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    A Syrian man runs for cover as smoke rises from buildings nearby following a reported bombing attack, Aleppo, Syria (file photo)

    NATO Ops Caught in Aleppo is West's Worry

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    Finian Cunningham

    This could explain why NATO governments have been so anxious in recent weeks to halt the Syrian-Russian offensive on Aleppo. Could it be that they need to extricate their special forces embedded with terrorist-dominated militants?

    Imagine the world headlines that not even compliant Western news media could suppress if the Syrian army with Russian air support liberated the last redoubt of al-Nusra Front only to find among the defeated jihadists professional troops belonging to the US, Britain, France or some other NATO member.

    Washington and its Western allies who proclaim to be fighting terrorists and “only” supporting “moderate rebels” would be caught with their hands deep inside the cookie jar, so to speak. Embarrassing, to say the least, to have such a honeyed-lie exposed in glaring reality.

    There’s something decidedly eerie about the current situation in the northern battleground city of Aleppo. On Tuesday night, a NATO air strike was reported on the village of Hassajek, near the city, in which at least six people – believed to be civilians – were killed. The Russian government says the strike was carried out by two Belgian F-16s fighter jets. What was that about? And why the silence from Washington and NATO over such a flagrant violation? Is somebody getting nervous?

    Then the day before the humanitarian pause declared by Syrian and Russian forces came into effect on Thursday, sources in Aleppo told how busloads of militants had already begun leaving the city. Significantly, some of the vehicles had blacked-out windows. Syrian sources say that the passengers on those buses were not foreign jihadists, but rather were special forces from NATO countries. That claim has not been verified.

    There are long-held suspicions that anti-government militants holding east Aleppo under siege for the past four years have been receiving covert, direct support from NATO special forces. It has been well-documented that NATO governments have been arming and training militants in waging a war for regime change in Syria. Therefore, it would be plausible that NATO commandos would actually be on the ground in militant-held ghettos of Aleppo.

    Some further reasons for suspecting this direct form of Western involvement are the following: the so-called Aleppo Media Center (AMC), which is funded by the US, British and French governments, has suddenly become a crucial source of stylized propaganda for Western officials and media accusing Russia and its Syrian ally of war crimes.

    Western media routinely use video footage supplied by the AMC purporting to show the aftermath of Russian and Syrian airstrikes. The AMC is described as an “amateur”, “activist” source. But its information appears to be anything but amateurish. The footage is often obtained from aerial drones flying high above bombed-out buildings. What kind of “amateur” has access to such sophisticated technology, and, furthermore, able to operate it? That suggests that the AMC is receiving professional technical support to run an information war. Since NATO countries are known to heavily fund the unit, then it’s reasonable to think that those countries also supply supporting personnel.

    A second pointer to NATO troops being on the ground in Aleppo stems from the recent assessment by Lt General Sergei Rudskoy of the Russian General Staff, which found that militants in east Aleppo are receiving hi-tech modern weaponry, in particular US-made TOW anti-tank missiles. As with the above drone technology, it seems reasonable to assume that NATO personnel would more than likely have to be present in order to train militants in deploying these sophisticated weapons.

    US President Barack Obama announced months ago that hundreds of his special forces were sent to Syria. There are also credible reports of British and French elite troops already present. It is doubtful that their mission is according to the official claim of “training rebels to fight terrorists”.

    Residents of Aleppo recount that when their city first came under siege in 2012, the militants were noticeably foreign and acted like an externally-directed mercenary army. They believe that Aleppo has been used ever since as a center of operations to orchestrate the entire Syrian war. Such a major undertaking suggests that the primary foreign drivers of the regime-change war, that is NATO members, must have also had their personnel present in the Aleppo de facto center of operations.

    A third factor in suspecting NATO personnel being embedded in Aleppo is the near-apoplectic response from US, British and French officials over the past three weeks. Since the breakdown of the ceasefire late last month and the resumption of a determined offensive by Syria and Russia to fully capture Aleppo, Western governments and media have launched an unprecedented campaign to stall the anti-terror advance. This campaign has been couched in “humanitarian concern” and alleged “war crimes”.

    But such Western concern seems contrived given the apparent lack of similar concern with regard to humanitarian suffering that has prevailed in Yemen, where a US-backed Saudi aerial bombardment has killed thousands of civilians over the past 19 months.

    No, there seems to be another, more desperate motive for the West to mount such a vigorous effort to derail what is otherwise a very effective Syrian and Russian military operation to liberate east Aleppo from a reign of terror. And that motive would be more than just the unspoken need for the West to salvage its terrorist proxy army of Nusra and other jihadi brigades.

