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    The 21st Century: An Era Of Fraud

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    Paul Craig Roberts

    In the last years of the 20th century fraud entered US foreign policy in a new way. On false pretenses Washington dismantled Yugoslavia and Serbia in order to advance an undeclared agenda.

    In the 21st century this fraud multiplied many times. Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya were destroyed, and Iran and Syria would also have been destroyed if the President of Russia had not prevented it.  Washington is also behind the current destruction of Yemen, and Washington has enabled and financed the Israeli destruction of Palestine. Additionally, Washington operated militarily within Pakistan without declaring war, murdering many women, children, and village elders under the guise of "combating terrorism."  Washington's war crimes rival those of any country in history.

    I have documented these crimes in my columns and books (Clarity Press).

    Anyone who still believes in the purity of Washington's foreign policy is a lost soul.

    Russia and China now have a strategic alliance that is too strong for Washington. Russia and China will prevent Washington from further encroachments on their security and national interests. Those countries important to Russia and China will be protected by the alliance.  As the world wakes up and sees the evil that the West represents, more counries will seek the protection of Russia and China. 

    America is also failing on the economic front. My columns and my book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, which has been published in English, Chinese, Korean, Czech, and German, have shown how Washington has stood aside, indeed cheering it on, while the short-term profit interests of management, shareholders, and Wall Street eviscerated the American economy, sending manufacturing jobs, business know-how, and technology, along with professional tradeable skill jobs, to China, India, and other countries, leaving America with such a hollowed out economy that the median family income has been falling for years. Today 50% of 25 year-old Americans are living with their parents or grandparents because they cannot find employment sufficient to sustain an independent existance.  This brutal fact is covered up by the presstitute US media, a source of fantasy stories of America's economic recovery.

    The facts of our existance are so different from what is reported that I am astonished. As a former professor of economics, Wall Street Journal editor and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, I am astonished at the corruption that rules in the financial sector, the Treasury, the financial regulatory agencies, and the Federal Reserve. In my day, there would have been indictments and prison sentences of bankers and high government officials. 

    In America today there are no free financial markets. All the markets are rigged by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. The regulatory agencies, controlled by those the agencies are supposed to regulate, turn a blind eye, and even if they did not, they are helpless to enforce any law, because private interests are more powerful than the law.

    Even the government's statistical agencies have been corrupted. Inflation measures have been concocted in order to understate inflation. This lie not only saves Washington from paying Social Security cost-of-living adustments and frees the money for more wars, but also by understating inflation, the government can create real GDP growth by counting inflation as real growth, just as the government creates 5% unemployment by not counting any discouraged workers who have looked for jobs until they can no longer afford the cost of looking and give up. The official unemployment rate is 5%, but no one can find a job.  How can the unemployment rate be 5% when half of 25-year olds are living with relatives because they cannot afford an independent existance? As John Williams (shadowfacts) reports, the unemployment rate that includes those Americans who have given up looking for a job because there are no jobs to be found is 23%.

    The Federal Reserve, a tool of a small handful of banks, has succeeded in creating the illusion of an economic recovery since June, 2009, by printing trillions of dollars that found their way not into the economy but into the prices of financial assets. Artificially booming stock and bond markets are the presstitute financial media's "proof" of a booming economy.  

    The handful of learned people that America has left, and it is only a small handful, understand that there has been no recovery from the previous recession and that a new downturn is upon us. John Williams has pointed out that US industrial production, when properly adjusted for inflation, has never recovered its 2008 level, much less its 2000 peak, and has again turned down.

    The American consumer is exhausted, overwhelmed by debt and lack of income growth. The entire economic policy of America is focused on saving a handful of NY banks, not on saving the American economy. 

    Economists and other Wall Street shills will dismiss the decline in industrial production as America is now a service economy. Waitresses, bartenders, part time retail clerks, and ambulatory health care services have replaced manufacturing and engineering jobs at a fraction of the pay, thus holding down inflation. This is how neoliberal economists describe the collapse of effective aggregate demand in the US, or they blame it on China.

    It is unclear that the US economy can be revived. To revive the US economy would require the re-regulation of the financial system and the recall of the jobs and US GDP that offshoring gave to foreign countries. It would require, as Michael Hudson demonsrates in his new book, Killing the Host, a revolution in tax policy that would prevent the financial sector from extracting economic surplus and capitalizing it in debt obligations paying interest to the financial sector. 

    The US government, controlled as it is by corrupt economic interests, would never permit policies that impinged on executive bonuses and Wall Street profits. Today US capitalism makes its money by selling out the American economy and the people dependent upon it. 

    In "freedom and democracy" America, the government and the economy serve interests totally removed from the interests of the American people. The sellout of the American people is protected by a huge canopy of propaganda provided by free market economists and financial presstitutes paid to lie for their living. 

    When America fails, so will Washington's vassal states in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Unless Washington destroys the world in nuclear war, the world will be remade, and the corrupt and dissolute West will be an insignifiant part of the new world. 

