07:09 GMT +320 October 2019
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    • Zuck Stuck on Capitol Hill
      Last update: 03:29 11.04.2018
      03:29 11.04.2018

      Zuck Stuck on Capitol Hill

      Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Capitol Hill Tuesday for an almost five-hour US Senate hearing related to Facebook’s sharing of its users’ personal data with third party apps.

    • Cartoon
      Last update: 20:00 09.04.2018
      20:00 09.04.2018

      Better Sorry?

      It seems that the infamous Syrian NGO White Helmets are unfamiliar with "better safe than sorry" motto.

    • Google It
      Last update: 15:35 07.04.2018
      15:35 07.04.2018

      Google It

      While NATO continues to store the alliance’s not inconsiderable nuclear arsenal in facilities within its non-nuclear member states, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is apparently not too keen to tell the public exactly which countries participate in this program.

    • Ted Cruz Phone Home?
      Last update: 02:48 06.04.2018
      02:48 06.04.2018

      Ted Cruz Phone Home?

      During a campaign event in Austin, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was approached by a concerned voter who, on top of the issue of health insurance, asked the congressman to “submit to a DNA test” to prove he is human.

    • No Place Like Home
      Last update: 16:15 04.04.2018
      16:15 04.04.2018

      No Place Like Home

      US President Donald Trump has confirmed his intent to bring home the US military forces currently deployed in Syria, even though some US officials have indicated that Washington has other intentions.

    • Border or Bust
      Last update: 03:21 04.04.2018
      03:21 04.04.2018

      Border or Bust

      Following a series of tweets on Monday slamming immigration laws and a lack of southern border security, US President Donald Trump doubled down Tuesday with a verbal promise to “do some things militarily” along the US-Mexico border.

    • Netanyahu
      Last update: 15:31 02.04.2018
      15:31 02.04.2018

      Keyboard War

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has continued a heated verbal exchange with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Ankara slams Tel Aviv for actions against Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

    • Insincere Ingraham
      Last update: 01:26 30.03.2018
      01:26 30.03.2018

      Insincere Ingraham

      After her tweet mocking Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg’s rejection from multiple colleges, Laura Ingraham is now using “the spirit of Holy Week” in an apology to save her reputation and job.

    • The New Low
      Last update: 17:45 29.03.2018
      17:45 29.03.2018

      The New Low

      As the United States and a number of European countries have expelled dozens of Russian diplomats over claims that Moscow was allegedly involved in the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in the UK, Austria's leaders have declared that it won't follow suit, despite pressure from London.

      Expulsion of Russian Diplomats Over Skripal Case
    • European Diplomacy
      Last update: 18:16 27.03.2018
      18:16 27.03.2018

      Great European Diplomacy

      A number of Western countries have moved to expel dozens of Russian diplomats over a plot involving a former intelligence agent turned traitor and a mysterious nerve agent, though some European states have either outright refused to follow suit or have displayed a reluctance to enact such measures.

      Expulsion of Russian Diplomats Over Skripal Case
    • Petulant POTUS
      Last update: 02:55 24.03.2018
      02:55 24.03.2018

      Petulant POTUS

      Though expressing reluctance, US President Donald Trump on Friday did sign a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that “nobody read,” despite previous threats of a veto.

    • Choose Me
      Last update: 19:22 23.03.2018
      19:22 23.03.2018

      Choose Me

      It seems that Washington is going to make an offer to Turkey that's hard to refuse.

    • Pay the Price
      Last update: 21:21 21.03.2018
      21:21 21.03.2018

      Pay the Price

      Sometimes karma strikes back!

    • Comey to a Theater Near You?
      Last update: 03:38 21.03.2018
      03:38 21.03.2018

      Comey to a Theater Near You?

      Former FBI Director James Comey’s forthcoming memoir, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership,” received an unconventional boost in pre-order sales after US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to “expose” him.

    • Stormy Chasers
      Last update: 00:41 17.03.2018
      00:41 17.03.2018

      Stormy Chasers

      Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, took to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to confirm the adult film star has been receiving physical threats as a result of her speaking on her alleged 2006 affair with US President Donald Trump.

    • The Rexit
      Last update: 02:15 15.03.2018
      02:15 15.03.2018

      The Rexit

      US President Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to announce that Rex Tillerson, 69th United States secretary of state, would be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

    • Russians Did It
      Last update: 18:59 13.03.2018
      18:59 13.03.2018
    • So They Finally Met
      Last update: 00:02 13.03.2018
      00:02 13.03.2018

      Can't Wait to See You

      An historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in the making - hopefully, the two will sort out troubling things and do away with nuclear tensions.

    • 15-Day Countdown
      Last update: 02:26 09.03.2018
      02:26 09.03.2018

      15-Day Countdown

      After a week of opposition, warnings and even the resignation of the director of the National Economic Council, US President Donald Trump kept his promise to place tariffs on steel and aluminum by signing a directive to that effect Thursday afternoon.

    • I Just Called to Say I Sue You
      Last update: 21:30 07.03.2018
      21:30 07.03.2018

      I Just Called to Say I Sue You

      The US President is in hot water again: Stephanie Clifford, a pornstar in the past commonly known under her stage name Stormy Daniels, has sued Donald Trump over the "hush agreement" in connection with their alleged affair.