    Admittedly, this is conjecture, but the paramount motive for the NATO members is to prevent the discovery of special forces among the terrorist hold-outs. Or at the very least, the discovery of highly incriminating evidence of NATO weapons, equipment, command and control logistics.

    Russia and Syria this week agreed to implement a temporary ceasefire as a sign of goodwill in order for civilians to gain humanitarian access and leave the besieged part of Aleppo. Russia has also repeated its earlier demand that the truce must be used as an opportunity for alleged Western-backed rebels to separate from al Qaeda-linked extremists. Surrendering militants are to be given safe passage out of Aleppo, as part of the arrangement.

    Moscow has further warned that those insurgents who choose to remain in east Aleppo will be dealt with harshly when military operations resume, presumably later this week.

    But the big question is: who exactly are the militants boarding those buses out of Aleppo?

    It is believed that they are being given corridor to decamp in neighboring Idlib province. Idlib is known to be a stronghold for the Nusra terror network.

    Of course, the implementation of a truce this week is good politics by Syria and Russia to demonstrate humanitarian care for those civilians trapped in Aleppo as human shields.

    The initiative certainly nullifies Western hysteria over alleged Russian “barbarism”.

    However, it is incumbent on the Syrian and Russian authorities to carefully screen those militants who emerge from Aleppo this week.

    Otherwise, the battle for Aleppo could prove to be a shortfall victory – if the militants simply exploit the cover of “moderate” to set up another base of operations in Idlib, along with their NATO handlers.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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    • Anton KOMAROV
      Can anyone explain why NATO is in Syria,Libya etc when their mandate stipulates that their area of operation is Europe?By what connivance of Legal manipulation do they have the right to extend their area?They can be legally killed as they are operating outside of International Law and all Treaty's/Agreements if they are found outside of the designated area as they then are deemed "terrorists" by Law.Time for this to be implemented.
    • avatar
      CAMP X a Canadian history: is imperative in understanding the advancements in "black operations" including educating western citizens to the "hallmarks" of those operations.
      The fire support squads.. with "air support" how they operate. Is documented in "great" books written on CAMPX "Ian Fleming" was a 2 week course inductee thanks to "O.S.S operative Donovan" who helped Found CAMPX.

      The western world is so "deep" in the O.S.S realities governments in the "west" do not even know they are being handled! those who "do" are need to know.. and are given enough insight/understanding to feel "proud, nationalistic, allied" thus the emotional growth of nations in the "west" is not the truth that is unfolding in the "inner-cities".

      LoLZ manifold causation realities are quite simply elementary however the elementary programs that are run.. are run from manifold elementary deductions.... <--
      this above is the greatest crime.. the lineal.. not learning the manifold.

      ... in ancient times.. whole armies had been consumed because of these "errors" today the meek run the world not because others cannot but to discover those who have manipulated the meek.

      discovered they are! .. its not Russia.. either.. LoLZ!.. >--> funny because iam Canadian.
      I wouldn't have thought as a child seeing.. things i had seen and come to know in ways others have made books to proliferate peer-associative understanding that.. i a Canadian would come to realize the grander picture of manifold reality.

      To realize the impetus... anyways good job Russia. I think Canadians support "YOU" so long as you support "REASON" those of us Canadians who don't currently.. follow "narrow" news/literature vs many news/literature/reality.
      But that latter is shrinking every second! same with the Yankee's south!
    • avatar
      Celestialin reply toAnton KOMAROV(Show commentHide comment)
      Anton KOMAROV, acceptance: "slippery slope" the further one goes the further one can go for what made them go all the ways before. Its a hearts & minds peer-associative mass-manipulation technique to create "elementary" deductions in the electorates as "home" based on all "media/stimulus" previously received.

      I could of said "TOTAL WAR" mentality is being built.. but i think the above lays the ground work for that.. being delivered.
    • avatar
      Celestialin reply toErik Trete(Show commentHide comment)
      Erik Trete, Bro, did you see Gadaafi releasing Western Special forces his forces we're capturing and sending them back there foreign governments on private planes? under Threat of Direct Intervention?

