• Free Speech & Tweets
    Last update: 01:42 10.07.2019
    01:42 10.07.2019

    Free Speech & Tweets

    On Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled that since assuming office, US President Donald Trump has been violating the US Constitution’s First Amendment by choosing to block certain Americans from viewing his timeline, despite the account in question being his personal handle rather than “@POTUS.”

  • Military Dependence Day
    Last update: 22:19 03.07.2019
    22:19 03.07.2019

    Military Dependence Day

    US President Donald Trump claims this year’s July 4 celebration on the National Mall will be the “show of a lifetime,” featuring a series of musical performances, military flyovers and a public address from 45 himself. However, Trump’s scheduled displays may not be the only prominent gatherings in Washington, DC.

  • Too Many Candidates, Too Little Time
    Last update: 22:14 27.06.2019
    22:14 27.06.2019

    Too Many Candidates, Too Little Time

    Wednesday night kicked off the first of a two-day, 20-candidate debate series between a wide range of political hopefuls vying for the Democratic presidential nomination. From Spanglish to technical difficulties, the night included a series of unexpected occurrences both on and off the stage.

  • Twitter Fire
    Last update: 22:28 25.06.2019
    22:28 25.06.2019

    Twitter Fire

    Tensions between Tehran and Washington reached new levels on Tuesday after Iran’s president criticized his US counterpart’s administration, asserting the White House is “full of lies” and “mentally retarded” for its sanctions. US President Donald Trump, of course, did not let this comment go without a Twitter response.

  • Segregationist Sympathizer
    Last update: 01:52 21.06.2019
    01:52 21.06.2019

    Segregationist Sympathizer

    On Wednesday, former US Vice President Joe Biden doubled down and defended his romanticization of time spent working with senators who opposed efforts toward desegregation, saying it was wrong of his fellow Democrats to criticize his comments because there’s “not a racist bone” in his body.

  • All ICE, No Human Rights
    Last update: 01:48 19.06.2019
    01:48 19.06.2019

    All ICE, No Human Rights

    In a bold Monday night tweet, US President Donald Trump proudly announced the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) would begin removing “millions” of “illegal aliens” from US cities. Through what means? That’s anyone’s guess.

  • Last update: 02:02 15.06.2019
    02:02 15.06.2019

    Help Wanted

    On Thursday, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ resignation and decision to move back to Arkansas. The president had kind words for Sanders and her “extraordinary talents,” but who will be next at the podium?

  • Last update: 02:00 12.06.2019
    02:00 12.06.2019

    Voice Mailbox Full?

    The dissemination of a Facebook video depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as a word-slurring drunk prompted social media CEO Mark Zuckerberg to give the congresswoman a ring, but as the weeks have gone by, Pelosi has yet to return his calls, according to recent reports.

  • Holiday Hijacked
    Last update: 01:27 07.06.2019
    01:27 07.06.2019

    Holiday Hijacked

    On Thursday, top House Democrats “respectfully” wrote to US President Donald Trump, calling for him to rescind his plan to use Washington’s Fourth of July celebration as an opportunity to address the public with presumably partisan talking points.

  • Lying in London
    Last update: 02:46 05.06.2019
    02:46 05.06.2019

    Lying in London

    The second day of US President Donald Trump’s UK state visit included an unexpected cancelation, a perceived snub and thousands of protesters that somehow managed to evade The Don’s gaze.

  • Tariff Man’s Tiered Threats
    Last update: 23:31 31.05.2019
    23:31 31.05.2019

    Tariff Man’s Tiered Threats

    On Thursday, US President Donald Trump tapped into his alter ego “Tariff Man” and promised a better economic tomorrow as he imposed a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports, effective June 10.

  • Mueller’s Reading Comprehension Review
    Last update: 23:50 29.05.2019
    23:50 29.05.2019

    Mueller’s Reading Comprehension Review

    On Wednesday, now-retired special counsel Robert Mueller held an abruptly announced press conference to provide further clarification on the findings from his team’s two-year investigation into US President Donald Trump’s team’s alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign.

  • Indictment-Induced Assange Anxiety
    Last update: 02:16 25.05.2019
    02:16 25.05.2019

    Indictment-Induced Assange Anxiety

    The future of press freedom has become a topic of conversation since the US Department of Justice announced Wednesday that not only would WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange face 17 additional criminal offenses, but he would also be prosecuted under the 1917 Espionage Act.

  • No Cover-Ups, Just Hush Money
    Last update: 02:28 23.05.2019
    02:28 23.05.2019

    No Cover-Ups, Just Hush Money

    Wednesday afternoon, US President Donald Trump called a press conference to blast Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, who met earlier that morning for a series of presentations concerning the president and his alleged “cover-up.”

  • Not So Free Market
    Last update: 20:46 20.05.2019
    20:46 20.05.2019

    Not So Free Market

    Following the US government accusing Chinese tech giant Huawei of spying on behalf of Beijing and placing it on an "Entity List", a number of prominent corporations have moved to sever their ties with the company.

  • War Hawk Whispers
    Last update: 23:16 14.05.2019
    23:16 14.05.2019

    War Hawk Whispers

    Citing Trump administration officials, a Monday article in the New York Times claimed that Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan had presented US President Donald Trump with a military plan revised by National Security Adviser John Bolton which called for the deployment of 120,000 troops in response to nuclear provocation or attacks by Iran.

  • Trump’s Name Game
    Last update: 23:58 10.05.2019
    23:58 10.05.2019

    Trump’s Name Game

    Around the same time Washington officials were meeting their Beijing counterparts for trade talks, US President Donald Trump’s thumbs were meeting his phone to compose a tweet laced with name-calling directed at two Democratic presidential candidates.

  • Pompeo’s ‘Pressing Issues’
    Last update: 03:33 08.05.2019
    03:33 08.05.2019

    Pompeo’s ‘Pressing Issues’

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s whereabouts became a hot topic Tuesday afternoon after the official’s scheduled Berlin meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was abruptly canceled.

  • Selective Silencing?
    Last update: 01:55 04.05.2019
    01:55 04.05.2019

    Selective Silencing?

    Amid Facebook’s recent push to bolster user privacy and security, a new round of bans were issued Thursday for popular and problematic personalities they say violated the platform’s policies against “dangerous individuals and organizations.”

  • Firearms, Finances & Filings
    Last update: 02:49 30.04.2019
    02:49 30.04.2019

    Firearms, Finances & Filings

    In addition to a weekend of uncertainty concerning leadership, the National Rifle Association (NRA) also received word that the New York Attorney General’s Office had launched an investigation into the organization’s finances.