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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    • ralf.sxm
      That,s right, but it's not America, it's US. Ugly US is not America. Learn that ...
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      With the Clinton clan in the WH again means further escalation of war mongering and there has to be quite a consideration regarding the phase period when one president leaves and another takes the position. These phase periods of changing power should be investigated further, what has occurred during these periods? and what comes to mind is the fate of Kursk as a "last job" for BC, before he left office. The current president's police during the remaining months might have influence on the next president and with HC clan in the office, the risk for third war might be closer than expected.
    • Great article. Truer words have never been spoken. Now if only the sheep across the world that have been sucked in by the American homogeny stop believing all that fake flag waving, singing patriotic songs and stand there like dummies with their hands on there hearts when the play the national anthems. Until that happens nothing will change. Governments are bought by a select few that have the money and money interest. I Just heard that the next presidential election in America will cost 1 BILLION dollars. You call that democracy? A government selected by the people run for the people, I don't know what the hell those people are smoking. Oh yeah America I forgot America the worlds largest importer and user of drugs that is why they are in a stupor.
    • avatar
      This is a sober lesson for the peoples, nations, tongues that, will after the dust settles down, get the opportunity to be as prosperous or more prosperous than the renegade "exceptional nation." The history of US should be dispassionately compiled and made available to the next powers so they have at least the opportunity to learn and not repeat the steps of US.
    • qvasko 15
      Dont make so bold statements
    • avatar
      My full respect and support!
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Scary stuff Honesty in what Mr. Roberts presents, the slow, agonizing, and painful truth is playing out before our very eyes. Never woud have imagined seeing this in my lifetime. Wild and scary.
    • avatar
      in reply toIvan Buckeye(Show commentHide comment)
      Buckeye American, wild and scary is the exact phrase. Wars that nobody wants, torture centers, drone murders, etc. A looter's economy. And on top of that a surveillance society the likes of which the world has never seen. As the 1998 movie, Enemy of the State, said "When the buildings start falling, you will beg for surveillance" (and the baddie's birthday fell on 9/11). I'm afraid it's a package deal.
    • avatar
      Paul Craig Roberts: an American extraordinaire!

      I must say I sometimes wonder how it is possible for Roberts to have survived all these many years he has spent exposing the appalling, nauseating fraud called the United States of America, which he often calls “Amerika.” (As somebody has pointed out here, when we say “America” we should not include all Americans, many of whom are well aware of the criminal establishment called the US military-industrial complex and are in no way responsible for the uncounted and uncountable mass murders of innocent civilians and other shocking crimes all over the world committed by the Amerikan Empire.)