      I don't think Syria can do what you say.. that = TOTAL WAR. as the cats out of the bag
    • avatar
      If Russia and Syrian forces knew all along about these guys, WHY did they stop bombing Aleepo and kill the bastards. Now they are going to Idlib to set up another defence and control centre. Russian and Syrian airforces should daily bomb Idlib and make it hard for the bastards.
    • avatar
      mzungu in Africa
      The Nato guys can't just leave which would mean deserting the troops they command. These mercenaries don't let them go. If they try they will be killed. Bad luck!
      I can't imagine that there is any significant number of civilians left in the East Aleppo theater. How could they have survived in a battle zone for months?
      This explains why new sanctions over Syria were not implemented because this would have been the death sentence for the Nato ops.
    • Gregory K
      I don't live in Syria but....I am so irate because all these nato countries bombing innocent people!
      so much hatred,...Volodya and Syrian president have to be cooking something really juicy...I so hope so....I want to hear via my sources how these monsters are dying one by one.
      I just don't get it...why against innocents???? europe has not changed it is still in the year 400 hundreds...where your neighbours throws served waters on the streets...
    • avatar
      If it is true that special ops troopers from US, NATO, et al are operating in Aleppo and posing as jihadists then why did they run away when offered a humanitarian corridor? Surely US spec. ops soldiers are brave and not cowards. It is inconceivable that these men would run away from a fight. Unless their Senior Officers are afraid of having their best seen as not fully men – people who are possibly morally-deficient. I call on jihadist-poser people to return to the East of Aleppo, to evacuate the civilian population and fight to total extinction of themselves and their fellows and that their bodies in US, NATO uniforms (plus any Turks) be displayed unburied for all to see for at least ten years. I call on a ban for families of these jihadist-poseurs to be refused burial rights for their sons and brothers and fathers.
    • avatar
      Sir Percy
      Even without NATO SP Op forces among the east Aleppo rebels, terrorists, the West still would panic since it is big set back for their terrorism plan.
    • avatar
      Russia should ignore their enemies ''The West'' and keep up the bombing of east Aleppo until the terrorists crack and make a run for it. Do a leaflet drop as well reminding the terrorists that their mothers miss them.
    • avatar
      Mr. Cunningham You are very Right !!!
    • Drain the swamp
      So are we going to see another video of Arabs "protesting" US special forces to leave, just to reinforce the narrative that no US forces are in Aleppo. This concerted media campaign smacks of the involvement of the propaganda division of Military Intelligence at Pentagon.
    • avatar
      Regulain reply toAnton KOMAROV(Show commentHide comment)
      Anton KOMAROV, They are terrorists - if as this article surmises, they help the terrorists.
    • avatar
      Russia appears to have understood what this author surmises - that may in fact be the reason why they prolonged the cease fire time and again. To give those special ops troops of western governments the time to leave. Killing too many of them could easily be construed by the US as a declaration of war on the US/NATO and lead to confrontation. Russia wanted to avoid that and at the same time also silence all the reproaches of inhumane actions and war crimes. Now it is clear that the terrorists won't let the civilians get out of eastern Aleppo and that the western handlers fled. It will make the rest of the fight in Aleppo easier and shorter. The rebels, left without command from their handlers will be faster to capitulate.

      It could also be that the west was horrified because the white helmets which they trained to take over the Syrian government institutions will get exterminated again - after they pumped $100m into them. I.e. the same as with the other "moderate rebels" they trained for $500m and who then fled to ISIS with their weapons.

      There are so many parties that have a stake in this fight that it is difficult to know who is fighting whom. The western governments to some extent appear to even fight each other's special ops troops.
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply tomzungu in Africa(Show commentHide comment)
      mzungu in Africa,
      You are fully RIGHT !!!
    • avatar
      Debalzewo Reloaded....
      the question is what is on the table and what is in for Russia: another crooked promise like the Minsk treaties ? or lifting of sanctions ? (they just got enforced), or is it a threat of full confrontation with the US, French and British, not to forget the Australians, Belgians, Danes ? Maybe we will find out soon. But it would be interesting to see which foreign countries supported Al-Nusra in East Aleppo.
      Teach them what Stalingrad means - it will be better for the whole world to see which crooked governments are playing dirty games.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      It's obvious NATO has been in Syria for a while. But since Aleppo was liberated from the militants by Assad and Putin then I guess Putin and Assad beat the west in the war in Aleppo ...the NATO forces have egg on their face. It's embarrassing for them to get busted and then have to leave the city. Even the NATO special forces could not bring a victory with all the talent they have. Talk about the walk of shame !
    • Hermes
      .......However, it is incumbent on the Syrian and Russian authorities to carefully screen those militants who emerge from Aleppo this week........

      Absolutely, and they shouldn't let criminal western special terrorist forces escape.
    • Hermesin reply toCelestial(Show commentHide comment)
      there is nothing USA is more scared of than total war. You can just keep pushing them. In the end they will back off.
      Why do you think they hide themselves behind islamic psycho terrorists and always lie? That's the way cowards operate and Russia knows this very well.
    • avatar
      I wonder how many NATO/CIA/MI6/Mossad spooks are still in that rubble? They didn't all escape and live.
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