16:13 GMT02 April 2020
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    • Last update: 21:57 GMT 22.01.2020
      21:57 GMT 22.01.2020

      Thunberg Trauma

      While meeting with world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, US President Donald Trump let the world know that 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg’s win over him as Time's Person of the Year is still a troubling subject.

    • Hot Mic, Cold Shoulder
      Last update: 23:19 GMT 16.01.2020
      23:19 GMT 16.01.2020

      Hot Mic, Cold Shoulder

      While viewers tuned in for the fanfare of the CNN/Des Moines Register Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday, the real show netizens were talking about occurred seconds after the main event.

    • Hearts and Minds
      Last update: 10:37 GMT 16.01.2020
      10:37 GMT 16.01.2020

      Are You Gonna be My Girl, Angela?

      Although Washington and Beijing have signed an agreement aimed at easing the trade war between the two powers, it seems that the battle over 5G networks has just started, as the United States and the Chinese telecom giant Huawei try to win the heart of Frau Merkel.

    • Last update: 23:06 GMT 14.01.2020
      23:06 GMT 14.01.2020

      Please Clap, Redux

      US President Donald Trump appeared to embody the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s 2013 hit and showed that he lives for the applause (and not sports) by retweeting his appearance at the College Football Playoff National Championship.

    • Executive Excuses
      Last update: 23:35 GMT 08.01.2020
      23:35 GMT 08.01.2020

      Deferred & Slurred

      While global eyes turned to Washington following Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) striking American military targets in Iraq, US President Donald Trump opted to speak to the people of his country in a questionable, modern fashion.

    • Draft Deniers
      Last update: 22:34 GMT 07.01.2020
      22:34 GMT 07.01.2020

      Daft Draft

      US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and US Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were forced to go on the defensive Monday when the commander of US forces in Iraq, US Marine Corps Brig. Gen. William H. Seely III, mistakenly sent a letter announcing the US’ withdrawal from Iraq.

    • Bibi Seeks Immunity
      Last update: 21:00 GMT 02.01.2020
      21:00 GMT 02.01.2020

      Bibi Seeks Immunity

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday, hours before the legal deadline, that he would be seeking immunity from the prosecution of three criminal cases against him.

    • Festivus Festivities
      Last update: 22:39 GMT 26.12.2019
      22:39 GMT 26.12.2019

      Festivus for the Left of Us

      Though US President Donald Trump touts Christmas as his favorite holiday, 45’s Twitter timeline was focused less on the birth of Christ and his teachings and more on Festivus’ “Airing of Grievances” as he tore into US House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi, California and the Democrats this week.

    • Last update: 00:09 GMT 20.12.2019
      00:09 GMT 20.12.2019

      Donny’s Inferno

      As if being the third US president to be impeached by the House of Representatives was not enough press, Donald Trump set social media and corporate media ablaze Wednesday night after taking a shot at late Michigan Democratic Representative John Dingell.

    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ ethics have been brought into question following the revelation of a former investment manager-turned-whistleblower’s statement to the IRS which alleged the church funneled money into an investment account rather than its intended purpose.
      Last update: 23:22 GMT 17.12.2019
      23:22 GMT 17.12.2019

      More Money, Mormon Problems

      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ ethics have been brought into question following the revelation of a former investment manager-turned-whistleblower’s statement to the Internal Revenue Service which alleged the church funneled money into an investment account rather than its intended purpose of charity.

    • Triggered by TIME
      Last update: 23:48 GMT 12.12.2019
      23:48 GMT 12.12.2019

      Chilly Climate

      Climate activist Greta Thunberg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2019 and almost immediately grabbed the attention of US President Donald Trump, who accused the 16-year-old of having anger issues and suggested she “chill” and attend a “good old fashioned movie.”

    • Trump’s Two-Thumb Defense
      Last update: 22:36 GMT 10.12.2019
      22:36 GMT 10.12.2019

      Trump’s Two-Thumb Defense

      While Tuesday marked a major milestone for the US as House Democrats announced articles of impeachment against the president, US President Donald Trump’s commentary on the motion appeared to be a tad reductive and repetitive in comparison to his typical conduct.

    • Buckingham Bullies
      Last update: 21:37 GMT 05.12.2019
      21:37 GMT 05.12.2019

      Buckingham Bullies

      US President Donald Trump quickly departed the NATO summit in London on Wednesday after video footage emerged showing several world leaders gossiping and even mocking his performance during the conference.

    • Dealing With The Donald
      Last update: 22:58 GMT 03.12.2019
      22:58 GMT 03.12.2019

      Dealing With The Donald

      Though US President Donald Trump was in London for the NATO summit, 45 was able to send the US stock market plunging from across the pond Tuesday after revealing some not-so promising details on Washington’s anticipated trade deal with Beijing.

    • Turkeys & Testimonies
      Last update: 23:24 GMT 26.11.2019
      23:24 GMT 26.11.2019

      Turkeys & Testimonies

      After a US judge announced that former White House counsel Don McGahn was not immune to a congressional subpoena regarding the impeachment inquiry, US President Donald Trump took on an entirely new attitude toward the process and even announced his top picks to testify.

    • Taxing Jobs, Little Returns
      Last update: 23:18 GMT 21.11.2019
      23:18 GMT 21.11.2019

      Taxing Jobs, Little Returns

      Before settling in to view the live impeachment hearings, US President Donald Trump’s Twitter fingers were up and in action early Thursday morning to rewrite history on the Mueller report.

    • Faustian Bargain
      Last update: 12:46 GMT 21.11.2019
      12:46 GMT 21.11.2019

      Faustian Bargain

      A report by Amnesty International that notes, among other issues, a growing threat to the freedom of expression from tech corporations, comes as Google and Twitter crackdown on political ads ahead of the 2020 elections.

    • San Francisco Scapegoat
      Last update: 22:43 GMT 15.11.2019
      22:43 GMT 15.11.2019

      San Francisco Scapegoat

      As the public impeachment hearings entered round two, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to launch a barrage of attacks against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and the ongoing proceedings as a whole.

    • Last update: 22:30 GMT 12.11.2019
      22:30 GMT 12.11.2019

      Dancing With Impeachment

      As Democrats and Republicans prepare for the upcoming televised impeachment hearings, US President Donald Trump recently appeared to be more fixated on a completely different program.

    • Lowering the Barr
      Last update: 23:52 GMT 07.11.2019
      23:52 GMT 07.11.2019

      Lowering the Barr

      US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to let the American people know that the “degenerate” Washington Post fabricated its recent piece that said he attempted to get Attorney General Bill Barr to hold a press conference that reaffirmed his phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart was indeed “perfect.”