate target — the West Coast of the United States.

    This propels the matter to an even more serious sphere than a possible upcoming crisis in the South China Sea, where the Pentagon, under the pretext of "freedom of navigation", is obsessed in maintaining "access", Trump or no Trump.

    If there ever were an attempted American blockade in the South China Sea, it would be easy to take out the Chinese-developed islands/islets/rocks/shoals. But far from easy to grapple with the Chinese response; submarines with "carrier killer" missiles able to take out anything the US Navy may come up with.

    Islands/islets/rocks/shoals in the South China Sea have no inherent strategic significance for the US. What their upgrading – the Beltway would say "militarization" — does represent is China's progressive attempt to eventually deny access to the US Navy.

    Enter the "messenger" DF-41. The technical reasons why Russia does not see the DF-41 as a threat are simple – and may unveil the rationale behind the alleged deployment.

    Beijing has been able to deploy its predecessor, the DF-31 – which is able to target Russia — for more than a decade now. And a simple analysis of distance and trajectory reveals that Heilongjiang province is the optimum location for the DF-41 to target the whole of the continental US.

    It's virtually guaranteed that an official Chinese confirmation of the DF-41 deployment will accelerate a nuclear arms race, involving all players from Russia, China and the US to India and Pakistan and even North Korea.

    But more than this, it will be yet another lethal blow to the Beltway's master strategy – first deployed by Dr. Zbig "Grand Chessboard" Brzezinski – of trying to prevent the emergence of any peer competitor, or worse, an alliance of peer competitors such as Russia-China.

    Just at the start of the Trump era, the new reality could not be more striking. Not long ago, it was "say hello to Russia-China". Now it's "say hello to China's ICBMs."

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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    • American Socialist
      Dmitry Peskov - "if the reports prove correct, the military build-up in China is not perceived as a threat to our country."

      - awesome response and stops any further instigations, insinuations, or hysteria.
    • jo6pac
      They were moved do to Amerika installing thads in South Korea. The Chinese ICBM are now out of harms way. If they launch from here they are to high for the thads to work.
    • RedBanner
      Great article, as usual, by Mr Escobar (excelente, Pepe, excelente análise!) !

      Russia AND China, must stick together! It's the only way the world continues its path towards fully multi-polarity! The USA would only benefit from accepting that the days of global hegemony in a uni-polar world are over, and cooperate, in Peace, for the better of us all, the world, Mankind as a whole.

      I'm 60+ . I've always known the world at war, somewhere!
      Isn't it time we stop this madness and move forward, in Peace?

      I don't buy the "it's in human nature... it has always been that way..." BS!
      Just start counting the people each one of you personally know, family members, relatives, neighbors... that are violent, that want war... The huge majority of the world's population does NOT want any kind of war, and is not violent on their genes! It's another one of those evil lies we have been indoctrinated with/brainwashed with, for eons of time!

      Time to Evolve & Thrive!
    • avatar
      Every human, animal and countries must prepare themselves for an all out war that will extend from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the borders of China & the winner takes all ( if there's one) this is what the U.S has been preparing for since early 80's to be able to fight major wars on multiple fronts that is the entire U.S military doctrine ! As a matter of truth & fact the Nazi's are still alive and well in the evil Empire America !
    • Blackie
      US were beaten often by Arabs in bare feet, with a good sniper rifle, too scared to leave the green zone.
    • avatar
      Walter Wolfin reply tojo6pac(Show commentHide comment)
      jo6pac, thad's will not work as chinese icbm's aimed to whole US territory.
    • 2007harleydavidsonsg
      China was caught off guard when Trump stepped in. The new geopolitical landscape has China in damage control. They are regrouping. The likes of what almost accured in short was a world order under a one China one world ideology. If one day mass weapons were to fly it will be because of China.
    • 2007harleydavidsonsg
      Chinas ruling class ideology is a form of radical Shinto Buddhism. They do not value life like European Western religions. The one China rule has profound idlogical implications for them. They believe them selfs to be a superior race destined to dominate and to rule. This explains why the " ONE CHINA RULE" cannot, will not be compromised.
    • Korz53
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