      Aside from a dozen or so exceptions – for example, Chalmers Johnson, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal, or Michael Parenti – no one has been more outspoken in his relentless criticism of the endless horrors made by Amerika.
    • Ann
      Amen Mr. Roberts, Amen.
    • Ann in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      siberianhusky, It's not pledging allegiance to your country that's the problem. It's what our rulers have made this country into. I only blame the people for refusing to SEE what this country has become, and refusing to stand up and change it.
    • Ann in reply toqvasko 15(Show commentHide comment)
      qvasko 15, WHY? Out of FEAR of no one else thinking like you?
    • avatar
      I can't believe this guy, who was in with Reagen, and, the de-regulation of the Jews (you might as well say), so that America after an intense recession started baring her chest for the operation. The operation that stole the heart from America and has left her on life support. This guy, this three name whatever, like Alex Jones and Gerald Celente refuses, it seems, to pin the tail on the donkey, but people keep licking up his/their crap. Projecting recessions and the like are basic, rudimentary stuff, all one needs do is look at the history of the Federal Reserve in America and the picture comes quite clear. Periods of prosperity, then a recession, which translates too something quite simple to understand: periods when the stocks and businesses are rudely devalued so the Rothschild's Mafia can buy up the wealth of the country quite cheap, then periods when these same stolen goodies are highly prized, gaining on both ends as the whole nation loses its shirt. All the while maneuvering the real prize, gold, into the Rothschild's, acres of, vaults. Old three name was in on enough of this kind of treason to know all about it. We all know all about these tricks and the guys in on them, why do people still seek after the advice of proven traitor's? Stop clicking these cons and watch how fast they get real and find in their vocabulary the word J-E-W.
    • avatar
      manofsteel194275in reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, -- "I only blame the people for refusing to SEE what this country has become, and refusing to stand up and change it."
      Can you say exactly what this statement means? How can we the citizens change anything when everything we are is controlled by (no matter who is elected) a corrupted government. Government, sold out to an entity that never changes, that is terribly cruel, and, that is: the Rothschild's, Jewish Mafia. Too many post holler about the people being sheep, the people getting welfare, the people are lazy, too lazy to vote! What does it matter who is elected we are always robbed blind, raped and murdered, by the same criminal gang who did it last year. Murdered, in wars, too. When people begin to get ideas from what they read, ideas other than getting up and running a few blocks down the street, accomplishing nothing. When all these authorities and know it all's begin to give people tactics and teach the desire to be part of a guerrilla warfare team, when the people in charge begin to count their loses then we will have a chance of getting our people's country back. Running around the Internet telling people about recessions and bad government policies is nothing, nothing but blowhard's seeking whom they may devour...and a few clicks. Of course, websites like the sites Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts and several others, who are paid trolls, manage, are supported by the Jews mafia, how else can they be there? Like a preacher getting the congregation all riled up Alex Jones really knows the book, but, tell me one thing Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Paul Craig Roberts, or, you name it, and there are plenty of them. List something any one in a position of authority, any teacher, or preacher, or whatever, who are they and where are they who are telling people tactics that can cause the changes we need made, to be made? What have any of these, over the years, ever done to change anything or lessen our torment? To bring one job back to America? When people know to be private and keep secrets, then they are ready to combat the enemy. We need tactics, leadership in our fight, not, a bunch of gobbledygook taking up the broadband.
    • How the GDP numbers are cooked.
      Last year I read for England to improve their GDP numbers they also included prostitution and the illegal drug trade in it.
    • avatar
      manofsteel194275in reply toCanassatego(Show commentHide comment)
      contratechnologiam, -- "Paul Craig Roberts: an American extraordinaire!"
      Are you on the payroll too? Such a sellout, such a no effect except to do damage, person, this three name creature really is. Don't you know before, the Bush's, before Clinton, there was Paul Craig Roberts and Ronald Reagen, selling us down the road. They, took the controls off the Jews, whom have since then and because of then, bought up the rest of what was left of America, after, Johnson (LBJ). With all the slow down bumps, the curves, the dead ends, with all the obstacles removed from in front of the Jewish Mafia under the supervision of the Rothschild's Family, like a drag race, took the rest of us, what was left of us, at a bargain to them, price. We have nothing left, no Stocks, no companies, no future, no past, and no gold...
    • avatar
      Canassategoin reply tomanofsteel194275(Show commentHide comment)
      You ask: "Are you on the payroll too?" Ha, ha, ha ... Amigo, you must be off your rocker! You see conspiracy everywhere, even in an honest commentary like mine. And who, by the way, would be paying me, Compadre? Sputnik? CIA? The State Department? The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation! Ha, ha, ha. Please, Amigo, don't be a goofy conspiracy nut. Take a hike, man. Relax. Don't make me die of a heart attack laughing uncontrollably at the goofiness and illiteracy of your post!
    • avatar
      You, have no understanding of 'conspiracy,' if you did you wouldn't be writing such crap to me. I'll take a hike when I get good and ready right now I have no intentions of going anywhere, as for your comment made too my comment referencing your first comment, do you deny my answer to you is truthful? If you do tell us what part of my original comment to you is untrue? PCR, was a writer for the Wall Street Journal, sought out and hired on the spot, after having designed the Reagan administration's economic policy. Reward or condemnation? I know the WSJ does not represent the hopes and ambitions of middle and poor America, but you must think it does. What part of the American war on the people does the WSJ play, does the WSJ even reference itself to the common people at all, except it is to discover methodologies to r[p them off? Like modern day Marketing, Derivatives and Hedge Funds, etc.. Conspiracy, you better believe it, lines in the sand there are and PCR doesn't cross them except to aid the other side. Show me one sentence of anything ever written by PCR that helps Americans solve the problems we face today. A bunch of gobbledygook is all he writes, like hollering the house is on fire after the house has burned down. A standard practice of the career writer and politician. I didn't brag on the part PCR played in the Reagan administration's economic policy decisions, PCR brags about it though, and, careful study reveals a sellout, so severe we suffer from it today. Since Reagan and PCR America has never known sound economic policies, because, sound policy was abandoned then, during the Reagan terms, and America was handed over to the Jews money changer's. Laugh all you want, if you can laugh, then we know who's side you are on, because -we ain't laughing...
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburn
      The US was solvent when Reagan took office, but by the late 80's it was already bankrupt. Apparently it occurred during Reagans Presidency due to his massive defense spending which I knew then the country couldn't afford. There is a lot of bragging about bankrupting the USSR with an arms race that they couldn't afford. Even if that is true, which I seriously doubt, they bankrupted the US in the process. So what's to brag about?

      The Reagan administration was extremely corrupt in reality. Where I am from there was a steel mill that was given $23,000,000 for repairs and modernization by them. The money was actually used up by its management giving each other bonuses. This embezzlement was reported to the administration who refused to do anything about it.

      The alleged economic boom times under Reagan amounted to where I am from 32% unemployment. At the height of the Great Depression it was 37%.

      With all this being said, Paul Craig Roberts analyses is spot on except when it comes to the Reagan Administration.

      He and his associates do name the Zionist bankers responsible for most of the worlds problems, they just don't make a big deal out of them being Jews. If you listen to these people a lot over a long period of time you will learn though that they have absolutely no love for the state of Israel. They see the danger the world is under, they just won't call it what it is. I agree that they can be criticized for that. They actually provide a lot of useful information, but you have to recognize its limitations.
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